Best Free Software to Recover the Deleted Files in Windows 10/8/7

Recover the Deleted Files

If you are being troubled by data loss problems, please read this article and use the Windows undelete software to rescue the deleted data.

In Windows OS, users can access any data easily and process it as they want. However, such operations to data may lead to losing or deleting some important items from Windows or other storage devices.

It Is Possible to Recover the Deleted Files in Windows 10/8/7

According to a survey, careless deletion is the most common reason for data loss disasters. There are various ways to delete data: clicking “Delete” from the right-click menu, dragging the file to the recycle bin, with the key Shift + Delete, or deleting files from external storage devices.

In the former two cases, you can recover the deleted files from the recycle bin. But on the latter two occasions, the recycle bin is not helpful any longer, as the deleted data is gone.

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Have you ever lost your important files caused of such reasons? It is not a problem. This is because Windows provides you with an undeleted feature. That is to say, you can recover deleted data in many cases in Windows. Meanwhile, many data recovery tools come into sight, with which you can also rescue deleted data.

As to the deleted files that are gone from Windows, you still have the chance to restore them. The good news is that you can make use of some data recovery tools to achieve it.

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Ways to Recover the Deleted Files in Windows 10/8/7

Method 1. Restore from Recycle Bin

First of all, those deleted files that were sent to the recycle bin can be restored easily. Find the deleted files in the recycle bin. Right-click the target file and hit Restore.

Thus, the target files will be restored to the original storage path. The precondition is the recycle bin is not emptied before you start the recovery.

To find the needed files quickly, you can use the search box on the top right or Ctrl + F to find the file by typing the file name if you remember it. You can also find the deleted files by checking the Delete Date.

Restore from Recycle Bin

As to the deleted files that are gone from Windows, you still have the chance to restore them. The good news is that you can make use of some data recovery tools to achieve it.

Method 2. Recover the Deleted Files with a Perfect Data Recovery Tool

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a reliable and free data recovery program for Windows 10/8/7, can help you recover deleted files or lost files from Windows as well as other storage devices.

Key Features of This File Undelete Software:

  1. Supported File Recovery Types: It supports most file types for recovery. It enables you to recover lost files, documents, images, videos, music, and many types of data easily.
  2. Supported Data Loss Cases: It allows you to recover any deleted files, including permanently deleted files and deleted files after emptying the recycle bin. What’s more, it can also help recover lost/deleted data due to virus attacks, system crashes, hard drive failures malware infections, etc.
  3. Supported Data Storage Devices: You can use this software to recover deleted files or lost files from Windows local hard drives, external hard drives, SSD, SD cards, USB flash drives, memory cards, and so on.
  4. Supporting Recovery Files Preview: You can preview 70 types of files before executing the restoration, like image, Word, PDF, email, etc.
  5. OS Compatibility: This software has launched both Windows and Mac versions. They all have free and other advanced editions respectively. For the Windows version, it is compatible with most Windows OS. Mac version can be compatible with macOS 10.5 or other above.
  6. Security: This reliable data recovery software is totally clean and safe without any malware at all. At the same time, it will not change or cause any damage to the data in the storage device, as it is read-only. Therefore, your data will be kept absolutely safe.
  7. Other Excellent Features: This free undelete software offers some advanced functions to help you to find the target file quickly: Find, Filter, Only Show Lost Files, etc.

3 Steps to Recover the Deleted Files with this Free Software Windows 10/8/7

First of all, you need to download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free on Windows PC. The whole process is very easy just within one or two minutes.

Step 1. Launch the File Undelete Free Software

After installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free, launch it to enter its main interface, on which, all drives and partitions connected to your Windows 10/8/7 computer will be detected and listed.

It has four main categories of data storage devices: This PC, Hard Disk Drive, Removable Disk Drive, and CD/DVD Drive. The four modules include almost all kinds of storage devices.

File Undelete Free Software

Here we select This PC to undelete Windows 10 files. Then, you can see all detected partitions (raw/formatted/damaged/lost partitions and unallocated space) are listed. Choose the target disk drive that contains your deleted or lost data.

Step 2. Scan the Target Drive

After choosing a drive/partition, click the Scan button at the right bottom. Thus, this software will start scanning the drive/partition automatically. Wait patiently until it finishes the whole scanning process.

Step 3. Find and Recover Deleted/Lost Files in Windows 10

When the scanning process completes, it’s time to check the scan result to find your needed files. You can choose Path or Type to find and view the data quickly.

Recover Deleted/Lost Files in Windows

When you use Type, you can expand each folder and check the sub-folders or files to find the needed files. If you find the target items, tick them and click the Save button to specify another destination to store the recovered files.

Tip: The destination you choose to store the recovered files should be different from the original one. If the recovered files are saved to the original path, it may cause data overwritten so that other lost files in this drive/partition would be unrecoverable.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery can always help you get back lost files:

  • Mistakenly deleted files
  • Deleted with “Shift + Delete” keys
  • Too large to store in recycle bin
  • Deleted files from a USB/memory card/external hard drive
  • Lost files due to some unknown reasons

Remember: No matter how your data is lost, turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery free data restoration software for help.

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