The 10 Best Web Developer Communities Developers are Expected to Join in 2024

Best Web Developer Communities

Web development communities are online forums where web app developers assemble to discuss industry news and offer tips on creating web apps.

This list of communities is for you if you’re an experienced NJ web developer or someone wishing to create your first line of JavaScript code.

Because web design and development technologies evolve daily, the software development industry is getting increasingly difficult. As a result, you require specific sources that can serve as the ultimate support system. Where you may exchange expertise, ask questions, discuss new topics, examine codes, learn, and so on.

Joining these networks as a newcomer might be intimidating, especially when renowned industry professionals and specialist developers surround you. You are aware that these communities exist to help others.

You understand that these networks exist to raise and encourage one another, but it doesn’t make it any easier to put yourself out there!

Top 10 Web Developer Communities Every Developer Should Join in 2024:

1. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a public forum where people can learn to code, share their skills, and advance their careers. In addition, it’s a discussion forum where you may ask and answer questions about web development and computer programming.

Every day, you can ask several questions. Most of the time, the solution will come from previous questions. You may use your programming experience to contribute issues, mistakes, blocks of code, or bugs and answer questions.

2. Hackernoon


Hackernoon is a website for technologists where you may write, read, and publish technical articles globally. It is a community of over 15000 tech writers and over 3,000,000 enthusiasts and readers.

Samsung, IBM, Adobe, Alphabet, Intel, Apple, Tesla, and Google all contribute content and expertise to this site. In addition, you may publish articles about technology, software, and decentralization with hundreds of distinct subtopics.

3. Code Newbie

Code Newbie began as a weekly Twitter discussion to encourage new web developers to interact. It has now developed into an active community with over 11,700 members globally.

Code Newbie is the “most supportive community” for anyone learning to code. Whether you’re seeking a mentor, a fresh boot camp graduate, or support and encouragement on your coding path, Code Newbie is the place to be. In addition to the forum, Code Newbie provides Twitter conversations, blog entries, hackathons, podcasts, and an annual CodeLand conference. 

4. Scrimba

Scrimba provides a collection of handpicked courses to assist dedicated students in becoming job-ready developers for a fraction of the expense of a coding boot camp. Our courses are built on peer-to-peer learning (meaning students help and support one other) rather than teacher-to-student.

At any one time, over 1,000 Scrimba students are online in our community chat, a pleasant and inclusive area where you can socialize with like-minded web developers, share projects you’re working on, and get career advice from individuals who’ve been in your shoes.

5. Hashnode


Hashnode is a worldwide programming community. You may share your ongoing projects, tales, ask questions, make ideas, and respond to others’ queries. A free platform keeps you linked to the worldwide developer community.

You can anonymously post technical blogs or real-world development concerns here. These blogs are distributed to all members of the community to raise awareness. Register users may follow authors and tags like React, JavaScript, Java, Python, CSS, etc.

6. EddieHub

EddieHub is an open-source community that fosters open communication, best practices, and technical competence in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Eddie Jaoude, a GitHub star who Microsoft and GitHub have recognized for his advocacy for helping individuals in Open Source, started the community. The EddieHub Discord, which comprises channels ranging from databases to hackathons, is where the community magic happens.

EddieHub is about professional growth and networking in a pleasant and friendly environment. So it’s no surprise that the community was named the GitHub Nova 2021 Community Growth Award winner.

7. GitHub


GitHub is a collaborative communication forum platform where 65+ million web developers collaborate to share ideas, ask questions, and build projects. Follow the debate that interests you and discuss your idea with other users.

GitHub is one of the most authoritative and popular online forum communities.

8. FreeCodeCamp


FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit platform for practicing and learning completely free coding. Working on small projects can help you learn to code and get a free certificate from FreeCodeCamp. Over 40,000 alumni have landed work with firms like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Spotify, etc.

You may utilize the FreeCodeCamp forum website, where millions of programmers worldwide exchange their ideas, views, issues, and errors to improve their expertise. In addition, thousands of articles, interactive coding tutorials, study groups, YouTube videos, and forums make learning simple.

9. Programmers Palace 

Programmers Palace is a one-stop shop for anything related to IT, programming, and mathematics in technology. Since its inception in 2017, the community has become a warm and helpful environment for developers of all levels, from absolute beginners to industry experts.

New developers may make new acquaintances, solve code problems, and even attend seminars and lectures from more experienced community members. In addition to round-the-clock live help, Programmers Palace conducts frequent events and coding classes for members looking to further their abilities.

The community presently has over 6,000 members, but it is rapidly expanding, with developers worldwide joining daily.

10. IndieHackers


IndieHackers is a new online community of world-class web developers. It’s a community where successful business entrepreneurs share their stories, revenue, and experiences with other members.

You may learn from the success stories of successful entrepreneurs and connect with thousands of other founders who are expanding their businesses.

The website provides a venue for members to exchange experiences and information, explore ideas, and give assistance. IndieHackers currently has 20,000 members.


We all know that the internet has connected the entire world. Thus, no one is too far away to share knowledge.

These communities aid in the advancement of web development and computer programming. You may expand your programming skills by participating in online groups.

These New Jersey website designers and developers communities may be a source of support, a place to find mentoring and a fantastic way to learn about diverse viewpoints in the profession.

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