Best 7 Marketing Strategies for Startup Software Companies

Marketing Strategies for Startup

To remain successful, start-ups must concentrate on building the correct sort of audience and customers in the long run.

The start-ups are required to be very cautious and sincere about the size, shape, and inherent quality of their follower base to achieve that accomplishment.

According to the statistics, it has been noticed that half of the start-ups fail to reach their desired success, and about ¾th of the start-ups run out of money to return to the investors.

While start-up software companies struggle immensely to market their products and offer their best services, they often forget to prepare an accurate marketing strategy for that.

That is why, in short, if a start-up company is planning to increase its signups, users, and subscribers, they are required to creatively plan its marketing, think out of the box, and depend on growth hacking.

On the other hand, to create a successful marketing strategy, the start-up is necessitated to depend on the audience’s prospects, and which kind of customers will finally utilize the software.

Considerably one of the finest marketing strategies of a start-up software company must be creating a multi-platform approach that will be supported by an experienced and professional team of marketing personnel.

Now, let us look at the best 7 marketing strategies for start-up software development companies in the following region.

Marketing Strategies for Software Development Companies

1. Email Marketing Campaigns & Freemium Model Strategy

Email Marketing can be widely regarded as one of the most beneficial strategies for any start-up software company as it helps in creating an advantageous database of users, and prospects and ultimately making them customers.

Email newsletters offer various kinds of information to potential customers which is also a superb marketing strategy. However, on the other hand, a drip email sequence extends the opportunity for a sales-lead drive, content downloading, and even the assistance of trial software links. In every possible way, understanding the necessities of the potential customers can be termed as a productive email campaign.

Whenever any business email includes something free within it, it generates leads to the company website.

The freemium model strategy is undoubtedly one of the most insightful and sapient marketing strategies that can be offered with the basic usability of your software towards the customers and it will naturally lead you to the potential ones.

A prominent number of followers can be generated by offering free access to the basic features and providing different choices of the premium version.

With the Freemium version, eventually, all the users become interested in the software.

2. Content Videos and Client Testimonials

It is important to understand and remember that information is the source, by which users will be attracted to your website. Start-up software companies can easily create an authentic as well as productive video by including various insightful information and essential knowledge about how it can help potential customers.

The software companies can also customize the videos by creating an animation video or a first-hand usability video which can show people how, when, where, and in what ways the software will be usable to the customers!

Client testimonials create faith in the product and services which turns into a bond in the future. Thus, it is reckoned as a prosperous marketing strategy. You can always ask your customers to give you their feedback and later you can portray the same via videos or webpages. This action will keep the trust intact.

Astonishingly, any start-up software company can also utilize client testimonials as a means of showcasing their ability or admiration of their products.

3. Narrate Stories in Your Style & Depend on Reliable Reviews

As an instance of a successful marketing strategy, a start-up software company must narrate about their product through any powerful medium in the best possible way, as to how it will benefit the buyer.

To depict the product’s longevity and durability, help can be obtained from both the visual and literary mediums. This way, the customer will be able to vividly imagine the shape and structure of the product.

Reviews are always indispensable to all start-up companies as they retain the trust of the customers.

Putting the company’s product on the review websites with authentic reviews generated from the reviewers will inevitably bring more sales and profit to the organization. Even the customers also search for reviews before choosing any product to buy to understand its utility.

Thus, naturally, reviews will generate more revenue.

4. Offer Money-Back Guarantee & Advertise Properly

Offering a money-back guarantee will always increase the trust of a user to invest in any product. According to the statistics, it has been noticed that the window of money-back guarantee increases sales by 40%.

Whenever the guarantee period comes with an increased timeline, the user gets to use the product for a longer time and naturally, they become happy with it. Thus the sales and revenue of the products increase.

Advertising your products is regarded as a fundamental marketing strategy for start-up software companies.

The beneficial functions it proffers are consecutive: 

  • Generates traffic to the company website.
  • Increases revenue significantly.
  • Enhances the visibility of the product as well as the company.
  • Creates and enriches Brand Awareness.
  • Encompass a good amount of attention to your website and product.

5. Publishing Blogs & Launching a Referral Programme

To achieve long-term success, start-up software companies can always adopt the marvelous marketing strategy of publishing regular blogs.

Detail-oriented, informative, SEO-optimized, and productive Blogs will always help in increasing the traffic to the company’s website.

To obtain a good number of followers, a start-up software company can always launch a referral program by which they will allow the customers to help promote their products for them only.

The product promotion can be easily conducted by utilizing a tool, by which you will not be required to build the referral program from scratch, rather you will be able to concentrate on product creation and promotion.

5. Initiate with an Exclusive Beta & Appear in Trade Shows

A start-up software company can be easily disclosed to the users using a beta. The company will be able to create clannishness about their product which will attract rambling fans.

Through this marketing strategy, the company can easily promote its products.

A massive amount of following can be developed by simply connecting with influencers and investors offline at any conferences or trade shows.

Developers can simply discuss the programming concepts as well and they can also promote the same.

Offline promotion can be considered a marvelous marketing strategy to grow and develop your business.

6. Exposing Free Stickers & Focusing on Forum Posters

Any start-up software company can create a large user base by simply giving away free stickers and properly placing them publicly.

If the company is planning to create multiple stickers to give away to strangers as well, they must associate with a custom sticker printing company.

This is a very cost-efficient way to build a thumbnail of any start-up software company.

Start-up software companies can also look into the users who post on forums to share the products and services offered by the relative company.

If as an organization, you are capable of relieving the public pain and stress that are expressed by the users on feature posts, then the influencers will massively promote your start-up.

This marketing strategy also requires you to create a solid solution and promote it as well.


Apart from this, many other notable marketing strategies for start-up software companies can be easily found online, but these can suffice for the initiation.

However, there are also certain rules and regulations which must be adhered to before devising a marketing strategy. The users must remain cautious about it also.

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