Does OST File Contain Emails?

OST File

Do you want to know if an OST file contains emails? If so, then you have to read this post to know about OST file and the process of OST file.

Here, we will share manual and OST to PST Converter to access the OST file without ease.

Microsoft Outlook is the most famous and secured email application around the planet. It allows for sending and receiving emails for business and individual needs. It stores its complete mailbox data in an OST and Outlook default PST file.

OST is known as an offline storage table and it works the same as their name. It allows users to access their mailbox data offline when they are not connected with internet connection.

An OST (Offline Storage Table) file is a data file used by Microsoft Outlook to store a synchronized copy of the user’s mailbox data from an Exchange Server. It primarily contains emails, but it can also include other items such as calendar entries, contacts, tasks, and notes.

As per the Microsoft statement, you can’t open or import an OST file into an Outlook account. But you can transfer into PST format by performing a solution as we have shared in this post to easily access the OST file.

OST files play a crucial role in enabling users to access their mailbox data even when they are offline or when the connection to the Exchange Server is unavailable. By storing a local copy of mailbox data, OST files facilitate seamless access to emails and other items without relying on a constant network connection.

Why Should Users Want to Access their Email from OST File?

  1. One of the primary benefits of OST files is the ability to access emails offline. In situations where internet connectivity is limited or unavailable, users can still view, compose, and manage emails directly from their local OST file. This ensures uninterrupted productivity, especially for users who travel frequently or work in locations with unreliable internet connections.
  2. Sometimes, users want to open their backup OST file.
  3. OST files serve as a redundant copy of mailbox data stored on the local machine. This redundancy provides an additional layer of backup, safeguarding against data loss in case of server failures, accidental deletion, or corruption of email data on the server. By accessing emails from OST files, users can retrieve important communication even when the primary server is inaccessible or compromised.
  4. If you want to migrate from one computer to another.
  5. Over time, email accounts accumulate a vast amount of data, including archived emails, attachments, and folders. Accessing emails from OST files allows users to quickly retrieve and review archived messages without relying on server access. This is particularly useful when searching for historical information, reference materials, or past correspondence that may not be readily available on the server.
  6. When users access their email from an Old OST File.
  7. Working with emails directly from OST files can contribute to improved performance and responsiveness, especially in environments with slow internet connections or overloaded email servers. Since OST files are stored locally, accessing emails from these files can reduce latency and latency associated with retrieving data from remote servers.

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How to Transfer their Email from OST File Manually?

If you are the owner of the Outlook account or can access Outlook profile then you can continue manually as we have mentioned below:

  • Launch Outlook application and click on the file in the upper menu.
  • Now, choose open and export and next hit on import/export.
  • Choose Export to a file and click the next button to continue.
  • Select Outlook PST file in the list of export options.
  • Browse mailbox data as you need to export.
  • Finally, set location and click on finish to get output quickly.

Limitations of Manual Solution

  1. It required lots of time and a very complex solution.
  2. Users must have strong technical information about Outlook to handle this solution.
  3. You can’t restore and convert damaged, dismounted, corrupted and inaccessible OST files.

How to Access their Email from OST File Via Expert Verified Solution?

If you have damaged OST files and can’t access Outlook accounts then you can opt Corbett OST Converter is an excellent solution and it allows you to transfer into PST, PDF, TXT, HTML and many more export options. This application is specially designed with a strong algorithm to get accurate files without losing any attributes.

  • Download software and open it on your system.
Download software
  • Browse the OST file and add it into the application.
Browse the OST file
  • Choose Outlook PST File in the multiple option of export type.
Choose Outlook PST File
  • Finally, set the destination and click on save to get the result quickly.

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Benefits of Expert Suggested Solution

  1. The mailbox data structure remains the same as the original. 
  2. This tool is very easy to handle by all types of professional and beginner users.
  3. You can also restore and convert damaged, corrupted and OST reached maximum size.
  4. With this software, you can convert specific mailbox data as per date range, subject, sender and recipients etc.
  5. This application can also import OST to Outlook.

Let’s Wind Up

In this guide, we have shared the technique to access their email from OST file by both manually and expert tested technique. If you have an active Outlook account then you can continue manually.

Otherwise, we suggest you go with an expert recommended solution to complete the process at single shot without losing any information.

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