GPS Tracker – GPS Tracking Device (All you Need to Know)

GPS Tracker

Whether it be for monitoring purposes when you get them installed in your cars or as a source of surveillance on someone you consider a suspect.

These techy little gadgets have seriously changed the way people thought about surveillance up until now.

So today in our blog we’ll show you just what to consider and know when you get your GPS trackers. Let’s see what it is actually.

The global positioning system or known as the GPS was first introduced by the US government. It consists of more than 20 satellites above in orbit and receives signals from them to pinpoint the exact location of the person, or a car or a shipment or whatever it is it’s tracking.

Pretty cool and advanced stuff right. These are the same GPS trackers which we have seen in our favorite Tv shows and movies over the years. To decipher out nuclear launch codes, money heists where time is the only limit. These bad guys the GPS trackers have helped found out more bad guys and stuff than you can comprehend.

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Similarly, don’t consider for a second that GPS trackers only work like that in movies or shows and not in real life. As that, not the least true. Moving on, with what these amazing things can do range from a variety of stuff. Such as tracking your kid after school hours, tracking your precious vehicle, paintings if you’re an artist or a buyer, your fleet, even so, you know where it’s headed and not off the track.

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Just what is needed is that the device to be tracked also has a GPS tracker on it and as a result you’ll get the images in the forms of maps on your device or your smartphones. You need an internet connection is. Now without further waiting let’s look into some brief factors to know before buying the GPS tracker.

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1. Cost

Once you know what type of GPS, you’ll be buying be sure of its cost. As always don’t choose anything too state of the art as it’ll end up costing you more and nothing else. So, choose a decent GPS Tracker in the optimum range just below $100 and you’ll be good.

2. Its Size

One of the crucial factors in getting the best GPS tracker is its size since it’ll always be moving around on the object it is attached so this one you carefully need to think through.

For instance, Trackimo trackers can literally be moved anywhere as they are small enough to be taken with you if you’re hiking, for example, driving to the office, or even in your toddler’s backpack for safety.

More on, this is a highly looked onto aspect when GPS trackers are to bought and used by surveillance industries or private detectives. Where being discreet is the ultimate key.

3. A Distress/Emergency Button

Although the GPS Tracker itself will help you to navigate your object easily where ever it is. Still, it’s always a helpful feature to have an emergency or an SOS button installed on it. So, if some unrealistic event occurs the person or the one in charge of the GPS could press it signaling you on the other hand that you’re needed in the time of trouble.

So, this particular trusted feature has been always proven to be helpful in the worst of scenarios God forbid. Hence if your GPS tracker has this then it’s an added plus and if it doesn’t find one which has this option!

4. Battery Life

Another of the crucial factors to account for is the battery timing of your GPS tracker. Since it’s going to be out and away from its power source for several hours. Although most GPS Trackers due to their electronics usage and inner circuitry, do not require frequent charging as they have sensors pre-installed which help to use the limited battery.

However, know this if your GPS tracker is used at a much greater distance away from you then obviously it’ll drain the battery much faster and for this purpose, you’ll need to have an extra battery on hands or better a power bank. As most of the trackers can easily last to up to a week without a recharge but then again, you’ll need to recharge it since these trackers have an approx. usage of 2.5 hours to last that long.

5. Our pick for the Tracker: Logimistics Micro 420

Known as the best all-around tracker in the market. There are a couple of unique features about this which will make you believe just as blindly as us in it and why it’s the best around.

Firstly, it’s amongst the few in the market under the 4G GPS trackers, so you’ll be able to use this tracker in some more rural areas where other trackers wouldn’t be able to work. Plus, this tracker has an amazing 9 days approx. battery life. Its own tracking app is easy to use and understand and works on both Android and IOS platforms.

Fortunately, its so small that it can be easily hidden in your palm if you want. Gives good and satisfactory performance inside a bag if you want and even on the outdoors of your can. Just a little thing you’ll have to take care off is the extra casing since it’s not waterproof like some others.

Yep, that’s a small flaw but a one which you can easily ignore and manage. As it’s casing wouldn’t cost you more than couple of dollars. Hence, we again highly recommend you this tracker due to its great 4G capability making it easier to connect with the majority of your smart phones.

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That’s the end of our blog upon the GPS Tracker guide. Make a fair, decent and safe choice when you go through our minimalized appropriate guide for buying the most appropriate tracker for you under the circumstances.

Always remember as we say safety over quality right. You never know how your day or your loved one’s will turn out. Use this guide as your friend and make the best choice for the GPS tracker now before it’s too late.

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