Significant Website Development Trends to Follow in 2024

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The world of web development is changing rapidly, partly due to technological innovations. If a business does not keep up with the latest trends, it will soon find itself on the verge of bankruptcy.

The customers take one glance at the website and decide if they want to shop here. Hence, the website must integrate the latest trends to satisfy its customers.

However, not every trend is worth integrating into your website. As a business owner or someone who offers services related to Web Development Dubai, you need to know which trends are worth it. Before continuing further, can you guess why we said Dubai and not any other place?

The reason is that Dubai and the rest of the UAE offer a conducive business environment. It is why many web development companies are either shifting their or setting up regional offices.

Also, many Emiratis are graduating in computer science and related fields. These youngsters are now offering quality and reliable services through online platforms or setting up their companies.

We have decided to list the top web development trends you must integrate into your website. Otherwise, you will soon find your business losing revenue and having difficulty surviving in 2024. So, without further ado, let us start.

Web Development Trends 2024

1. Single Page Application

What is it? Not many people are aware of it, even though it has been around for a while. But we expect top web development companies in Dubai and elsewhere to know about it. A SPA is a single page that loads in one go. The dynamic content is then loaded afterward.

It offers numerous benefits. The first is that the loading time improves significantly, decreasing the bounce rate. A developer can easily debug the page in case of issues. Without SPA, a developer would have to go through several pages to determine the problem. The page is easier to navigate as visitors do not have to click on different links to access the content.

2. Dark Mode Experience

If you look at the recent statistics, most people say that they permanently use dark mode on their mobile phones. Others say that the shift between the dark and light modes. There are very few people who prefer the light mode over the dark one. There are several reasons behind the dark mode’s popularity:

  • It uses considerably less battery. The research indicates that if you use dark mode and the brightness level is set to 100%, it will consume 60% less battery.
  • It reduces eye strain, making it easier for people to view content without affecting their eyesight or developing other eye-related problems.
  • People with sensitive or impaired eyes have trouble viewing content due to the blue light. The dark mode reduces the blue light, enabling people to view content.

So, dark mode is a must-have for websites nowadays.

3. Voice Search

People are increasingly relying upon voice search to surf the internet. Why? Mobile assistants like Siri and Google Assistant are becoming advanced. A user does not have to open their phone to search for a query. Instead, they can ask the assistant.

In simpler words, voice search is becoming important because it offers convenience. Therefore, web developers must optimise the website and content for voice search.

4. Progressive Web Apps

These apps can run on any browser and device without a change in functionality or viewing experience. PWAs are nothing new and have been around for a while. They offer fast loading times and low data consumption. You can use various platforms to build PWAs, including Angular and Vue. With a single code, you can launch a PWA across multiple platforms.

Hence, it saves considerable money as there is no need to write and maintain separate code for each. The fast loading times, low data consumption, and offline browsing help improve customer engagement and conversion rate. AliExpress and Forbes are two notable examples of PWAs.

5. Automation Testing

Once you create a website, all development work is focused on reducing costs and improving user experience (UX). How to do it? There are several ways to do it. The latest and undoubtedly the most efficient way is through automation testing.

AI and machine learning allow developers to test several test cases without changing the live version. Based on the feedback, the developer will know which version is better for reducing the costs and improving UX.

As there is much higher competition in online business than offline, minimising the costs and enhancing UX can help you achieve a competitive advantage.

6. AI Chatbots

The pandemic has increased website traffic, and the trend is here to stay. It means that online businesses require a resource to handle customer queries throughout the day. Sure, a business can hire a customer representative.

However, it will increase the expenses. A better and more effective solution is AI-powered chatbots. Techniques like natural language processing (NLP) have made chatbots increasingly human. It is hard to discern whether you are talking to a chatbot or a human.

As chatbots offer 24/7 service and reduce business expenses, websites need to incorporate them into their 2024 plans.

7. Serverless Architecture

Developers no longer need to focus on the infrastructure due to a growing cloud-computing model of serverless architecture. It is a platform where you don’t need to deploy your data or files in a centralised place; rather, you can upload them to a cloud and access them anytime from anywhere without any hardware specifications.

In short, the developers need only work on the code and then deploy it promptly. Previously, the associated infrastructure had to be updated, which was costly and time-consuming. The benefit of this approach is that new features can be added instantly.

It also reduces expenses as the cloud service providers handle hardware costs. AWS, Google Cloud, Cloudera, and Teradata are among the most popular serverless architecture providers.

Wrap Up

With this, we conclude today’s article on top trends to follow for website development in 2024. If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know.

We recommend that you contact your web development company immediately and ask for these trends to be implemented promptly.

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