Top 3 Web Browser Automation Testing Tools You Must Glance at Now

Web Browser Automation Testing Tools

So, have you purchased some grocery products online of late? If yes, you must have checked them before placing the order, like whether it has expired or not, whether it comes from a trusted brand or “not,” or most importantly, what ingredients are used in its production, right?

Now, our question is, why did you do this? Of course, make sure that it is of “high quality” and won’t harm your health if you consume it down the line, right?

Similarly, when you build a web app or website for your company, you need to make sure that your product looks well, runs well, and functions well on different browsers and mobile phones that your potential consumers might use.

The reason? Well, it will ensure that a myriad of people will engage with your web app or website once it gets released on the online platform. Once your website starts drawing “huge” traffic and engaging users on a deeper level for minutes or hours, the chances are high that the sales of your online products or services will upsurge drastically.

But the question is, is that so easy to achieve higher sales? No, not at all! “Then what do I need to do to accomplish this particular goal?” you might ask, right? So, we must tell you that using the famous “Web Browser Automation Testing Tools” will help accomplish your sales goal after you check and fix the errors in your web app using them.

But again, the next question might be asked, how will you know whether specific Web Browser Automation Testing Tools are suitable or unsuitable for your use? In that situation, we must suggest sifting through the following details right away, i.e.,

What are some of the Best “Web Browser Automation Testing Tools” you can use for your web app test?

1. WebLOAD

Do you know a “special” thing about these Web Browser Automation Testing Tools? No? Well, it is an enterprise-level app load-testing tool that comes with some “really” powerful scripting capabilities. And that’s what makes it a breeze to test even complex aspects of your web app without a hitch.

What’s more? This web app testing software offers you a “clear” analysis of the performance, pinpointing problems and bottlenecks of your application that might prevent you from achieving your load and response goals.

And just to let you know, WebLOAD supports hundreds, if not thousands of technologies, ranging from web protocols to enterprise applications and built-in integration with Selenium, Jenkins, and several other tools.

This way, it enables continuous load testing for DevOps, which is a popular methodology for improving your work throughout the complete software development lifecycle using your company’s application development and IT operations teams.

2. Acunetix 

The “very” first thing you must grasp about Acunetix is that it is a fully automated web application security scanner that identifies and reports almost 4500+ web app vulnerabilities. The best part? Well, it includes all variants of SQL Injection and XSS as well.

Besides this, “what” you must know is that this Web Browser Automation Testing Tool fully supports HTML5, JavaScript, and Single-page applications which results in the ability to inspect complex and authenticated applications “easily.”

Still, looking for the rest of its distinct abilities? Well, Acunetix ships with advanced Vulnerability Management Features that make it almost a breeze to prioritize risks based on the given data through a single, clutter-free view and incorporate the scanner’s results in other tools or platforms.

3. Test IO 

We think Test IO is the perfect web app testing software on this list as far as the actual testing of your web application is concerned. Now, why did we say that? Well, it’s for the simple reason that it helps you make sure that your virtual product works everywhere by performing crowd testing in real browsers, on real devices, and under real-world conditions.

In “case” you don’t know what crowd testing means, we must educate you that crowd testing refers to a process of sharing prototype software or products with the expert testers out there for testing purposes instead of carrying out the inspection task internally.

And do you know what one of its breathtaking benefits is? It is the best alternative to traditional testing as it ensures a faster time to market your virtual product.

Hence, we hope you “have” understood how crowd testing with Test IO can let you call on the skills and knowledge of scores of testing professionals around the world to enhance the overall quality of your website or web application.

The Rundown 

Hopefully, you learned many things through this printed content above, including some of the finest “Web Browser Automation Testing Tools” you can use for examining your web applications.

So, if you liked this text-centric content and want to “avail” of quality-oriented web app testing services now, we would suggest getting into communication with the optimal app testing agency in the USA.

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