6 Best Ideas for Brand Promotion with Printed Drink Bottles

Brand Promotion with Printed Drink Bottles

A bit of creativity can take your business a long way when you’re out to brand promotion. It’s good to focus on online presence, have a website and plaster things all over social networks, but is there an alternative for promotion in the real world?

So when you have drink bottles for brand promotion it gives you a great opportunity to reach out to your potential customers and leverage in-person contact to the core.

You can have all the vital branding information of these bottles like your company name, logo, vision, website URL, etc. and hope it does the magic in the required way.

Relying on only giveaways is not going to work if you have lofty ambitions in mind with bottles as there are many ways they can be used to create brand awareness in the market. So, use them aptly and win potential customers.

Brand Promotion

Here are some good ideas for brand promotion with drink bottles –

Use Trade Shows to Advantage   

Trade shows continue to be a potent way of brand promotion. They still stir the imagination as being the right place to give the business the pace it deserves. Trade shows also give you a great chance to capture the attention and interest of your potential customers by interacting with them, and also by using promotional bottled water.

Even if people are not thirty at such shows, you can still offer them a bottle of water and show care and grab an opportunity to win their interest instantly. Your drink bottles with promotional lines and logos can work the trick and help you get the mileage you look for.  

Make Company Meetings Fruitful

There will be lots of meetings, team-building exercises and get together of investors which you can leverage in true sense for brand promotion. The focus should be on making the attendees more comfortable and with that in mind, your drink bottles can always come handier that you think.

In fact, it’s quite a common sight in offices having bottled water with the company logo sitting on the table in order to leave a solid impression on clients. You can thus make meetings and updates more fruitful by having bottles placed strategically and achieve your brand promotion goals comfortably.   

Make Your Presence at Local Community Events

Community events are a great way to push your brand forward and make a solid impression locally. A lot of events take place in a community like parades, fairs, etc. and you needn’t bother to invest in hosting events. Your company can thus benefit from community events and reach out to the target audience with promotional bottled water.

You can have a company name or logo printed onto these bottles so that the target audience can see and realize the value of your effort. Local events are always a great way to spread brand awareness and catch the attention of people locally and put the business on the path of growth and success.

Take to Sponsorship 

Sponsorship will be a great opportunity for your company to achieve its brand promotion targets without much investment. You can sponsor local teams and hand out drink bottles to participants and hope to create solid brand awareness in the market. A lot of companies do this where they love to promote teams with children in order to win the trust of their parents.

You can always take the route of sponsorship, use drink bottles and show your care and love towards the community, whether at low scale or high. If the budget allows you, there are always hampers and gifts with drink bottles to be handed out to participants.

Capitalize on Charity Runs and Walks

There will be no dearth of charity runs and walks when you’re looking to benefit from them for brand promotion. You can always find one to use your promotion of bottled water and take steps towards winning the trust of the target audience.

Your bottle with company name and information can always come very handy at these events where participants might be thirsty after the run or walk. You can hand out bottles to any one part of these runs and show that your business care for the community in true sense. This is how the goals of brand promotion are achieved easily.   

Use the Power of Giveaways 

Giving away printed drink bottles means you will have the eyeballs and interests of more and more people. Though there has to be some limit and proper plan in place to which extent you can go with this strategy. If budget is not an issue, you can then hand out these bottles to students without even having to organize any event or reach out to local retailers and show them how much value your product will have. This strategy will always work wonders for you in your brand promotion endeavor effort.

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