Why Do Businesses Need a VDI Solution

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Are you finding a method to improve business performance and bottom line? Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and its cloud offerings are prevalent in multiple industries looking to improve their bottom line, operational processes, security, accessibility, and performance.

This technology empowers your organization to move traditional office desktops to the cloud for higher operational efficiency.

Till 2016, the market value of cloud VDI solutions was marked at USD 3.6 million only. However, it is expected to increase to USD 10 million in the next two years. This prediction aligns with the current growth in cloud service adoption that has risen by 59%.

VDI solutions provide high computing power and efficiency to businesses, which is the reason behind these increasing numbers.

Does your business need a cloud VDI solution? Let’s talk about that.

Understanding Cloud VDI Solution

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a centralized on-premise data center virtualizing your desktop resources. Every user of the VDI solution will have a virtualized access to their workstation from a central server. This server handles the entire workload of the office.

VDI is a solution implemented on-premise by an organization, and cloud VDI solutions are virtually hosted VDI setups. This means that the cloud VDI solution is the same infrastructure but on a cloud server. Here, the cloud server is managed and maintained by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Through a VDI solution, you can offer two types of access to your users:

  • Non-persistent virtual desktops are uniform units accessed as per your requirement, but once the user logs out, it resets and reverts to its original state. 
  • Persistent virtual desktops are more like your office desktops that your employees can personalize. Its usage is similar to traditional office PCs. 

You can create a VDI infrastructure with persistent, non-persistent, or both methods, depending on your requirements.

Why Your Business Will Benefit From A VDI Solution?

Cloud VDI solution is a futuristic technology providing a setup that makes you disaster-ready. Every business has a contingency plan to keep operating in times of disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud VDI solutions can become a significant part of your contingency plan. Find out how:

Access, Work, and Coordinate

Many of us are trying to make remote working efficient. VDI solutions are the answer!

Your employees can set up their virtual desktops and access these desktops from any location. A stable internet connection can help open a virtual desktop from anywhere. 

When you offer a similar type of remote access to employees without cloud VDI solutions, your IT team needs to set up the desktops and prepare the hardware for secure access. The infrastructure is hectic, and the time required is a hassle for the IT team. Therefore, only some employees can get exclusive remote access, and others have to work from the office.

To remedy that, we can use cloud VDI solutions to provide secure remote access anywhere anytime. Whether your users cannot reach the office, work from a client’s site, or travel, they can use the desktop resources. 

The ability to remotely access cloud VDI solutions also improve collaboration and coordination. If two or more employees are working on one project but they are not at the same location, they can easily open the same file and collaborate in real-time using VDI solutions. 

Your geographical location does not limit you; work continues from anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Accessibility 

Along with remote accessibility, cloud VDI solutions equip your business with device-based accessibility. 

We are used to accessing laptops or computers to receive and transmit data and coordinate in the office. However, cloud VDI solutions help work from any device, whether your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Your employees can work on a laptop one day but still open cloud desktop on a tab another day.  

This level of accessibility improves the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

They can stay available regardless of disruptions.

Security, Backup, and Recovery

On the cloud, the VDI solution’s security is a mirror image of cloud security. So, let’s discuss how security is in a managed cloud environment.

When you are hosting your desktops on the cloud, your users get a virtual desktop image. The virtual desktop is not on the end device. You are just using these resources extracted from the cloud server.

This is to say that virtual desktops are not storing data on the end device. So, that automatically secures your office applications and data.

For example, one of your employees is using a mobile phone to access the cloud VDI desktop. But, the phone gets stolen. What should you do? Is your data in the hands of an unknown thief?

It is not! The end device stores nothing, and you can revoke access and enjoy seamless security.

To further ensure business continuity, VDI providers offer backup and recovery for cloud VDI solutions. Your desktops are backed up and stored on different servers. During a disaster or accidental data, or app deletion, you can recover your data. 

Hence, your business can start operating immediately after a disaster.

Administration and Maintenance

Cloud VDI is a managed service. This means that administration tasks like implementing, patching, migrating, and upgrading are VDI provider’s responsibilities. You are only acquiring these services on a subscription. 

Therefore, the service provider handles every hectic, time-consuming IT management, such as hardware infrastructure, security, etc., is handled by the service provider. 

You can focus on your core business activities while the provider manages your desktop needs. 

Budget Management and Optimization

Cloud VDI solutions are cost-effective in multiple ways:

  • You don’t need to invest in the hardware infrastructure of a VDI. The VDI provider already has a data center, and you are renting space on it.
  • When you need to scale, you can increase your resources at a minimal charge without increasing hardware units in the office. You can also descale when it seems relevant. This mitigates costs and maintenance efforts used in extra hardware. 

Cloud VDI solutions provide high ROI (return on investment); you truly use every penny spent on the solution.


Cloud VDI solutions provide multiple features, such as mobility, flexibility, security, backup support, and many more. Suppose your business is planning to operate remotely, partially or fully, or you are trying to stay future-ready, or simply want to improve business functioning.

In that case, VDI solutions are for your business.  Your business can upsurge operational efficiency and accelerate growth verticals with a cloud VDI solution.

Bhavleen Kaur

Bhavleen Kaur is a content writer at Ace Cloud Hosting- a leading hosted virtual desktop provider. She specializes in writing about VDI, DaaS, cloud technology,cloud-based desktop & likes to know about upcoming technology and trends. In her free time, you can find her reading novels or watching movies.


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