7 Steps for Writing Amazing Guest Posts

Writing Amazing Guest Posts

Guest posts are amazing for growing traffic on your blog. Writing as a guest blogger helps you find a bigger audience, build your authority in the industry, help your blog achieve top rankings in SERPs, and provides you a way of improving your writing skills.

So you own a blog and want to write guest posts but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place. We are going to show you how you can write amazing guest posts here in this article – keep reading till the end!

1. Target the Beginners

One of the main reasons top blogs allow guest contributors to write guest posts is that they want to value beginners. Newbies don’t really enjoy the superb content that the top contributors of a blog share. Top blogs want to ensure that they cater to the newbies the right way. Here is the list of blogging sites that allow contributors to post on their websites.

Therefore, your job as a guest contributor is to ensure that you engage the beginners with your post. Search about the target audience and find out what troubles them the most. Look for content ideas that are focused on problem-solving for newbies. This way, you will ensure that your post gets social shares and turns heads.

But doing all the research and providing value to newbies takes time. If you are not willing to spend your time writing guest posts, but you do want to reap the benefits of guest posts, then a simple option is to buy guest posts.

2. Show Your Cadence

Being a guest contributor focusing on the problems of newbies shouldn’t stop you from showing your character. One thing that readers like the most about an author is their special use of words, humor, and unique personality.

You have to ensure that your guest posts show your cadence. Write in the tone of your brand, so readers can relate to what products and services you offer and show a willingness to check out your blog too.

3. Follow All the Guidelines

There are several guidelines for writing content set by Google that you have to follow while writing your guest posts. And apart from the Google guidelines, you also have to follow the guidelines of your publisher.

Contributor guidelines allow you to provide amazing value to the readers. Editors find it easier to accept your guest posts if you all the steps they have provided for you. Writing according to the guidelines helps you build a strong connection with the publisher that can help you in your future endeavors. 

Follow All the Guidelines

4. Images are Important

One of the pillars of SEO is Image SEO. Images allow websites to rank in the Images that Google shows in search results of a specific query. The more images a website ranks for, the more audience it will get over the years.

Including proper images will help the blog you’re writing for getting better rankings in SERPs. Editors will be more than willing to publish your guest post as your post if you have written according to the guidelines and have added helpful images.

The presence of images also keeps the readers interested and increases the readability of your content. Proper images make it easier for the newbies to take action according to the steps you provide them to follow.

One of the reasons why guest bloggers hesitate from including images is the high prices of stock images. If you visit a website like Alamy, you will have to pay top dollar for relevant images. A simple option is downloading images from websites like Unsplash that provide free stock images.

5. Don’t Miss the References

A common mistake that many guest post writers make is not adding references to their content. References reassure that you have spent time and effort writing authoritative content. Proper references prove that you are not beating about the bush in your guest posts.

An easy way of adding references to your post is by hyperlinking the relevant links to suitable phrases. Readers will be more than willing to check out the links you provide in your content.

However, if you have written college assignments in the past, you might already know about adding the “Bibliography” section at the end of your assignments. You can use a similar technique to add all the references at the end of your guest post.

6. Write “Easy to Read” Content

The readability of your guest post plays a major role in making it a super hit among your target audience. If the content you write is difficult to read and follow, no one will be willing to read your guest post till the end.

A simple way of increasing the readability of your guest post is keeping your readers in your mind while writing the content. Your guest post is not the best place to show off your vocabulary or your writing skills. Instead, you have to focus on keeping things fun and engaging for the reader.

There are the simple tips you can follow to make your guest posts amazing:

  • Keep all the sentences short and punchy.
  • Use words that fit with the content.
  • Add easy-to-follow tips in your guest post.
  • Encourage your reader to take action.

7. Provide Priceless Value

The biggest reason why top blogs allow guest writers to write content is that they want to remain the most trusted authority in their industry.

Allowing skilled guest contributors on their blog helps them sustain their credibility and make the impression that they know all the good guys in their field. Make sure that the guest posts you write help your publishers achieve their goals.

Your guest posts should be packed with knowledge and information that’s not available anywhere on the web on any other blogs.

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