Eight Best Business Magazines: A Complete Guide

Best Business Magazines

The business world can be really tough and competitive. In order to succeed, you need to develop a wide array of skills. You should also be personable with your coworkers, employees, and clients. They are essential for your brand therefore treating them fairly is an essential aspect.

You should also be knowledgeable enough to do the work and adapt quickly to new changes and technology. A true entrepreneur can work for long hours under less-than-ideal conditions. The smartest business minds are not only good at tech, management, and math, but are also voracious readers.

In fact, the top CEOs are known to read about 100 books per year in order to diversify their range of thinking and garner a new understanding of the affairs in the business world.

The best business minds are also known for staying on top of the news and updates concerning their industry. The only way to do so is by reading reputed business magazines. Purchase top business magazines and go through them in order to garner an idea of the recent happenings in the entrepreneur industry. These days, you do not have to wait for a subscription to reach your house or office. You can just purchase a digital copy online and start reading in your spare time.

What Are the Best Business Magazine Publications?

Many brands are competing for the top business magazine spot. However, some of them have already made a reputation for themselves. A business has many facets – finance, technology, marketing, among others. Each of these aspects has magazines known for their quality. Some of them are listed below.

Harvard Business Review: Best for Professionals

Harvard Business Review is one of the best business magazines out there for professionals. Their materials are used in classrooms all over the world. The bi-monthly publication includes information about the top researches, news, and developments in different fields of business. Since Harvard is one of the top-notch business schools in the world, it produces in-depth materials that are essential for business students, professors, and professionals at all levels of their careers.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Best for Business News and Updates

Although the company has struggled in the latest recession, Bloomberg Businessweek is known for providing essential business news to entrepreneurs and industry professionals in the last few decades. While the topics are geared towards people with highly specialized knowledge about them, there is a certain portion in the magazine for everybody. Bloomberg Businessweek also provides a list of MBA programs every year for aspiring management professionals. It also talks about markets and technology.

WIRED: Best for Technology

WIRED is one of the most sought-after publications in the domain of technology. Every entrepreneur should be aware of the latest happenings in the technological world. Therefore, WIRED is a great way to get informative bits about the next technological revolution. WIRED is the most favorite among tech-entrepreneurs and coders. It is also for people casually interested in technology and likes to stay connected.

Fortune: Best for Investors

If you are interested in investments, you should always refer to the Fortune Investor’s Guide. Stocks can be a tricky topic. If not considered proper, you can get bogged down by the flashiest stock in the market. Fortune provides good and informative bits about the stock market and everything included in investments and marketing. Fortune also offers thoughtful articles on business news and high-profile leaders who are shaping the business world around us.

Money: Best for Personal Finance

Money is the best magazine for a general guide into investing, saving, and budgeting. They are also known for their annual lists like America’s Best Places to Live, which highlight the popular American cities in terms of affordability. They also have the Best Of lists for people to get an idea about certain topics. For instance, the Best Places to Travel in America or the Best Colleges to opt for this Session.

Forbes: Best for Lists

Forbes is known for its informative lists. For instance, the annual Forbes Billionaires List is always one of the hot topics and is a product of hardcore journalism. The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women List is an ode to feminism, inspiring girls and women all around the world to take steps towards success. Apart from these lists, there are also articles about the lifestyles of different entrepreneurs. For instance, one of the most famous articles on Forbes was “Bezos Unbound: Exclusive Interview With The Amazon Founder On What He Plans To Conquer Next” about Jeff Bezos.

Inc.: Best for Startups

This magazine is the best place for new business owners and small startup companies. It was founded by an MIT-trained engineer. It is known as one of the popular magazines for startups and tech.

The Economist: Best for Economics Reporting

The Economist is a no-nonsense magazine, best for offering a truly global perspective to the world. The Economist is known for analyzing the science and business world through a global lens. It is a bit intense and lengthy but is a good read for the weekend or during the daily commute.

Final Take

Reading the right business magazine would give you enough knowledge about how to flourish your business in the long run.


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