Things to Remember When Developing Smart TV App

Developing Smart TV App

Over time, TV technology has grown immensely. TV was a main source of entertainment back then. Now, chip away as the trend increases towards the usage of the internet.

But with modern innovations in television technology, smart TV has come up. And restored the audience’s interest. With huge screens, the most advanced features, and improved sound systems, smart TVs are continually showing to be a greater platform.

The launch of the 1st smart TV a few years back hit the market. But at that time, smart TVs were expensive. Hence, got lesser attraction. Over the years, it has become much cheaper. Also influencing positively on the consumer pocket.

In 2020 during the pandemic, user behavior has shown a shift. The digital shift was expected to happen in the next five to ten years. It was initiated in the year 2020.

The industry saw a great demand during the pandemic in the market. Moreover allowed the customers to browse their favorite shows, music, and movies. Same as you do it on your cellphone. Hence, improved the need for Smart TV App development.

You can also install apps on your smart TV as you do on your mobile phones. You can access the digital content. For example, MI, Samsung, and Sony TVs use Android. You can quickly download apps on the TV. Hence, it raises the demand for Smart TV Applications.

Today people are informed, and they are continually looking for the latest apps. Also having smart functionalities and interfaces. So businesses are spending on Smart TV Application Development.

In case you are also interested in developing smart TV applications, this blog is made for you. Now, let’s check the other things related to smart TV app development.

Why are Most Companies Interested in Smart TV App Development?

  • Usage of Search Bar is Simple & Convenient: The main reason behind the Smart TV apps is to enhance the user experience. You can simply look for your type of content by typing the genre, title, etc.
  • Connectivity in Seconds: Here connectivity not only means with others. But also with the tasks, such as viewing the favorite channel on a TV screen. And you can also make a switch to your Smartphone.
  • Earnings are Fascinating: The returns you can get from Smart TV Applications are fascinating. It is a sort of developing area with extensive possibilities. Moreover, Smart TV Applications are slowly taking their place in the industry. Hence, earning greater margins.
  • Suitable for Everybody: Smart TV ensures the convenience part. In today’s world, who doesn’t wish to be entertained in their own space? Additionally, the advantage of connecting to social media is that it facilitates the convenience part.

Things to Consider Before Developing a Smart TV App

Many players these days have commanded the Smart TV industry. Companies leveraging Smart TV application development for various platforms are mentioned below:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku TV
  • Android TV
  • Smart Alliance
  • Panasonic

The above-mentioned players have a big stake in the industry. And they are already obtaining the best of the given technologies. Also giving the best viewer experience.

However, companies investing in Smart TV app development, find it challenging to design and test custom applications for each platform because of their different guidelines and SDKs.

Now let’s talk about what things one should consider before Developing a Smart TV Application.

Screen Size

  • Interface legibility is a key factor in the design of TV apps. You can see a 40 inches TV screen today at a cheaper price. Also, it comes with a display of a 4K video. If an app requires showing the text, you should put the elements big. So that they should be able to read from a minimum range.
  • As an increasing number of TV retailers have started offering free installation. So more people are opting for bigger TV screens. You can imagine this drastic increase in comparison to the normal TV size. Smart TV App Development Companies serving the TV industry show an array of possibilities. Moreover, the open space allows Smart TV app developers to add more design elements. Which was not there in the smaller ones.

Voice Command

  • Navigation plays a pivotal part in smart TV app development. A smooth, User-friendly navigation bar is important for keeping the interest of users. It helps them speedily find the content. A search function is essential for smart TV applications. And it can create or destroy the app.
  • Many smart TV developers add some type of voice command. Samsung’s smart voice assistant is gradually replacing its voice Control in the new versions of smart TVs. Android TVs from Sony, Philips, LG, etc are taking advantage of the viewer mobile and Google Assistant. Amazon has also proposed to promote Alexa in the new Sony, LG, and Toshiba TV.

Remote Controller

  1. It is necessary to take care of the customer experience with a remote while making Smart TV applications. Experiments happen with various platforms in the way they could offer further features with remote. For example, touch inputs in the case of Apple TV and voice input in the case of Amazon Fire TV.
  2. A few other things you need to consider are:
  3. Avoid detailed, complicated navigations.
  4. Thorough knowledge of the remote controller
  5. Learn the restrictions with the controller.
  6. The button key & icon signs must match with the action on the TV screen.

Navigation should not distract customers with various options. Below are some of the factors that will benefit you in enhancing the viewer’s experience:

  1. Avoid adding complicated navigation.
  2. Perfect coordination should be there between the content and the navigation structure.
  3. A user needs to check which screen he is on.
  4. Navigation should be straightforward. You can do it by writing the name of the screen on the navigation bar.


Businesses need to design applications that can stand with the modern competition. Below mentioned are some of the points that you should consider:

  • The text should be readable.
  • Try to add less content.
  • The text should match the icons.
  • Make sure to have High contrast.
  • Try not to use acronyms.
  • The design should be simple. So that the viewer should be able to quickly browse the content.

Examine and Iterate

Big market players are already examining the domain to give a smooth digital experience. A decent test should be taken for situations like streaming. App testing before the launch has become a necessary step. As it allows us to cut out any cracks before the app reaches the market.

A quick method to understand whether you are on the correct path or not is to check the prototypes while making an app. App developers can remove all the glitches only by testing the app. As a result, it will save time and cost.

Smart TV App Developers may sometimes ignore the value of testing Smart TV networks. However, testing demands a lot of effort. As it is platform-specific. Also, there can be a chance that most people are new to the platforms. Smart TV App Developers should check platform guidelines for testing apps.

Universal Adaptability

In maintaining trends that have been set long back by the mobile industry. Smart TVs have been active in adding OS and products from the market’s dominant players like Google and Apple. Mobile phones, Computers, and Tablets can be in sync with the Apple TV. It aims to provide a smooth possible experience.

The cross-device features are also installed within Android TV as well. An open-door agreement to design between Android and Apple TV has continued progress and innovation.

Without intense TV advertising, likely, these platforms would not be capable of creating their niche in the industry which was fully owned by black and white TV back then.


Since the Smart TV has been designed with the idea of utmost convenience. Here, Chromecast can be an exceptional example. With the help of Chromecast, you can have total control over media streams.

It can be a TV series, movie, or music. Chromecast gives a one-stop method by which you can rely solely on a single device to check the way in and out of a media.

Smart TV App Developers can leverage this chance to build a smooth data stream from online to a viewer’s TV platform. Since then, the majority of media has been released from the hold of a few cable companies. The possibilities for innovation, and entrepreneurship have never been more different.


There is still an age for Smart TVs to work like a PC. However, Smart TV is taking grip of components that are there in a PC such as navigation. The user decision pattern associated with picking a Smart TV is getting finer.

Hence, becoming a challenge to the industry to provide a seamless viewer experience. Smart TV application development not only benefits in improving the viewership but also assists in increasing the scope. Moreover, expanding the overall company’s exposure.

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