5 Apps That Will Help You in Rapidly Increasing Your Productivity

Rapidly Increasing Your Productivity

Productivity, in its essence, is the amount of meaningful and quality work you manage to do. Usually, you can make it happen by spending less time in wasteful activities and get closer to the desired goals by indulging in rewarding activities.

The goal may vary for every individual. Some yearn to spend more time with their families, some want to accomplish an 8K marathon, and some are simply looking to get better at their endeavors.

It might seem like a simple concept, but productivity is a tough nut to crack. Particularly in this age, being productive is close to impossible due to obstacles presented by tech. With our noses in phones, very few of us manage to make our time effective. According to Atlassian, an average employee gets distracted from work 56 times a day.

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The number gives us an idea of how troublesome it is to focus nowadays. What if we tell you that you can snap out of this dilemma? Smartphones, the ultimate murderer of time, can flip the scenario with a few taps. All you need are a bunch of productivity-boosting apps on your phone, and you will find your life taking a new turn.

Here are five apps you should opt for and witness a magic unraveling in your favor!


Slack can take workplace messaging to the next level. Essentially, it is a communication tool for the teams that can significantly help the remote workers. It is faster than emails, integrates with several other applications, and is more organized than texting.

Team members can also chat outside the leading group. This is to prevent these messages from distracting others. Through this app, a team can share files, create checklists, and tag the collaborators. Hence, the tasks that may take some time in the physical world happen within a jiffy in this virtual forum.

The app is completely customizable. It can integrate well with other apps you would be using, making it easier to work through the digital setup. The key thing to understand about Slack is its pricing policy.

You can either use it for free or subscribe to access the advanced features. The whole point of using this app is to create a collaboration space. If other members of the team find free options feasible, go for it.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time, as the name suggests, enables the user to extract the extra minutes and make them worthwhile. This is an analytic tool for individuals who want to be more productive and efficient. It prevents all distractions and possibilities of getting scattered in your digital life.

Each week, it gives you a report of how you spend time on the Internet. You can check out your progress in the dashboard, the weekly report or the goals report section.

Users can amplify their productivity by setting goals. They can also set the alarm to notify them when a specific activity consumes more time than allotted. Additional reports show the time dedicated to other categories, the productivity levels, and whether the goals were achieved. A weekly email report summarizes all activities and gives a productivity score.

It is an effective way to weed out unnecessary virtual activities and focus on achieving your targets.


Evernote is the central housing for productivity. It helps you manage and capture ideas, memories, projects, and to-do lists. The whole point is to make sure you don’t miss the deadlines and tasks allotted to you.

Evernote has maintained the position of an amazing task-scheduling app for a long time. Plus, it is simple to use and quickly gets integrated into different work or personal climates. You can organize the whole information and find the required information with a few clicks. There is a powerful search feature that identifies images, handwriting, and attachments.

Since its beta launch in 2008, more than 200 million people have used Evernote. We can determine the reason for its massive popularity by evaluating its advanced features. It has options like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), team management, and document scanning. All of these options help manage the workplace as well as the personal life of the users.

When I Work

When I Work is a scheduling app that has gradually climbed the grid due to its incredible scheduling options. It is a device-native app. This means it has all of the smartphone integrations needed to infuse the system and make it a core part of the operations.

It allows the user to create a schedule easily. They can send the plan to other teammates and activate attendance. The employees can use a mobile time clock on their device or a terminal that you provide them. Then the leading authority can manage the time off, shift requests, and availability.  They can even integrate the payroll provider to streamline the process.

When using this app, it is possible to fear a security breach. Let us assure you that When I Write has aced all security tests. It follows a safe algorithm like airG scam free apps, making it a reliable app to insert your delicate employee/personal data.

Focus Booster

Focusbooster is one step ahead of your average Pomodoro timer. It allows you to manage time by dividing it into chunks. There is a feature that gives you clarity into how you are using your time. It records sessions automatically to review your output to enhance productivity or track the clients’ work.

The Pomodoro technique is a well-rounded way to boost productivity when performing mind-consuming activities. It lets you stay focused while lowering the mental exhaustion. On top of it all, the easy interface of this app makes it a winner above all.

Parting Thoughts

Productivity is not about doing things in the quickest time. It is about managing time and using it to benefit yourself. This life is short. Make sure you learn how to spend it sensibly and make your hours precious. Try and give each of these apps a shot. Perhaps you will find an app that works for you and allows you to become more productive.

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