Holiday Marketing: 5 Tricks to Sponsor Your Ads on Amazon

Sponsor Your Ads on Amazon

Are you ready to make huge holiday sales?

Now is the time of the year where every business small or big is browsing some effective marketing holiday ideas to drive more sales and revenue. The reason is simple:

  • People are at home
  • People are online
  • People are buying

Buyers already kicked start their vacations with Amazon –don’t wait further.

Heard about sponsoring your ads on Amazon?

Sponsored products are basically cost per click ads that promote product listings on the e-commerce site Amazon. Join this amazing marketplace that has more than 2.5 million sellers and 150.6 million mobile users in the US alone. 

With Amazon sponsored ads you can actually help shoppers discover and purchase your products that you advertise on Amazon. The only thing you need to do is to sponsor your ads that appear in the product page or shopping results.

Super Sensational Holiday Marketing Practices for Amazon Ads

Need more inspiration for getting started? Read on these five simple tricks for sponsoring your ads on Amazon.

1. Identify Key Sales Events

To ensure success you need to plan early. In fact, anything good starts from good planning and management.

Since the mega shopping events happen around the globe, sellers have a great opportunity to showcase your products as customers start to browse, compare, and purchase.

The winter reason officially begins with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and leads up to Christmas. By recognizing these key events in the US and other parts of the world, you can ensure to make the most of the high traffic influx when people try to buy products that you sell.

So the first step is to identify all the key holidays and events that are relevant to your brand.

This is how sponsored ads appear:

How Sponsored Ads Appear
Image Source:

2. Set a Budget and Campaign Duration

Setting a budget is extremely important for sellers promoting their brand through Amazon. In spite of everything, you deserve to know if you are spending your money wisely or not. It’s natural to ask about how much it will cost to sponsor your ads on Amazon.

The Amazon sponsored ads are basically pay per click (PPC) ads that show up in the user’s search results. Each advertiser has to submit a bid for their ad.

The cost per click is decided based on the highest bidder who gets the top position but also has to pay a high price to Amazon. The normal rates that applies include from few cents to a maximum of 3 dollars. 

You need to set a daily budget, a campaign name, and duration. The budget should be high enough to keep your ads appearing and you don’t miss any potential sales opportunity.

Budget and Campaign Duration
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3. Select Keywords

Your sponsored ads will only pop up for selected keywords.

Before we move further with why you need Product Photography service you need to understand the difference between search terms and keywords.

  • Search terms are basically the words or a phrase a user enters that cause an ad to display.
  • Keywords are the terms that sellers bid for gaining a competitive positioning on the marketplace.

Did you know that one keyword can keep your ad displaying for numerous search terms?

This is the reason why selecting keywords carefully is extremely important.

You can either provide the keywords or let Amazon identify keywords on its own. This targeting technique looks quite similar to Google Adwords, but it’s not. Amazon recommends using different keywords to refine your campaign.

  • Begin with a broad match because it provides businesses the greatest exposure. Review the performance of your campaign to check which terms are doing the best.
  • Target those terms by inserting phrase matches. This means that your ad will appear every time when a user search query matches a phrase or any term in your keyword.
  • Finally, you can use the exact match meaning that a user’s shopping query must match your keyword.

Together, these three will help you reach your desired customers and drive more sales.

Automatic or Manual Campaigns

Automatic or Manual Campaigns
Image Source:

If you are a beginner, you can use automatic campaigns. With manual campaigns, you can set your own keywords and get more control over your campaign.

4. Choose Holiday Related Products

The fourth step is quite simple and straightforward. In this step, you just need to choose and upload products you are interested in selling. If you sell gift items or winter clothing, chances are high that all of your products will be sold out, but it doesn’t really matter because people nowadays love buying anything they get at the best prices.

You can also use portfolios to organize your campaigns by category, brand, or even seasons. Do whatever makes sense for your business.

Make sure that you upload actual product pictures from different angles. Consider contacting an Ecommerce Product photography agency that can help you with that.

Most people decide on whether they want to buy a product or not based on the images shown on Amazon.

5. Launch Your Sponsored Products Campaign 

Finally, you are set to launch your campaign and track your success. You can do this by measuring clicks, new to brand customers, traffic, conversions, click-through-rate, advertising expenditure, and more.

These key insights will let you monitor and evaluate your sponsored ad performance on Amazon. By doing this you’ll be able to identify any key errors and optimize your campaigns.

Remember that Amazon always makes changes in how sponsored ads work. It is best to stay updated on the newest trends and see how the whole thing works.


Amazon is a great e-commerce platform that is helping both buyers and sellers. Sponsored ads are a great way to reach target customers this holiday season.

People wait for this time of the year to purchase their favorite products at good prices. If you want people who are searching for products like yours to visit your page, then start sponsoring your ads now!

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