Future of AI-powered Chatbots in the EdTech Industry

AI-powered Chatbots

If you remember well, AI is developed to replicate human intelligence. No? Whether it is retail, health, transport, commerce, agriculture, or even the education sector, each one is making the most of Artificial Intelligence technology to the best of its knowledge.

Do you know why? Well, it is for the simple reason that AI has the potential to automate most of the repetitive tasks and some complex ones too. For example, it is no wonder if an AI-based application creates textual content to fulfil the online marketing needs of various brands.

But it is surprising if AI-based software successfully writes code for iOS and Android app development. So, today we are going to discuss how an AI chatbot developed by a top eLearning Software Development Company can help in enhancing the learning experience of students.

That’s not all! We will also see how AI-driven chatbots can facilitate the core job of teachers and assist them in assessing test answers and checking for any plagiarism and grammatical errors in students’ assignments. This way, they will be able to streamline their tasks and make the best possible use of their time, resulting in increased productivity.

For instance, instead of going through every pupil’s assignment meticulously, all educators can invest their time in creating new yet effective plans to offer their learners optimal-quality education. This way, the entire education system will improve and better results will be accomplished.

So, are you ready to imbibe more about the effectiveness of AI-powered chatbots in the EdTech industry? Do you want to learn how they can benefit scholars and faculties at the same time? Then, it is in your best interest to read this entire post prepared under the guidance of the topmost eLearning Software Development Company.

Let’s start with:

Some Stats Related to AI Use in the Education Industry

  1. The market size of AI utilization in the education sector globally is found to be worth USD 1.82 billion in 2021. What’s more? It is predicted to boost at a CAGR of 36% from 2022 to 2030.
  2. By a survey published by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association in 2021, 51% of American teachers are more confident about cloud-based education than they were earlier.
  3. The ML segment acquired the maximum revenue share in 2021, i.e., more than 60%.

After reading these statistics, if you think it is a good decision to improve the learning experience of students in your institution using AI and ML technologies, we would suggest speaking to the most dedicated representative of a well-known eLearning Software Development Company.

Reason for the demand for Chatbots in the education sector as per an eLearning Software Development Company.

If you have noticed, chatbots are getting deployed across all the platforms on the web. Whether it is social media or business websites, all of them are reaping the maximum benefits of AI-driven chatbots.

However, when it comes to the education industry, tech-savvy students, teachers, and parents enjoy interacting with modern chatbots due to which academic organizations are experiencing happier students and teaching staff.

The best eLearning Software Development Company says that the popularity of AI chatbots is upsurging consistently in the education sector due to its use cases, like:

  1. Online tutoring
  2. Teacher support
  3. Student support
  4. Administrative tools
  5. Evaluating and producing results

And the most important thing? If you are hunting for a reliable method to deploy a conversational AI bot to your academic agency anytime soon, it makes sense to wrap your mind well around this topic to make a smart decision. Therefore, we would recommend learning further:

What are the Benefits of Implementing AI Chatbots in the Education Industry?

implementing AI chatbots

Enabling AI chatbots in the education sector comes with several advantages. For instance, these bots are capable of transforming the entire way educational entities interact with their pupils.

These modern AI-powered systems are making it a breeze for learners to acquire education and partake in all the activities made available to them during their course of study.

If the viewpoint of a long-standing eLearning Software Development Company is to be believed, AI chatbots are one of the most prevalent applications in the education department, given that this trend is growing continuously.

So, let’s take a glimpse at the pros of chatbots in the education field:

  1. Student engagement
  2. Student support
  3. Teacher’s assistant
  4. Feedback collection
  5. Assessment and evaluation
  6. Information accessibility at anytime

Now, Let’s Understand a Few of Them in Detail:

1. Better Student Engagement

Before your academic establishment starts teaching lessons to scholars, it is necessary to sow a healthy thirst for knowledge in them. As a result, their ability to absorb the given knowledge will increase with time.

And that’s where AI bots developed by a leading eLearning Software Development Company come into the frame. Wondering how? Well, these bots compress lengthy lectures to come up with manageable text or interactive media messages, translating into the experience of a chat room.

Thus, by doing this, monotonous lectures can be transformed into an engaging and interactive learning experience.

2. Robust Student Support

You might not be familiar with this, but the truth is that academic chatbots made by a prominent eLearning Software Development Company can come in handy in:

  1. Offering superb student support
  2. Delivering solutions to pupils’ doubts immediately

In addition to all this, AI chatbots can help learners with their:

  1. Admission processes
  2. Class updates
  3. Assignment submission deadlines
  4. Easy feedback collection

Gathering feedback regularly is immensely important, no matter which industry you hail from. And when it comes to teaching institutions, there are a lot of things to garner information about. For example, interested organizations can collate details about most aspects out there, including but not limited to:

  1. Faculties
  2. Syllabus
  3. Hygiene
  4. Admissions
  5. And whatnot

Not only that! The chatbots constructed by a premier eLearning Software Development Company can assist entities in collecting relevant feedback from all the stakeholders after every conversation or completion of any task.

3. Increased Teaching Assistance

Last but not least, AI chatbots are so handy and helpful that they can work as the most dedicated digital teaching assistant that can remain available round-the-clock to help pupils get a good sense of different concepts.

Besides all this, these tech-powered systems formed by the most trusted eLearning Software Development Company enable teaching staff to check the assignments and answer sheets of myriads of students smoothly.

This way modern educators can make the most of AI technology to carry out their general tasks while they can use their intelligence in the saved time to make solid plans to improve pupils’ results.

Future of AI chatbots in the Edtech field, according to an eLearning Software Development Company.

As far as the future of AI use in Edtech goes, you must be informed that ChatGPT and other AI-driven chatbots have just started their journey. As AI innovation grows down the line, you may expect to see more powerful breakthroughs focused on enhancing scholars’ learning and the accessibility of academic resources. Beyond that, you may see AI-centric:

  1. Digital guides offering pupils custom learning and experiences
  2. Essay graders render more accurate and steady evaluations
  3. Content creators produce optimum-quality study materials with little human intervention

In a Nutshell

Now that you have become familiar with the potential of AI chatbots to make some solid changes in the Edtech department, it will help if you hire an eLearning software and dApp Development Company to construct a feature-rich virtual assistant for your institute.

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