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10 Ways to Generate More Engagement in Instagram Stories

Engagement in Instagram Stories

Want more interactions on your Instagram Stories?

Stories are fun communication media, easy to use and particularly effective when it comes to involving users of the application. With more than 500 million people consuming Stories every day, your business can no longer do without this opportunity to develop its notoriety.

I will explain to you, throughout this article, how you could give a real boost Instagram account to the engagement of subscribers on your Stories, from their structure to the use of stickers.

Views on your Instagram Stories?

Building a large and loyal audience of Instagram Stories viewers is a good way to generate more engagement. With all the efforts that you will deploy in the creation of your Stories, you will want to make sure that they are seen!

Here are some tips to get more visibility for your creations.

1) Use a Storyboard to Create a Structure

When you produce your Stories using a Storyboard, you make sure that you allocate the necessary time so that each content posted has a clear objective, and says a little more about your brand/company.

With a clear start, middle and end, your viewers will be more likely to engage until the very end of your Story. Here is an example below:

  • the first slide informs us of a surprise to come
  • the second slide gives a clue
  • the third slide offers a countdown to which you can subscribe

2) Design Stories in your Brand Colors

Creating attractive Instagram Stories that also reflect your company’s graphic charter is essential when it comes to developing a loyal audience. First of all, make sure that all of your Stories, classic publications, and website are aligned concerning the main colors, so that we can quickly identify you, through a unique style.

Once your aesthetic is standardized across your various digital communication media, this can allow your subscribers to become more and more familiar with your content over time.

This is what the jewelry brand offers below:

3) Use Hashtags to Increase your Reach

If your goal is to get more views on your Instagram Stories, it’s often very interesting to add hashtags. This manipulation then makes your content potentially discoverable by people who do not yet know you. When users search for a hashtag, if it is popular enough, they will be able to consume recent Stories, including yours!

And if they like what they see, they could very well subscribe to your account. You can add up to 10 hashtags on your Stories, using the text functionality, or only one if you use the “Hashtag” sticker. They can also be hidden under a Gif/sticker, so as not to harm the overall aesthetics of the content.

4) Identify the Hours of Connection of your Subscribers

Determining the periods during which your subscribers are the most connected is a key element to drastically Buy Instagram Followers UK increase the visibility of your Instagram account. If you can find out when your subscribers are most active, then you can plan to broadcast your content at the right time.

After converting your profile to a professional account, you will be able to access detailed performance statistics, including the connection habits of subscribers. Under the “Audience” tab, you will have access to the majority hours and days of connection of your followers.

5) Identify Popular Content

Understanding what type of content appeals to your subscribers can pay off enormously when it comes to increasing the visibility and number of interactions of a Story. By using Stories statistics, you will know which Stories slides caused the most “Exits”, that is to say, the number of people who did not prolong the consumption of your content.

6) Repost User-Created Content

Sharing photos/videos created by fans of your products/services is a great way to feed your Instagram Stories. This type of content is the equivalent of word of mouth in the real world, which constitutes real added value for the development of your notoriety. 

You will, however, have to be a strategic minimum in the choice of content that you will repost. Instead of republishing each visual where you are identified, group these by categories.

How to promote engagement on your Instagram Stories?

Now that you have ways to get more Instagram followers on your Stories, here are some concrete tips to increase engagement on them. Offering stickers on your Stories encourages subscribers to take action on your content, whether you ask a question, ask their opinion or test their knowledge on a specific subject. Many brands are missing out on this opportunity, and its time to fix it right away.

7) Learn from your Subscribers with Polls

Using the “Survey” sticker is not only a good method to engage your subscribers in the Stories: it also helps to better understand their tastes & preferences. In the example below, the flower e-commerce site wants to know more about the type of plant preferred by followers:

8) Test the Knowledge of your Subscribers with the Quizzes

Recently, all brands & people can offer quizzes to educate their subscribers about their products, services, or story (s) while boosting the number of interactions on their Stories.

9) Put your Classic Publications Back in the Stories

Although it is not a real sticker, the possibility of reposting classic publications in your Stories creates a clickable link to your feed.  So, this is an interesting way to continue promoting your different content on several supports and to encourage your subscribers to go more to your profile. 

It can be interesting to do this when you want to focus on an important publication, such as a video longer than 15 seconds, the maximum duration of a Story slide.

10) Remind your Subscribers of a Future Launch with the Countdown

When it comes to launching a new product on social media, you will want to make sure you make the most noise! And for the past few weeks, Instagram has been offering its users the ability to add a “Countdown” sticker to event communication for a brand or influencer. If a subscriber clicks on this sticker, he can receive a notification at the end of the timer.

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