RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate – Why is it Important for Websites?

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

The internet is a revolutionary achievement that enterprises have appreciated all around the globe.

Though the digital world that pops out from the internet has made our lives simpler, it has also given birth to cyber-criminals, hackers, and fraudsters, not to forget the dark web. This has been a concern because the latest cyber-crime report indicates that:

Global Cyber-crime Damage Costs are:

  • $6 Trillion yearly
  • $500 Billion monthly
  • $1,90,000 in a second

This makes cyber-security very essential for the success of an online business. Digital marketers are keeping themselves educated about online web security.

Hence, they integrate multiple web security services, which help them maintain data privacy and data integrity.

One such web security that the majority of web owners install on their websites is SSL certificate security.

What is SSL Security?

SSL is the acronym for Secure Socket Layer. It is a digital certificate that is installed on a website to secure site data and transactions.

Ample communications and data exchanges are done between the client (browser) and server, ranging from login credentials to passwords and banking details.

If the same is transferred in plain text, it is a piece of cake for the hackers to access and interpret. SSL certificate transforms this text to ciphertext (encrypted text), which looks like gibberish language.

This isn’t easy to decode without the decryption key, and hence data security is maintained. The Payment Card Industry has also made it mandatory to install an SSL certificate for securing sensitive data.

In brief, this SSL security provides encryption of communication between client and server.

An additional advantage of SSL security is that it provides proof of its digital identity, in the form of HTTPS (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure) in the address bar and a padlock in the URL.

Even browsers term HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) sites as “Not Secure” because such sites cannot prevent phishing attacks, content injection, malware, etc.

Though the complexities of the functioning of SSL are invisible to customers, their trust icons are sufficient to ensure them that their data is secured from eavesdroppers and free from tampering by hackers.

Brands & Types of SSL

Multiple brands and types of SSL certificates rule the world. Certificate Authorities (CA’s) like RapidSSL, Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, etc., are some admired names who verify and issue SSL certificates to web owners as per their request.

Domain Validation SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate, Multi-domain SSL certificate, etc., are multiple types of SSL certificates that secure your web empire in various ways.

This article will discuss RapidSSL Authority and why RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate is important for websites.

About RapidSSL

RapidSSL is a GeoTrust Inc. subsidiary. It is the leading cost-friendly Certificate Authority that sells SSL certificates to enterprises at budget-friendly rates.

About RapidSSL Certificates

Apart from providing FreeSSL, RapidSSL products are divided into two categories.

  • RapidSSL certificates
  • RapidSSL Wildcard certificates
  • RapidSSL certificates are domain-validation SSL certificates that secure the main domain of the website. It is the most ideal for small and start-up businesses, individual websites, and blogs.
  • On the other hand, the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate is the best way to secure the main domain and multiple sub-domains with a single certificate. An “*” in front of the domain name allows the inclusion of a wildcard character. This helps secure all first-level sub-domains.


If the domain name is *, it can also secure and

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are two major factors that make the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate a success. Hence, though many companies sell Wildcard SSL certificates, RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificates surpass them all.

Various factors make RapidSSL certificates stand ahead of the crowd. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates

Robust Encryption

RapidSSL certificates provide 256-bit robust encryption security for maintaining data privacy.

Quick Issuance

These certificates can be quickly issued within a few minutes. Once the CA verifies the domain ownership, the Wildcard SSL certificate is instantly issued.


The majority of the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate providers provide these certificates at quite attractive and cost-effective rates. You can buy cheap RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates from any of these providers at attractive discounts and secure your digital web.

Easy Installation Process

The enrolment and installation process are relatively simple, and hence it is a favorite amongst many web owners.

99% Mobile-Browser Compatibility

RapidSSL Wildcard certificate is easily identified by a majority (99%) of browsers and smart gadgets and is compatible with most browsers, servers, and operating systems. This ensures smooth navigation for the customers since they don’t face any SSL errors.

Expert Help

Their customer support team consists of experts who help in the installation process or any SSL-related queries. They provide fantastic customer support 24/7/365, and hence all questions are resolved on priority.

Certificate Management

RapidSSL Wildcard certificates secure all 1st level subdomains and the main domain, and hence only one certificate secures the entire digital business. This makes certificate management an easy task.


These certificates come with a $10,000 warranty, and hence if a CA has made an error by wrong issuance of the SSL certificate, the SSL certificate warranty takes care of all the damages.

Money-Back Offers

These certificates come with 30-day money-back offers. Hence, if any customer is dissatisfied with the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate or doesn’t need an SSL certificate, they can get a money refund if the same is returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Unlimited Reissuances

Once you buy the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, you get unlimited re-issuance in case of the expiry of the certificate or any other issues (private key lost or tampered with).

A majority of the cheap RapidSSL Wildcard certificate providers provide unlimited re-issuances. Hence, only a one-time payment on an SSL certificate for your web security is required to secure your website.

Unlimited Servers

This certificate can be installed on unlimited servers and provides unlimited sub-domain security.

Secured Site Seal

Buy RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates and get free dynamic site seals named “Secured by RapidSSL.” This site seal ensures customers that the website they are approaching is validated by a trusted CA and is secured with a RapidSSL certificate.

Why RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate is the First Choice?

RapidSSL has made web security easier because of its simple 3 step process.

Enroll for the SSL certificate, Confirm the same, and Install the SSL certificate.

A comparison of RapidSSL Wildcard certificates with other cheap Wildcard certificate providers shows an immense difference in rates and other factors. This makes the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate the first choice of a website owner who plans to secure their digital empire.

Apart from the budget-friendly rates, factors ranging from quick issuance, easy installations, strong encryptions to money-back offers, trust seals, unlimited re-issuances, and server licenses are all enough to make the RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate an ideal choice for your website security.

Their round-the-clock customer support team ensures quick resolution of customer queries.

The RapidSSL trust seal vouches for robust security and boosts customer confidence and trust. This, in turn, ensures them a secure environment and makes them approach the site for purchases or any other transactions positively.

Wrapping Up

For a web owner who is switching from SSL competitors like Comodo, Thawte, GoDaddy, etc., you can always try the free SSL certificate provided by RapidSSL.

Once convinced about its cost and features, go for RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate to secure unlimited sub-domains instantly.

In case of any installation query or any other issues, free expert support through email or phone is always available.

Customers love the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, and this is visible through the high ratings given by them. In this Covid pandemic, where everyone is trying to save on funds, this subsidiary of GeoTrust wins the crown with its pocket-friendly prices and excellent services.

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