The Dark Side of Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising or advertising on the Internet has become a widely adopted way of promoting goods and services via digital platforms.

Online advertising is growing rapidly, owing to the surge in users, advanced marketing strategies, convenience, exposure, inexpensive costs, and better chances of implementing creative ideas. 

The Internet provides a platform for businesses to maintain reliable relationships with their audience. 

The advent of digital platforms gave rise to various opportunities. Moreover, the surge of social media platforms is creating several options for advertisers. Display advertising, rich media advertising, contextual advertising, email advertising, mobile advertising, and sponsorships are the primary segments of Internet Advertising. 

Advertising Model

An advertising model contains strategies ideas, an advertising medium, and the target audience. Moreover, the advertising medium refers to the platform that shows the advertisement. The goal indicates the target audience of any advertising campaign.

For instance, a deodorant advertisement targets the youth. In regards to digital platforms, the deodorant ads will target users connected to the term.  

Segments of Advertising Model

The advertising model has various parts: 

CPM (Cost per mile/Cost per thousand): Cost per thousand helps analyze the advertising medium based on the expenses. Advertisers use CPM to determine the price per 1000 impressions. This advertising model is popular among publishers as the small number of views will ultimately lower the advertising cost. Ad colony, and Huawei ads are a few of the most recommended CPM ad platforms. 

Performance: Through the performance model, companies and people will pay when the advertisement reaches its goal. The goal or action can refer to the lead, sales, or click. 

Hybrid: The hybrid model is a combination of CPM and CPA that reduces the risk for both publishers and advertisers. 

The hybrid model does not focus entirely on either traditional or digital. Meanwhile, it includes both to develop an effective outcome. 

Scope of Internet Advertising

The advent of the internet and platforms like social media has developed a sea of opportunities for industries. Moreover, the growing adoption of mobile phones is influencing the environment of the virtual world.

Smartphones and computers have made it possible for every user to have access to the internet. Retail and commercial segments are the sectors that are gaining most of the advantage from the internet advertising platforms. 

Mobile phones and computers are popular mediums for Internet advertising platforms. 

The Dark Side

Internet Advertising has been flourishing because of the large number of users, effective interaction, and 2-way communication. The rise of dark ads with the irresponsible behaviours of Tobacco and alcohol companies is growing. The ads are only visible on those screens that connect with the keyword.

Hence, it becomes difficult to track the source. As every coin has two sides, the impact of advertising is positive and negative as well. Moreover, rapidly growing money frauds are using the online advertising market to gain money. The new era of online advertising has fueled fraudulent businesses.

Website traffic brokers perform unethical practices to bring viewers to their customers’ portals. Website brokers combine links to third-party websites. That link will direct the visitors to their customers’ websites. Meanwhile, ethical practices focus on persuasion.

Traffic Brokers have to persuade real people to follow a link. Such practices have initiated a wave of concerns among businesses. 

Pixel stuffing and advertisement stacking practices: This method allows fraudsters to stack more than one advertisement on the screen. The advertisements are stuffed into a 1-pixel-by-1-pixel unit, which is too small to be noticed. Now, the fraudsters place several small pixel-stuffed ads on a single screen. These advertisements settle on top of each other, but people usually view the top one. Such practices are beneficial for fraudsters to hold high CPM payouts. However, businesses do not get any valid engagements to boost their sales. 

Virtual browser bots: Fraudsters create malware to build a virtual browser on the computer of viewers. That browser will remain unseen for most of the time, and the computer owner would not know that the system is visiting websites and scrolling through pages. These bots accurately copy the behaviour of any buyer.

However, businesses can save themselves from these frauds by taking a few precautionary steps while hiring any person or company. 

  • Hire reliable ad companies. 
  • Do not rely on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand views). Check out the sales conversion to validate the authenticity of viewers. 
  • Do not pay for invoices that have arrived from unauthorized websites.

The Growth of Internet Advertising Platforms

According to the report published by Astute Analytica, the internet advertising market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.7% during the forecast period from 2021-2027. The population is rapidly adapting to the new era of the virtual world.

Online advertising also reduces the time and costs of businesses. As a result, almost every company prefers the online mode over the traditional forms of advertising. 

The growth of internet advertising in the Asia-pacific region

The Asia Pacific region is witnessing significant growth in the new era of internet advertising. The country presents a strong growth momentum in the adoption of digital technology. Recently Instagram, a social media platform, introduced its first brand campaign in India to attract an audience.

Apart from that, China has been registering growing online advertising revenue for the last few years. Mobile advertising has become a major reason for the growth of China’s online advertising market. 

The internet advertising platform providers have been continuously amending their services to outgrow competitors. 

Google is a leading contributor in bringing up online advertising revenue. The platform puts forward various beneficial features for advertisers. However, the leading brand recently announced that it will prohibit ads that deny well-established scientific agreements and spread misinformation regarding the environment. 

Instagram is forecast to expand its portfolio by adding reel advertising into Instagram Marketing API. 

Apart from that, LinkedIn has recently expanded its LinkedIn Marketing solutions portfolio by adding various favourable tools to the platform. Users can optimize their reach by adding a unique audience to their list. Such advancements are forecast to surge the adoption of internet advertising platforms shortly.

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