The Trend of Biometric Verification Online in 2024

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Biometric verification online is an authenticity check that verifies a user’s identity using their distinct biological features. By resembling a user’s biological characteristics with the one previously collected and submitted in the database

Biometric verification systems can decide that this is the user who is attempting to log in the same way he declares to be.

Online biometric verification is a continuously evolving technology that, if implemented correctly, can take cybersecurity to another level. Some of the existing types of biometric technology are listed below:

  • Fingerprints Authentication: In this biometric verification system fingerprints are used to identify a user. Fingerprints are unique and this technology is already used in mobile phones, ATMs, and office attendance machines.
  • Face Recognition: The facial anatomy of the user is used for authenticating him. Facial authentication technology is widely used in mobile phone unlocking and public events entrance.
  • Voice Biometry: The tone, pitch, frequency, and wavelength of the user’s voice are used in voice biometric authentication. This biometric solution is used in online banking call centers for account holder identification.
  • Retina or Iris Verification: These are the biometrics techniques that use unique patterns in the retina and iris of the user. This technology is not commonly used because it requires specific cameras that can see Infrared rays and an infrared source. It is used in highly sensitive research labs or data centers.

Emerging Biometric Verification Online Technologies

Gait Recognition

The walking style of a user is utilized for identifying a user. The walking style of each person is different from other people like how he puts his foot on the floor and how his ankle moves during foot shifting. This is a new technology and is expected to gain a trend in the future.

Vein Patterns

The patterns of blood vessels in the hands or fingers of a user are used in this technology. The vein patterns are notably accurate like retina or iris. It uses infrared rays to verify the mapping patterns inside the skin. It is the most advanced technique used in biometric authentication systems and is expected to replace retina verification.

The Trend of Biometric Verification

The market value of biometric-related technologies is expected to reach $21.97 billion in 2021, Statista reports. Biometrics are widely welcomed by end-users because of its ease of use. It has superseded the password authentication system.

Passwords are difficult to remember and can be stolen or predicted easily. Also, setting a new password for a new online account was a problem for users. Users can use a single fingerprint for all of their accounts.

Endless Biometric Security Enhancements are Vital

Although biometrics verification online is more trustable and user-friendly, it needs continuous security enhancement to ensure its security and usability. Like face recognition is replaced with live eye-blinking selfies. This improvement was done because scammers use images of the users to bypass the security system.

Car key fobs are used in the modern-day for car door unlocking. From a particular distance, key fobs automatically unlock the car. However, this service does not provide authorization, anyone with the key can unlock the door. If it gets integrated with biometrics like identifying the face or gait of the person, provides authorization access to the car.

Biometric Database Security is Crucial

Database security is very important because the biometric data if lost is lost forever. Users can’t change their breached biometrics like passwords. If some scammer gets hands on a user’s biometric information, it can lead to serious data privacy problems.

Summing It Up

Biometric verification online is the future of security systems. The evolving advancements in biometrics provide more convenience and security for users. However, it demands to be monitored to prevent future outcomes discussed above.

Online businesses especially Financial Institutions should adopt biometric verification online. Because they are at potential risk of cybercrimes and identity theft.

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