Project Management Tips for Content Marketing Managers

Content Marketing Managers

Content is the king of the online world and the way you market it goes a long way in ensuring the success or failure of your brand.

There are lots of companies that try and bring about innovativeness in their content marketing strategies.

However, many times, it backfires. This is where a creative head is required to fulfill the requirements of your online business. One way to do that is by hiring an experienced content marketing manager. 

You will be surprised to know that search engine optimization and content marketing go hand-in-hand in today’s dynamic business world. The ultimate objective of online businesses is to ensure that their website ranks on the top SERPs of Google.

One way to do that is by affiliating with a professional SEO company Melbourne and ensuring that there is the right mix of content marketing strategy involved in conjunction with search engine optimization services.

This can be done by writing top-quality content and then marketing it through the right channels. Here, the role of the content marketing manager becomes crucial. There is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of content marketing managers that need to be carried out daily.

A content marketing manager has to don the hat of a project manager, facilitate collaboration, and ensure that everyone in their team succeeds in their objective of marketing quality content

At times, this becomes quite tricky. The reason being, content marketing managers, do not have in-born project management skills. Naturally, it has to be developed. The point is, in the team of content marketing managers, there are specialists and creatives.

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And it is needless to say that creative people are quite moody by nature. If you keep them happy and harmonious, it is possible to produce high-quality work.

This is something that needs to work out by the content marketing managers. According to the 2019 In-House Creative Management Report by inMotionNow and InSource:

  1. There are merely 45% of creative and marketing professionals who remote that their team’s morale is high.
  2. 72% of them believe that getting requisite information to commence on a project is the most significant administrative task consuming lots of time.
  3. 22% think that collaboration between creative and marketing is ineffective.

This study is based on only one subset of a giant galaxy; however, the results feel universally reflective.

Project Management Flows

It was found in 2018 benchmarking report from CMI and MarketingProfs, approximately 33% of respondents rated their project management flows as Fair or Poor. And only 8% claiming theirs Excellent.

Understanding the needs of different variety of individuals, including personalities and styles of working can be extremely challenging. It is all about science to collaboration. Let’s now look at some of the project management tips that can catapult the team to get amazing results.

Commence with Creative Briefs

Creative Briefs

The importance of documenting content strategy cannot be undermined. This is where creative briefs play a critical role in completing the process.

According to the In-House Creative Management Report, teams that received adequate information during the project kickoff are:

  1. 26% more likely to say marketing leadership is effective;
  2. 23% more likely to report high morale;
  3. 14% more likely to get projects approved in three days or less.

Remember, an excellent creative brief always provides expectations and deliverables for everyone in the team. It sets clear timelines and always states the project’s goals in a firm manner.

A lot of time gets spent while developing a complete creative brief. However, the effort gets paid off in the long run as it reduces the confusion of team members and answers their questions.

Always Encourage Open Communication in the Team

Even when you have laid down the groundwork, different things might pop up in the course of the project that requires you to move back and forth with multiple team members.

You need to ensure open communication, however, take care of creatives to have uninterrupted time to produce.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. One company might follow a different communication method than the other. In certain companies, standup meetings are simply the ticket.

While for others, communication tools like Skype or Slack are most preferred. Also, some companies still use old-fashioned emails, although this is quite rare.

The best way to go ahead is by having a continuous consultation with people and get their feedback. Try to find out what works best for them and then customize it to meet the needs of the project.

Search for Appropriate Tools and Partners

In the previous pointer, we have looked at a few office collaboration tools. Apart from those, there are others that are specifically developed for project management, like Basecamp, Trello, and Workfront.

You can customize others for content marketing initiatives. Some of them are CoSchedule, Percolate, Contently, Kapost, DivvyHQ, and much more.

In case you have a large distributed team producing high volumes of content, it might be fruitful to invest in such a solution for centralized organization and coordination. Several of these options offer a free trial.

On top of this, you can opt to work with a partner that can reduce your load as time passes, especially if these are resource-consuming projects. For example, an experienced agency specializing in content marketing can help in reducing the stress levels in different ways.

This can be done by freeing up the people to concentrate on their task in hand by offloading much of management and execution.

Quality Assurance and Approval Processes

Quality assurance is of paramount importance in the content production process.

This is where most of the companies get it wrong. By following the tips provided in this write-up, you will be able to get smooth approvals and push the content to the next level of success. 

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of your content marketing strategy and the team, it is essential for every content marketing manager to carry out SEO services Melbourne. This way, you will have the perfect combo of quality content and promoting it on the right marketing channels.

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