8 Great Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

For some people, the entrepreneurial spirit starts early. At Cards for Causes, we believe that this should be encouraged and supported. To that end, we have compiled a list of eight business ideas that are great for young entrepreneurs.

These are all within the reach of teens, college students, and young adults. Once you are ready to market your business, we have some great business greeting cards for you.

1) Social Media Marketing

If you are like many young people, you have likely grown up with social media being part of your life. You may be able to translate your knowledge and familiarity into marketing skills. Certainly, effective social media marketing is a lot more than knowing how to share a funny video. However, knowing the platform is a great starting point.

Brands today need to leverage the power of social media. You could start an effective business by selling your skills.

2) Language Translation Service

Do you speak two languages? If you are fluent or close to it, you may be able to start a language translation service. Many organizations need written and oral translations. Once you have a good pipeline for projects, this can quickly become lucrative. There are many sites dedicated to connecting translators and clients.

This type of business is very easy to start small and expand. If you have plenty of work coming in, you can begin to hire other translators.

3) Affiliate Marketing

If you have a mind for marketing, you can start an affiliate marketing business. In most cases, this takes the form of a website dedicated to a relevant topic. You include affiliate links on the website. So, if someone clicks through from your site to the brand’s site and buys something, you get paid.

This type of business is all about building an audience. If you can draw people in, you have a great chance at success.

4) Recreational Classes

Consider teaching a recreational class on something you are good at. This could be dancing, exercise, painting, playing an instrument, or any number of other topics. You don’t even need to be an expert to teach a beginner class.

These are often popular with children and retirees. These two groups have a lot of extra time on their hands. You could send some business greeting cards to a local retirement community to promote your business.

5) Drop Shipping Business

Don’t let the name fool you, this type of business doesn’t involve running shipping logistics. In fact, that is sort of the point. Drop shipping is when you ship products directly from your supplier to your customers. In many cases, you can work with suppliers that will handle all the shipping considerations for you. All you need to do is bring in the business.

This is popular with products such as clothing, memorabilia and similar items. However, this type of arrangement can be set up with almost any type of product.

6) Online Retail Arbitrage

Although it has an intimidating sounding name, arbitrage is very simple. In a retail environment, it means buying products and then reselling them (as opposed to selling products you make). In most cases, this term refers to businesses that focus on finding good deals to flip rather than working with suppliers to have a consistent catalog.

Many young entrepreneurs make this work well on sites like eBay. You can get started with a small amount of capital and grow from there.

7) YouTube Channel

YouTube and similar platforms offer a way of making money that is almost unique to the modern era. You create compelling content that people watch. During your content, YouTube plays ads and gives you a cut of the revenue.

In a sense, this is like affiliate marketing. However, all the monetization is already taken care of for you. All you need to do is bring in the viewers. Alternatively, you can learn how to make some great videos and sell your services helping others create YouTube content.

8) Design Service

Are you handy with Photoshop? If you love to draw or simply have a good eye for design, you can build a business designing various graphics and other items. A lot of the money in this field is in creating graphic assets for businesses. However, you can also earn money by selling graphic designs to individuals such as content creators.

Furthermore, if you have an artistic bent, you may be able to sell commission art. If you establish yourself, you may even be able to create non-commissioned works and sell them.

Grow Your Business With Cards

All of the above are great business ideas for young entrepreneurs. With so many powerful tools available today, age doesn’t need to hold you back from achieving your dreams. If you want to make it happen, you can. Cards for Causes can help you with marketing your business using our business greeting cards. Plus, any purchase you make will help to support a worthy cause.

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