Which Email Marketing Service is the Best?

Email Marketing Service

Most of the organizations are now providing the email marketing service. Finding the best one among them is a challenge. If you want to implement the best email marketing strategy for your business then you need to select the best marketing plans for that.

Currently, there are hundreds of providers of email marketing services. You need to select the best one among them based on price, quality of service, and the frequency of emails. Today, we all are living in the digital world, and email marketing is one of the best means to be aware of your target audience regarding your brand.

Now there are two extremes: either you are starting email marketing from scratch or you are doing it based on a re-marketing strategy.

Top 6 Best Email Marketing Service Providers to Invest Your Money

Six email marketing service providers can help you to boost your brand image. Let’s explore some of the best email marketing service providers for your brand.


HubSpot is considered one of the best email service providers for many brands. The best thing about their services is their robust email marketing platform and the wide range of tools they possess. Best website builders are also of the opinion that their email marketing services are still the best among the others.

The premade templates that are there in their platform allow you to make your emails. The reason is it comprises drag and drop facilities. It allows you to customize your layout.

It possesses call to action buttons, and allows you to modify your content colour and other important features. There are some advanced personalization tools present in it to make your content of the email more attractive and catchier.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the industry leader for the last 20 years in the field of email marketing services. Most of the small and big business owners prefer their software for providing email marketing services worldwide.

It is very easy to create new email marketing contacts with the help of Constant Contact. Just you need to choose the 100 optimized templates to get the job done properly.

You can easily add any video, message, text, or poll as it is very easy to do that in this software. You can add more options if you like.

Get Response

It has some extra features compared to the above-mentioned software. It facilitates in providing one solution for the purpose of automation. The platform comprises a very cool feature known as the auto funnel.

All the funnels comprise emails, exit popups, and landing pages.  Hence, it makes this software more user-friendly compared to others in the market. It is fully automated and easy to use for many purposes. Most famous entrepreneurs have used it for the automation of the email marketing service provider.

Mailer Lite:

As the name suggests it is the basic email service provider. Despite providing some extra features Mailer Lite sticks to its basic features. This platform offers tools for automation, pop-ups, surveys, and landing pages.

Mailer Lite has a drag and drop editor. The drag and drop facility of the mailer lite allows you to design easy and high-quality messages for your clients. Hence, it will provide a positive image of your brand towards your target customers.


It is a traditional email marketing service provider with reliable and affordable features. For 20 long years, they are providing their services to many clients worldwide. They are providing email marketing services to millions of entrepreneurs.

This is a very simple and straightforward platform to deliver messages to the clients. Pricing is based on the list of subscribers you have. It comprises some of the basic features of email marketing services.

Hence, if you want an affordable and easy to use email marketing software then your search ends here.


Convert kit is one of the best email marketing service providers but only for a few users. It does not possess all the drag and drop facilities. The text is simply plain and for the e-Commerce sites, landing pages, and memberships sites it is the best tool that you can have.

If you want to make the automated email funnels then the Convert kit will be the best option for you.


Hence, from the above discussion, it has become clear that you can apply the above email marketing services to help your brand to build strong awareness. The mentioned software above are the best in the service to satisfy your business requirements.

From the above scenario, it has become clear that if you are searching for the best email service providing software within your budget then these are the best ones that you can get. Choose the best service providers for your branding purpose do not make any compromise here.

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