The best Windows 10 VPN for PC in 2024

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There is a huge demand for the best Windows 10 VPNs and competition to become the best VPN for Windows is still on.

By using Windows 10 VPN you can keep your browsing anonymous.

Windows is used on a large number of devices across the globe, Windows is a stable and well-known versatile Operating system with a few flaws but VPN can help with the flaws.

The Windows 10 VPN can keep you protected during streaming and everyday browsing activities. This became one of the most popular software at the current time. Here the question comes which one is the right for you? To help you with the decision to select the best VPNs for Windows 10 we have listed some of the best VPNs available.

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How does a Windows 10 VPN work?

A Windows 10 VPN protects your information by routing it to its encrypted servers from your ISP servers. The servers the VPN uses are more secure than those of ISP servers. Windows 10 VPN must require keeping your browsing history private from your ISP.

Some of the VPNs have servers in multiple locations across the globe, so you can connect to one of them and stream the video that is not available in your country. These VPNs also pass the geo-restriction so that you can stream your favorite shows.

If you are here to find the best VPN for Windows 10 then read on to find which one is the right for you. Check out which VPNs are working best for you and fulfill your purpose and value for money.

How to choose the best Windows 10 VPN for a PC

Almost all the VPN on the internet caters the Windows users, so you have options to choose from. Here you have a chance to choose a VPN without compromising the quality of the service.

When you select the VPN for Windows you should look for everything like fast connection speed, P2P support, a good app without hidden facts, and a clear written privacy policy.

After those above the pricing comes into the picture, not every service is worth the money you are spending. In some cases paying extra can give you optimal performance but in some cases, affordable price service can give you quality service. We have done our research and listed some of the best VPNs available in the market you will not repent of your decision.

Best Windows 10 VPNs in 2024 and Beyond

  • ExpressVPN – This is one of the best VPNs for Windows users, you will get pretty much everything like fast connections, 24/7 chat support, and servers available in more than 90 countries. Also, you can get a year of secure cloud storage when you sign up.
  • NordVPN – It has a great reputation for providing smart security services. You will get peace of mind while using the internet privately by using NordVPN’s benefits like Double VPN, no logging policy, onion over privacy, and its own NordLynx.
  • Surfshark – It is a great option when you are choosing a VPN for Windows 10, It is a low-cost VPN that provides fast speed, Privacy features, and a range of security and there is no limit on VPN connection.
  • Hotspot Shield – There are 1800+ servers across the globe of Hotspot Shield. This supports various operating systems like Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux along with Windows. Hotspot Shield also provides 24/7 support. There is a decent free option available in this VPN.
  • IPVanish – This provides strong security with very fast speeds and there are no logs. It has 1500+ servers across the globe and provides unlimited connection with 24/7 support. This also supports various operating systems along with Windows like Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • CyberGhost – It has very good security and fast connection, it unblocks streaming service sites such as Netflix. It has 6900+ servers across the globe. It allows a maximum of 7 connections at once and provides 24/7 support.

How to manually set up a VPN on Windows 10

If you go with the above-mentioned service you do not do anything manually because these provide a simple downloadable version of software to install and login and get started with the service.

In case the application does not suit you, Windows 10 comes with built-in VPN features that you can configure manually. The Windows does not support OpenVPN you can select any of L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, or IKEv2. Avoid PPTP; even Windows VPN provides a fast connection but there are security issues.

If you want to set up a manual VPN you need the following information in order to proceed further.

  • Username
  • Password
  • VPN server address
  • Pre-shared secret or certificate

Steps – 1 Search VPN in the Windows search box and select VPN settings, click and go to next step

Search VPN in the Windows search box

Steps – 2 Now, click on Add a VPN connection from the dialog box

click on Add a VPN connection

Steps – 3 After, clicking on Add a VPN connection new pop-up screen will appear and you need to fill in the required information.

fill in the required information

Steps – 4 Hit the save button and now the VPN should be listed in the VPN menu, select the one you have set up and wait for a few minutes for the VPN will be connected.


Q. Does Windows Defender have a VPN?

No, the Microsoft build-in antivirus software Windows Defender does not include a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Q. How do I turn off VPN on my PC?

To turn off VPN on your PC you need to go to the VPN app and click on disconnect. For manual setup, you can disconnect by navigating to the network icon on your system tray.

Q. Is using a VPN legal?

Yes, it is legal to use VPN in most of the country. There are a few countries that do not allow VPN legally.


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