How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Freezing Up Issue Easily

Mozilla Firefox

Just like Chrome, Internet Explorer, UC Browser and many other popular browsers. There is a name Firefox that holds the second position amongst all after Chrome.

In the digital world, Mozilla leads the market with its advanced aspects and features.

To start with Mozilla you should be aware of all its pros and cons. So here we are with the solution of Mozilla Firefox Freezing. Because as a matter of fact Firefox is a piece of technology and runs on the internet. And we know that no matter how advanced technology becomes it get stuck at times.

Thus, it becomes a question users call for and get panic when unable to fix it. On the other hand, Firefox is a very smooth and frequently used browser after Chrome. Mozilla Firefox is a search engine on-line portal, free and open for all the users.

Also, it runs on all the devices including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. But it runs on the condition that your device has a good internet speed. Firefox came into know by Mozilla Corporation and the group in 2002.

It has been written in various high-tech mechanical languages like C++, Javascript HTML, etc. Well, it has given access to users throughout the world and on all devices. And that is the reason it is leading a wide range of the market.

Why Mozilla Firefox Freezes?

What is more than customer satisfaction? And so we are here to tell you why you Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing. Do not worry if you are a regular customer of Firefox because then you should know why this issue occurs? And if you are still not aware then go through the cited reasons.

  • Mozilla Firefox freezes because of on-line traffic
  • Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing when it is not updated
  • Mozilla Firefox freezes when your device carries a spam file
  • Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up when you try to explore a particular website
  • Data transformation could be a cause of Mozilla Firefox freezing up

Well there are many other minor reasons that cause Mozilla Firefox freezing issues. Not only this but also there some major reasons because of which Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing. Come on let’s have a look over them so that to identify one and resolve when they occur.

  • When you do not clear cache timely
  • If you watch video from an unauthorized website
  • Sometimes while copy-pasting
  • Configuration in settings

Besides this incompatible browser theme and many other errors can cause Mozilla Firefox freezing up issues. And for this reason, if you are worried about how to maintain Firefox. Then need not worry as you can follow the below-given steps to fix Mozilla Firefox freezing issues.

Steps to follow when Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing-

  • Go to Menu and click on Windows
  • Select General Tab under advanced Panel
  • “Use hardware acceleration when available” Uncheck this option
  • Now shut down Firefox and start it again to see whether it is still freezing

After sorting this issue here we go to sort the same issue on a version of Windows. “Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10” is another issue users generally face at times. For this reason, the below steps are cited to help you fix it easily.

Why Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10 issues occur?

As previously stated that Firefox is specially made and supported by Windows and its updated versions. Hence, the problem occurs when users use it on various versions of Windows. If you are a Windows 10 user and your

Steps to fix Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10 issues-

  • Firefox Freezes on Windows 10
  • Clear Firefox Browser Cache, History and Download History. Documents take more time to download as the download history develops. …
  • Terrible Firefox Add-on.
  • Update Adobe Flash form.
  • Check Windows shell expansions.
  • Expansions of outsider programming.
  • Make another Profile.
  • Decrease Firefox memory use.

Restart Firefox.

In case their area unit various Session Restore groups saved, the net program will run bit by bit or all over keep from running or Mozilla Firefox not responding.

Snap-on the Menu image, head to empower (?), and eat up Troubleshooting data.

Snap-on Open Folder from Application Basics.

Snap the Menu button again and starting there pick the ‘control off’ credibility. From your profile coordinator eradicate the resulting archive: sessionstore.js. Furthermore, evacuate any related records like session store-1.js then on.

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