Don’t Know How to Create SEO-Friendly Content? Use These 5 Helpful Tools

Create SEO-Friendly Content

Are you new to the writing field? Do you want to generate engaging seo-friendly posts that can be informative for the audience and help in increasing the worth of your page?

If you don’t have much idea about writing articles, you need to get help from online writing tools that give ideas for improving your writing skills.

By using these tools, you can polish the content of your articles and make them appealing to the audience.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the important tools that you must use for improving the quality of your articles and getting higher ranks on the search engine.

List of Top Tools for Generating an Engaging Article

Although there is a long list of online writing tools that can assist you in multiple ways and enhance the quality of your blog articles.

Here we will talk about the common and most important online tools that every SEO Beginner needs.

These tools will assist you in getting new ideas about the content and making it unique for the readers.

Let’s dive deep and talk about these online tools in detail.

1. Title Idea Generator

Title Idea Generator

Before starting to write the blog, it is necessary to generate a title for the article on which you will write the content.

Let’s say you are going to write on a topic related to technology. It will be difficult for you to generate such topic that could grab the attention of readers.

And if somehow, you get success in making an appealing heading, you will not have an idea if the title will get traffic on your page.

To get ease in this process, you need to get help from an online title generator. 

You just have to enter the keyword relevant to the topic and the tool will provide you with a list of titles.

The topic titles provided by this online tool will have a high-volume of audience. That means you can get your article at the top of the list because of the main heading.

Moreover, this tool will add those keywords in the title that have a high volume of traffic and can be helpful in ranking the article on the search engine.

2. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online

To write the content for your blog post and get traffic on the page, it is quite important to add such lines in the content that are unique for the audience.

If you are short of ideas, you can simply use the lines of other authors in your blog. Although, you need to make sure that the lines you add look different from the original ones.

For making this easy, you can simply go for an online paraphrasing tool. Here you can paraphrase the lines of other authors and make them unique from the original one.

Moreover, this tool avoids unnecessary changes to maintain the actual meaning of the article and keep it simple for the readers.

When you upload the content in an online paraphraser, it spins the lines in the content and makes it different from the original one.

3. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector

Once you are done with generating your article, it is very important to eliminate the duplicated lines from the content and make it free of plagiarism.

It may not be possible to take out the plagiarized content manually, therefore you have to get help from an online plagiarism checker.

This tool will check each line on the search engine with the relevant topics and highlight the lines that are matching with other resources.

Also, it will add the source from where the content is copied. This will make it easy for you to check those websites and make your lines unique from those sources.

One more thing about this tool is that it shows a unique graph of the content. You can eliminate copied text from the lines and take this graph to 100%.

4. Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker

While writing the content in flow there are chances that you make some unintentional mistakes that could disturb the fluency of the lines.

These grammatical errors may lead to annoying the readers as they will find it difficult to understand the intent of the article.

Therefore, it is very important to remove grammar errors from the lines. It can be done with the help of an online grammar checker.

Here you have to upload the content. The tool will go through the lines and highlight the text that is not used perfectly.

Also, the tool suggests such changes in the lines that can improve the quality of the text and make it more engaging for the readers.

5. AI Article Generator

AI Article Generator

If you are short of ideas or want some unique lines that can increase the worth of your article, you need to get help from an AI article generator.

This tool will provide you with content of your choice that will be unique and informative for the readers.

You just need to enter the title of the topic for which you want to generate the content and define the length of the article.

This tool will generate a new article for you in a very short time that will be easy to read and understand. Also, it will be free of plagiarism so there will be no chance of any penalty from the search engine.

Bottom Line

Content writing becomes easier with the help of online writing tools. The reason is that they give you ideas for improving the text quality and making it engaging for the audience.

Those individuals who are new to the writing field must get help from these online writing tools and polish the lines for the readers.

The list of tools discussed in this article can be quite handy in this regard. You can make improvements in the content, figure out duplicated content, recreate the already-written blogs, and get ideas about the topics.

Hope these tools will be beneficial for you this term and make it easy for you to enhance the quality of your blog posts.


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