DesignCap, is this Graphic Design Software worth It?

Graphic Design Software

Over the years, image editing programs have become very popular and have gained a name in the industry for getting creative. However, to achieve professional results you need advanced knowledge as well as a trial/error time that not everyone is willing to have. That’s where online services like DesignCap come into the picture.

DesignCap is an online graphic design service that makes it possible to accelerate the creative process when creating all kinds of images in a professional style. From useful tools for work, marketing for a business or event, and even advertising products and raffles on social networks with great quality, the number of options offered are as wide as they are simple to use.

Advantages of DesignCap over traditional software

Advantages of DesignCap

This is what the edit screen looks like in DesignCap.

Perhaps the most relevant point to choose this service is in the large amount of time that can be saved when starting with the edition from scratch. Everything is focused on a minimalist interface from the visual that has its tools at a glance and intuitively so that anyone understands how they work in a few minutes.

Also, the ability to design in a professional style without pursuing a steep learning curve is complemented by a host of pre-set content for use. This means not wasting time searching the web for different images and aesthetic resources of all kinds in order to create an image according to high standards.

Finally, the constant updating of DesignCap is appreciated to adapt to the trends of the Internet and social networks, so the tools are not only adapted for the classic graphic design formats but also for the virtual images used on YouTube, social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, etc.

Starting with the design process

DesignCap adapts the image size according to use

Reviewing broadly the operation of DesignCap. It should be noted that users do not need to download or install absolutely nothing to their computers and only require a username and password to enter the editing section from any browser.

Thus, in the “My Designs” tab they will display all the edits that have been previously made and saved while selecting the “New Designs” option will access a section to choose the type of image that you want to create. Logically you can customize the size, although it is appreciated that there is a wide variety of formats already preset according to the use you want to give to the future.

In this way, in the marketing section, there is no shortage of “ posters”, “flyers”, “logo”, “business cards”, “infographics” and several others that are adapted to the graphic design that has been known for decades, while in The “Social Media” section includes Internet trends such as artistic images for YouTube channels and also thumbnails for videos, covers for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email, etc.

Hundreds of visual tools

All DesignCap tools are very well organized in the same menu.

The possibility of saving time in DesignCap is focused on the thousands of preset templates with professional quality, also including organization through dozens of popular categories so that it is easier to find the one that correctly suits what each user is looking for.

Also, each one of them allows total freedom of editing from a click on the element you are interested in, being able to change its size, position, rotate it or remove it from the template, etc. There is also a catalog of thousands of images that can be added without having to waste time searching Google or other storage services, and logically there is no lack of a place to upload the contents saved on the computer.

To finish, the backgrounds of the images include many very attractive interchangeable textures , as well as the possibility of editing colors and including a gradient effect, while the available text fonts are correctly adapted to the marketing field so that everything looks much more beautiful than the classic one’s sources present in office suites.

If all this is not enough, dozens of modules that visually combine images, icons, and text make it easy to achieve consistency in the designs, while you cannot fail to highlight the impeccable tools to generate modern and attractive graphics for infographics and presentations for clients and partners commercial.

Automatically save and share

Once the process is complete, you just have to choose what to do with the designed image. The options are as simple as downloading the content directly to the computer for later use as one wishes, or failing that, directly sharing the edition on the most popular social media profiles.

Also, at any time it is feasible to save the editions to continue with the work later, access the designs at any time and from any device, or even make changes when dates and times are involved. Each user profile is capable of storing up to a thousand projects.

Automatically save and share

Regarding the latter, it is worth clarifying that there is a free option that has limited sources available as well as saving up to five designs, basic option at $ 4.99 per month with all content enabled but upload limit of 100 images and 100 stored designs, and finally the Plus option at $ 5.99 per month that reaches up to a thousand images uploaded and editions.

The price is cheaper than any other design tool. And you, have you already tried what DesignCap offers? What is your opinion about this graphic editing service? Really hope you can like to use this tool to design. And if you have any problems, you can talk to me. Hope this article can help you.

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