5 Reasons to Replace Your Laptop With a Tablet

Every business needs computing power to utilize productivity features and access the internet. That’s why desktop computers were the rage in the 90s.

But soon after that, laptops became popular due to their size, portability, and weight. Now is the time for the tablet.

People often refer to tablets as big smartphones, but they have become more than that, especially with their computing power. A tablet is a mobile computing device with a touchscreen interface and rechargeable battery. Typically, it uses a mobile operating system and can connect to the internet using a mobile network, WiFi, or both.

The tablet is an ideal lightweight option for users. The computing power on tablets used to compete with smartphones, but it is now catching up to laptops, making them a potential replacement. Deciding between a laptop and a tablet will depend on your circumstances; a tablet isn’t for everyone as powerful as they are. Here are five reasons to replace your laptop with a tablet.


Tablets are thin and light. The difference may not seem as great, but tablets are thinner than most laptops. Generally speaking, tablets are thinner, lighter, and more portable by a long shot. And when you’re carrying around a bag all day, the difference between one pound and five pounds adds up.

The light, thin, and small size make it easy to pack away. You can have it among your books or carry it yourself in your hand. Some tablets can fit into a pocket if you need to free up your hands. Laptops are portable, but not as much as tablets. A laptop needs a unique carrier bag, which you will need to lug along with you. You will always need to make a conscious decision to make space for a laptop as you go about your day.

Longer Battery Life

Tablets, in general, tend to have longer battery life due to their smaller screen size and less hardware. Laptops average around 3 hours before you have to plug it in again, while some tablet models boast a battery life of 14 hours. Tablets can also have more reliable batteries. Additionally, a tablet doesn’t need a special charger. You can use your phone charger to recharge it.


In the consumer’s mind, a tablet is a device between a smartphone and a laptop regarding features, including flexibility. A tablet may not be able to perform heavy tasks like running complex database apps or CAD tools, but in many ways, a tablet can perform most, if not all, of a laptop’s functions. Remember that most heavy tasks are now on the cloud, meaning a tablet can most likely handle them.

You will have access to any internet or cloud service, perform office tasks, and have a multimedia entertainment device on a tablet. The tablet is more versatile than a laptop because you can use the touch screen or interact with them using a stylus (an excellent feature for art or media work) or connect it to a keyboard when you need a larger screen. They also support multitasking with features like split-screen.

Less Cumbersome

Trying to do quick tasks on a laptop while riding in a taxi or during a flight is not fun. Pulling out your laptop is a lot of work, as you must find a stable and flat surface to set it on. Laptops also come with many peripherals (like a mouse, dongle, or charger) that you need to carry with them. A tablet is a singular device without peripherals; you can do everything through touch.

Tablets are easy to use on the move. You can light it up quickly, have a shorter booting time, and use it while walking or in transition like in an elevator, commuting, or waiting for something. On the other hand, laptops need you to find a table to hold them, a seat for you to get comfortable, and they can take a while to boot up.

Faster Speed

Tablets run on light operating systems. They also have fewer features than laptops, making them more nimble. Booting a tablet is fast and ready for use with a simple swipe. Tablets are also less prone to malware so you won’t have many performance issues. Although it’s a rare occurrence, if it does happen, users can search online for ‘affordable computer repair near me‘ to get help if they come across any.

From Laptop to Tablet

A tablet is an innovative, affordable, and capable replacement for most laptop functions. A tablet is a good option if you want to work while on the move.

Its lightweight and slim build make it easy to carry with you everywhere. If you can link it to the internet, you can access any remote or cloud service to enhance productivity.

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