The Best Travel Apps for NonRev Staff Travelers

Best Travel Apps

In the past few decades since smartphones have arrived in the market, the developers have designed a series of applications to make your trips more comfortable, fun, and cheaper.

There was a time when you had to make a round of phone calls to reserve a room in Paris or use a map with the size of a huge billboard to find a place of interest on the streets of Kyoto. Now, smartphones do the job for you. 

Several applications have been invented to help you during your trips including the apps to find travel offers, for travel itineraries, to organize trips, to travel by car, for NonRev staff travelers, to find flight details, to mark visited places, and to find low-cost trips.

If you are a NonRev staff traveler and are looking forward to finding an easy way to get flight details and good deals on hotels and restaurants, we have made a list to help you in finding some of the most useful and simple apps to use on the road.

NonRev Loads

This application is specifically for the NonRev travelers who are facing the issues of booking a Nonrev flight. A NonRev staff traveler usually finds it difficult to find a suitable flight for their travel. The effort of getting the NonRev flight details is too much that they settle for the less most of the time. Instead of getting full advantage of their staff traveler status, they make wrong flight decisions due to the lack of data they have.

NonRev Loads is here to provide ease to staff travelers. No matter what your destination is or which country you belong to, NonRev Loads has the information related to more than 150 airlines worldwide.

That’s not it! Its advanced technology makes an estimate for you that which NonRev flight you will be able to catch. It takes all the previous data and variables into account and makes the best flight decision for you.

If you are a NonRev traveler, you don’t need to make a random guess about your flights anymore. NonRev Loads will list the flights in an order where the most beneficial one will be listed at the top.

Now, no need to wait at the airport and finding out at the 11th hour if you are going to get a seat on a flight or not, NonRev Loads is going to do it all for you!


Citymapper is, without a doubt, the best app for those who travel by public transport. It offers more detailed travel information in comparison to Google, including information related to motorcycle lane and UBER, the car-sharing service.

Citymapper is available in around 30 cities around the world.

Here are some:

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Lyon
  • Barcelona
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Moscow
  • New York
  • Toronto

Skyscanner (Not For NonRev Travelers)

Of all the flight comparators, there is a small preference given to the Skyscanner app. Its search engine finds flights at the best price, according to your criteria and destination. You can also combine flight comparison with hotels and car rentals. The real benefit of the app is its “Anywhere” option that searches for a destination based on your budget if you haven’t decided where to go yet.

XE Currency

XE Currency allows you to convert more than 180 currencies, to cross and compare several currencies and to look at the history of the courses (for the most financial of you). Very practical to know these rates to make the change you need! Remember to update exchange rates as soon as possible.

If you decide to download XE, you will discover the best App that will help you calculate the currency conversion. The App has many business-oriented options, such as updated rates of precious metal or oil rates. However, the most useful thing for the traveler is that this converter has the convert combination of all the coins. The app also works offline if you remember to save the latest updated rates.


Tripadvisor does not need any introduction, but not many know the functions of the homonymous App. By downloading it, you will have access to millions of reviews, images, and videos from all over the world. Thanks to the App, you will also have direct access to the contact details.

In addition to informing you about hotels, TripAdvisor is also a great app to find the best restaurants and the best sights on your course. With millions of reviews, there is definitely one that will help you choose your next stop. Choosing the hotel, the restaurant in which to eat, and which area to visit is now much easier., Airbnb, Hostelworld, and Couchsurfing: has the data of thousands of hotels across numerous destinations to find the price/quality ratio of the hotel room you prefer. Otherwise, with the Airbnb app, you stay with an individual. You can also rent out your room or house on Airbnb.

Airbnb allows you to book an apartment, a house, or a single room anywhere in the world. You rent to others – like you – who like to meet people. If you are not a lover of hotels and prefer human relations, Airbnb is an excellent choice.

As for the Hostelworld app, it gives you access to the largest database of hostels in the world to book a hostel. Finally, the alternative application Couchsurfing community puts you in touch with a resident who opens his home and hosts you for free on a sofa or in the guest room.

This generous form of hospitality makes you live an atypical experience and most often an unforgettable one! To meet and live with locals, what is better than that? Couchsurfing is a global community of 5 million travelers, ready to welcome other travelers to their home, to help them discover their city. To travel cheaply and meet local people quickly, Couchsurfing is ideal.

WeatherPro App

Admittedly, checking the weather updates cannot prevent the rain from falling, but at least you will be able to plan your days. The accuracy of the updates of WeatherPRO alerts for extreme weather to the UV Index and water temperature through the wind speed is to the point.

Google Translate

Google Translate supports more than 80 languages ​​and is completely free! You can type, speak, or even click the picture of another language, and Google Translate will convert it into your selected language if you are connected to the Internet. You can also save your favorite phrases for easy reuse when needed. If you’re looking for a simple app for your translations, try Google Translate.

Word Lens

If you travel to a country whose language you do not know, reading the signs can quickly become very difficult. With Word Lens, you can take a picture of any text and translate it into your own language using its built-in character recognition system when traveling abroad. Word Lens makes it easy to translate signs and other texts.

Backpackr or Tripr

Backpackr and Tripr are the backpacker versions of Tinder: you enter the places and the dates you plan to visit the place, and you will find travelers or local people who would like to meet you. This can be a simpler and faster way to meet people.


While Google Translate can help you overcome the language barrier, it never hurts to learn a new language, and locals will always appreciate this effort. Duloingo is an application that allows for the moment to learn Spanish, Italian, and English. The best part of the application? It’s completely free. If you want to learn a new language, Duolingo is here for that.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight targets last-minute travelers or those who wish to extend their stay. This application allows you to find the last minute deals in many destinations in North America, Latin America or Europe. If you have not planned everything, Hotel Tonight can give you a good last-minute deal.

In Conclusion!

we believe that NonRev Loads should be given the top priority if you are a NonRev traveler. This app will make your life easy! Apart from that, Google Translate and should be in your smartphones as these will help you in communicating and having a roof at a low price. Download all these apps now and book your next NonRev flight!

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