How to Do Mobile Recharge Using UPI Apps

Do you want to know how to do mobile recharge? You are not alone! Using UPI apps is the easiest way to recharge your mobile phone.

The apps make it easy to recharge any number from any telecom provider. With UPI, you can recharge any number and choose a prepaid plan.

Alternatively, you can also use your bank’s mobile wallet. This article explains how to do mobile recharge using UPI applications.

This article mentions 5 websites to earn free mobile recharge.

Paytm UPI AutoPay

Paytm UPI AutoPay for mobile recharging is a great way to automate your bill payment. You can set up a payment schedule that automatically debits a certain amount on a particular date. You can set the schedule to deduct money regularly for cable TV, DTH, insurance, and mobile recharge. For recurrent use cases, such as cell phone recharging, you may also set up automatic monthly payments.

You may use your debit or credit card for mobile payments if you have an Internet banking account. However, if you do not have a bank account, UPI is a safer and faster way to pay for mobile services. Many mobile service providers now accept UPI payments. Vi(tm), for example, offers users a UPI-compatible app for restoring their phones. Using UPI, you can even transfer money to friends and family.

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UPI apps have been gaining ground in the Indian digital economy, and Freecharge has made it easier than ever to use these services to make payments and recharge your mobile phones. By using UPI, customers can pay instantly by scanning a QR code or entering their UPI ID.

The UPI payment gateway, also known as the ‘Unified Payments Interface’, is a significant part of the Indian digital economy, and numerous fintech companies have emerged in recent years to take advantage of this emerging technology.

First, you must download and launch the Freecharge app on your smartphone. You will be provided with an OTP, which you must enter to validate your registration and confirm your identity. To pay, you must have a UPI ID and a PIN. The OTP will be generated when you register with Freecharge. You can now send money to merchants and receive rebates and savings from Freecharge by using this UPI app.


You can use your UPI account to recharge Vi mobile phones. To do this, you must first sign up for an account with Vi(tm). After that, select the payment method from the list and enter the amount you wish to recharge.

The next screen will show the selected number’s different recharge packs and plans. Once you have selected the payment method, you can easily choose one of them and complete the recharge. To make things even easier, Vi now supports UPI for mobile payments.

The PhonePe UPI application allows you to pay for mobile recharges using your UPI debit card. This service is a new payment method in India. You can pay for mobile recharges from 50 to 100 using your debit card or other financial instrument. You must have a valid ICICI Bank Net Banking ID to use this service. You can also choose between credit and debit cards. To use the phonePe UPI app, you must have a valid UPI debit card.

Samsung Pay

How to do mobile recharge using UPI apps in Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay is a mobile wallet that allows users to pay using their bank accounts. Samsung Pay also allows you to make secure mobile payments at gas stations, online stores, and even the ATM. Once you have the wallet installed on your phone, you can make payments anywhere it’s possible to swipe a credit card. Follow the steps below to do mobile recharge using UPI apps in Samsung Pay.

First, open the Mi app and sign in with your Mi account. The app takes a few seconds to install, so ensure you have an active Mi account before using it. Once registered, the Mi app will ask you to link your bank account. You’ll be prompted to enter your recipient’s VPA, amount, and note, and you will receive a message that you can see in the UPI account. The UPI app allows you to send money to a recipient once your bank account has been validated.


Having your Android phone, you may be wondering how to recharge your mobile using the PhonePe UPI app. You must first download the app and register with PhonePe. Then, you can search for the mobile number in the search bar or by selecting it from your contact list. In the next step, you must enter the recharge amount you want. Once you have selected your desired amount, you can proceed to the payment step.

To do a mobile recharge using PhonePe UPI app, you will need a debit card and an active phone number. After that, you will need to enter your bank account number. When the transaction exceeds Rs. 50, PhonePe will charge you a fee of between Re. 1 and Rs. 2. The fee will be charged if the recharge exceeds Rs. 100. You must enter your debit card expiration date.

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