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Top 12 Best Ways for Using Instagram Story in Your Business

Instagram Story

Instagram Story is the best opportunity for the digital marketing of the business and brand.

There are several ways for using the Instagram story in your business, some of the top-rated ways and Instagram story tips are mentioned below, surely these ways will definitely help you in growing your business and brand.

1. Announcement

Instagram story is the best way for brands and companies to share their announcements regarding upcoming events and future products.

This is the best opportunity to increase engagement with the audience and followers. With the daily announcements you can increase your Instagram story views, so keep updating your followers with your events and future launch products.

2. Collaboration

Instagram story is the best opportunity to collaborate with highly reputed brands and influencers. You can contact them and team up for your brand promotion. One more benefit of collaboration is that you can increase your product sales.

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3. Story Highlights

Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights was launched in December 2017, the story highlights are working as an extension of the bio. In Story Highlights you can keep your story online for the long term as you know the story keeps online for 24 hours but in story highlights it is online for the long term.

4. Polling


The poll is a built-in feature on Instagram. It is the best way of creating interaction with the audience because people love to participate in the poll answering. Polls are also used for surveys, feedback, and research. 

5. Questions

Questions are the sticker in the Instagram Story that offers the audience and followers to ask you any questions and you should have to answer their questions, this is how you can create a bond between you and the audience. You can also share the questions with your answer to the story.

6. Reaction Slider

Reaction Slider is one of the best features of Instagram Story. It allows the audience to give a reaction to your story. The reaction slider is the sticker on which an emoji is set as a slider and people give the reaction by sliding the from left to right. You can set the emoji of happiness, sadness, love, and crying, it will depend on the nature of the posts.

7. Countdown

The countdown is the sticker in the Instagram Story that actually set the deadline for any event. Let’s suppose you have offered the discount for a limited time then there you can set a deadline in the shape of the countdown.

8. Link Insertion

Whenever you have seen the see more or swipe up option at the bottom of the story, actually at that point link is inserted and you swipe up it will take you to that link. With the help of this, you increase the traffic on your blog or website. The drawback is this feature is only available for accounts that have 10k plus followers.

9. Hashtag Sticker

 There are two ways for getting the boost instantly on Instagram Story, the first one is to buy Instagram story views monthly and the second one is using the hashtag. Instagram Story provides you with a sticker for hashtag insertion. Always use the trending hashtags for your story so how you can get more views on your story.

10. Story Templates

You have seen the influencers are using the story templates, actually, these templates are designed by the influencers and brands, and they ask the question in multiple choices. The user takes a screenshot of that story and then answers the question after this they upload it on their own story, and this is the best trick for brand marketing.

11. Location Sticker

Location Sticker

The Location Sticker lets you share your current location on the story. For the current location sharing your GPS should be turned on or if you want to share any location then you can add the location manually. Location sharing is a good opportunity for the brand to increase its presence in their local area. 

12. Live Streaming

Live Streaming is the best way for creating a connection and bond between you and your audience. You must go live for a minimum of twice a week and must inform the audience 2 to 3 hours before live streaming so that lots of people come to watch your live stream.

You can do announcements on the live stream, you can tell people about future products, you can review your product and etc. With the help of the live stream, you can increase your engagement and followers.

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