How to Run Google Ads for Your Site? Best Guide

Google Ads

Do you want to target new customers online? Well, you better because targeting online customers can pave the path of your business journey.

Everything is online today. So, if you also leverage the strength of the internet to broaden your reach, that will be an excellent way to increase your brand awareness. The best way to do that will be you figure out how to run Google ads.

People use the Google search engine 3.5 billion times every day, so there must be something to it, right? Google ads help you earn money from your site, they save time, and you can control all the ads with a flick of a switch. So, let’s find out how to run Google ads, and give your online business a new edge.

But, before that, let’s find out what are the top advantages of Google ads.

Top Advantages of Google Ads

Google ads are painful when it comes to targeting businesses online. But why are so many people using it then? Let’s have a look at their top benefits so that you can understand how essential it is for your business.

You Can Target Your Audience in a Refined Manner

Google ads have several targeting options, so business owners can choose who their target audiences are. Business owners can filter their audience with geographic locations, demographic details, and more. On Google ads, you can also choose at which time of the day your ads will be displayed.

You Can Pay for Those Ads That Generate Results

This is one of the essential advantages of Google AdWords. If you’re already running a campaign on Google ads, you may know about the pay-per-click advertising model. With PPC, you only have to pay for the clicks on your ads. So, it saves a lot of money for the businesses because they are only paying for the users who take action after viewing their ads. So, that’s a win-win situation.

You Can Track Your Ads’ Performance

If you know how to use Google ads, you must know you can use it to track your ads’ performance, right? For example, you can follow the number of users that view and click on your ads. So, if you focus on this tool in your online marketing strategy, it will only incur positive output for you.

What are Some Potential Mistakes of Google Ads?

Despite these advantages, there are some Google ad mistakes that people make and end up facing financial loss. Let’s take a look:

  1. People often end up using Google ads without understanding the profit margin. If an advertiser does not appreciate its profit goals, how can it ever optimize its campaigns? You must learn to calculate the lifetime value of new customer acquisition and compare it with the net profit per customer value. 
  2. In a search network campaign, people often mix search with display, so that’s another mistake of Google ads. Both display networks and search networks perform very differently, and that’s why you must use them in separate campaigns. 
  3. When people are already running campaigns on Google ads, they often forget to monitor the phrases that generate clicks on their ads. It’s a grave mistake because tracking it will help you find new keywords, which means finding new opportunities to make money.

How to Run Google Ads for Your Site?

Google ads are almost similar to LinkedIn ads because both platforms enable advertisers to expand their reach to target the audience. So, why should you learn how to run Google ads? Well, that’s because Google ads offer you better reach, and if your ads are displayed on Google, it show credibility and authenticity. So, let’s learn the steps now;

Step 1: Set Up Your Account

Just go to the official website of Google Then, if AdWords, and sign up with your account. If you don’t already have one, make sure you create a new one. It will only take a few minutes.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget

If you decide your budget before anything else, you will ensure that you never cross your expense limits. Just keep track of the number of visitors on your landing page, and transform them into your customers.

Step 3: Target Your Audience

You cannot generate quality leads if you don’t specify your target audience group. Just filter your geographic location, and you’ll see several users searching for keywords you are bidding for. You can also use the radius targeting option to refine your searches more. 

Step 4: Select Your Network

You must choose between Google Display Network and Google search network because both perform very differently. However, we suggest you go with the search network option to show ads to users searching for relevant keywords suitable to your business. In addition, these are more query-oriented so, they will have a better chance to get you quality leads.

Step 5: Select Your Specific Keyword

Google ads will allow you to select 15-20 keywords that will encourage you to make your ad appear on your SERP. Just choose a few keywords for starters that will indeed bring results. If the keyword difficulty is low but the search volume is high, you must go for that. 

Step 6: Set Up Your Bids

You have to bid a certain amount of cash that you are willing to pay to the advertiser for every person who clicks on your ad. If your competitor is also bidding for the same keyword, you must bid more to get more productive results.

Step 7: Write the Ad

Once you start writing your ad, it will create a more stimulating effect on your marketing campaign. First, make your headline as catchy as possible so that users take a look at your ad.

Second, keep your ad concise and straightforward so that users can understand your product offers in one go. Finally, make sure your call-to-action is present in the ad to help users take action.

Step 8: Create the Ad

When you have already created your ad, click on the save option. Then, follow the next instructions, and select a payment option from the list. If you exhaust your budget before a month, you will get a notification.


If you know how to run Google ads, you better make sure to run multiple ads at one time. That will double your chances of generating a profit and will also help you convert leads more quickly. So, apply these steps, and run Google ads for your site to add an extra spark to your campaign.

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