Resigning from Your Existing Job? Follow These 5 Tips to Look Professional

Ways to Avoid Job Burnout

Change can be daunting, especially when it comes to moving jobs. Even if a bigger better opportunity is waiting for you, it can be challenging to stick with the particulars of resigning your job.

The main issue could be telling your boss about it, and you may not know but there is a process you need to follow. You have to submit a two weeks notice letter stating that you want to quit and serve for a two weeks period after submitting.

So, how to write a two weeks notice letter? It can be very easy if you have the right resources. Keep your apprehensions aside and write a formal letter as to why you’re ready to leave your job.

Tips for You to Resign Professionally

It’s normal to be both thrilled and sad to begin your new career and to leave your present office and coworkers. Here are some suggestions to help you gracefully resign:

  1. Leave with a cheerful attitude – Whatever your reason for quitting your employment, be pleasant in your communication with your coworkers. Concentrate on the skills you’ve acquired, the connections you’ve formed, and the great experiences you’ve had in your present job.
  2. Limit your mention of your new job – Focus on your present job rather than your next job during your notice period. When your coworkers inquire about your new hire, be humble and keep your responses concise.
  3. Be willing to serve a little longer than your notice period – Some companies request that you continue in your present position beyond the notice period to aid in the transition. If feasible, remain longer; if this is not possible, be honest about your circumstances and inform your employer of your inability to assist.
  4. Instead of writing a formal letter, consider sending an email resignation – The email’s content will be similar to that of a letter. Include your name and the term “resignation” in the subject line of the email. Keep it short, don’t include anything more than the fact that you’re leaving and the date of your final day of work.
  5. Show gratitude in your two-week notice letter – Thanking your manager for their leadership and guidance is a solid method to leave a job on good terms with your boss and maybe gain a future recommendation.

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Maintaining a healthy connection with your former coworkers requires that you resign from your workplace on good terms. Doing so also aids in developing your credibility and maintaining a positive reputation in your field. You can even demand that your present company furnish you with references for your future job.

Professionally, quitting helps you maintain doors open, especially when you start a new career in the same field. Your present bosses and coworkers are more likely to compliment your commitment and recommend you to others in the field.

Even if you decide to return to the same firm, if you leave on good terms, they are more likely to welcome you back.


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