5 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Run Computer Faster

The computer is an important device which helps us to make our life easy. So many people have a common issue when using their computer or PC which is the computer runs slowly when it is more than 1 and more years older. Even some people facing the problem with the basic function not working correctly.

There are so many reasons which cause your system to slow down. The things like the increasing number of the file on your system may cause the problem to your system. There may be a bug in the operating system.

Few of these functions may cause the issue which is unnatural but some of are the lifecycles of the computer. If you aren’t sure what’s slowing down your computer you could try using TekDash to send someone to fix the issue. They are highly trained in this sort of thing.

It is very common that the computer can slow down if it is not taken care of properly. Here are the suggested changes and advice which can help you optimize and run your computer faster.

Time to Replace Your Computer

It is advisable that if you follow these strategies mentioned below can help you to improve your computer run faster than it is performing at the current time. But if your computer is many years old than following the best strategy can just help you to restore basic performance. It is advisable to replace your computer instead of optimizing the PC.

When this situation is true you need to search for the best deal on the computer and buy a new computer to meet the requirement. If you replace the complete unit it will help you to solve the issue with your computer performance.

Below are the Advice you Need to follow to Improve the PC Performance

1. Update Your Computer Regularly

If you are not updating your computer on a regular basis that can be a reason which causes your computer to slow down. If you update your computer on a regular basis this adds up new features and functionality with each and every update.

Sometimes you may not get the new features but when you update your computer operating system there may be fewer bugs and your computer run faster than early used to be. The final result of updating the computer is you will get a faster system always.

2. Restart/Shut down Your Computer

Most of the computer users have the habit to leave the computer on generally in sleep mode or hibernate mode instead of shutting it down which can cause your computer to slow down. Sometimes this is very useful because you do not have to follow the entire starting process whenever you want to use your computer.

Nevertheless, when you shut down your computer it allows to clear all the temporary file and let the computer to start as fresh. So, it is advisable to shut down your computer completely once or twice every week.

3. Uninstall the Program, Not in Use

If you have so many programs installed on your computer can slow down your computer. You can remove some of the programs from your computer which is not in use. You can check out the last program which is not been used from the last 6 or more months so you can identify the program to uninstall without causing the issue to you.

There is a chance you have installed a few of the programs on your computer by mistake and not using it. You can remove the unnecessary program easily to free up storage on your computer.

4. Delete File which is not Require

The speed of the computer also depends on the free space on the disk. If you do not have enough free space on the disk can slow down the computer. You may have stored some of the big files on the computer. You can go through the files on your computer and remove the one or more which you do not require any more.

The two main file images and videos take more space on the computer. By removing the images and videos from your computer can result in run PC faster. If you need the file you can store them in an external hard disk or on cloud storage.

5. Disable Auto-Starting Program

There are so many programs which start when your computer starts. You can disable autostart the program by using the task manager. Actually, these features are designed for user convenience but if you have any program starting at the time of starting the computer can slow down the computer.


If you follow the above tips carefully then it can definitely boost your computer’s performance. If you keep all the unnecessary file and junk program clear from your computer will let you run your PC smoothly. By following the above tips you can extend your computer’s performance effectively from months to years and so on.