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Top 7 Instagram SEO Tips in 2024 You Should Remember

Instagram SEO Tips

Instagram is an application that is very common among smartphone users. It has a massive fan base on iOS as well as Android platforms.

Since Instagram is available for only smartphone devices, it’s very convenient and provides an alternate way for marketers to market their business. It’s so massive that Instagram has more than 1 billion active users and more than 500 million monthly users.

Instagram is a very user-friendly application and it doesn’t require any laptop desktop or PC to upload content or post updates. Users only need a smartphone capable enough to run the application. You can capture images, use hashtags, and add an attractive description.

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Today we will discuss the top 7 Instagram SEO tricks that might prove beneficial for you. Let’s move on.

Your Profile is Important

Your profile carries a lot of importance if you’re thinking of applying SEO for your Instagram profile or page. The only thing searchable from your profile is the description and the username. You should think of your profile description as your resume where you have to showcase everything.

However, the description panel has a maximum of 180 words, so wisely choose what you want to show to your followers. Try to use many keywords in the bio and create an account description relevant to your brand.

Once you’re done with the description, the next thing you must focus on is your username as it will help you a lot with Instagram SEO. It’s a fact that you might not get your preferred username due to the massive number of users. But, you can always use your imagination and creativity to develop a username that is relevant to your business.

Comprehend the Analytics of Instagram

Another important tool to improve SEO is Instagram analytics. You must always have proper knowledge regarding your profile followers or audience. So, you can develop strategy or content according to their taste. You can witness immense growth in your fan base if you develop accurate Instagram marketing strategies. 

In modern times, social media platforms are converting into marketing platforms that can help your business grow and generate revenue quickly. Social media users are growing rapidly. As per research, users on Instagram spend an average of 1-hour searching for products or services.

Alt Text is Important

Let’s assume that you’ve heard this term before. But do you know that alt text is the most important SEO practice on Instagram? This amazing feature allows users to write descriptions or captions for their images. However, Instagram introduced this feature to help visually impaired users so that they can enjoy the image experience of Instagram.

Once you create and add alt text for an image, Instagram automatically applies the alt text description to the specified image.

Linking with Other Accounts

Instagram has an interesting feature that allows you to link your other social media platform accounts like Twitter and Facebook. You should seize this opportunity to promote your social media account through different social media platforms.

When you share your Instagram account on other social media platforms, then you’ll receive visitors from the other platforms as well. However, it doesn’t contribute to the SEO until you receive a large number of clicks. But, it will help you to gain new followers and generate views on your profile.


Hashtags are crucial for Instagram SEO as well as the platform itself. When you add a hashtag to content, then the particular content will be added in that hashtag director. When users search by the same hashtag on the search box, then they will find your content on the search list.

Remember that Instagram allows multiple hashtags in a single post. So try to add a different hashtag to boost the Instagram SEO along with discoverability. You can also create your own hashtag or use some trending hashtags in your post.

Leverage Instagram Stories

Just like Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram also has a feature where you can upload stories for 24 hours. As per Forbes, the story will disappear automatically after 24 hours if you don’t save it as a highlight. But Instagram stories are far more advanced and have some unique features such as:

  • Creating polls
  • Adding Emojis
  • Questions and Answers
  • Adding Stickers
  • Tag Locations
  • Send to Button

Every mentioned feature has its unique value. You could boost the engagement rate and Instagram SEO when you use these features wisely. For instance, you can add the location feature to attract local customers and audiences.

Don’t forget that Instagram allows both images as well as videos to be uploaded in stories. If you’re going live on Instagram but only a few people are joining, then choose Instagram live views free to get more views on your live video.

Call-to-Action Buttons

If you want to connect and build a relationship with your users, then the call-to-action button will prove beneficial for you. Adding a call-to-action button is an impressive way to engage with audiences. You can ask your audiences to:

  • Like the images, you uploaded
  • Comment on the pictures you uploaded
  • Tag their families and friends

You can take advantage of this feature to drive Instagram SEO as well.


These are the 7 Instagram SEO tips you need to remember in 2024. Aside from this, don’t forget to focus on the timing of your upload.

Instagram doesn’t have any guidelines regarding upload timing, but you should choose a specific time relevant to your audience to upload. This way your audience can engage with your post quickly. 

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