How to Turn on a Laptop without the Power Button?

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Laptops like many other machines, broke down. They deteriorate as expected, but there’s no need to worry about that.

So what will you do if you have to finish some important work, but your laptop is not turning on? No need to worry because there are several ways through which you can find the way around your problem.

It seems like you are tired of searching for how to turn on a laptop without a power button. It is really frustrating if someone faces such a situation.

Because,  if it fails to switch ON then your laptop is more like dead and it’s totally useless. Laptops like most products deteriorate over a period of time, so don’t be surprised if the parts like the power button stop working.

Don’t worry go on reading to find out the solution to your problem.

Methods for Turning ON Laptop without Power Button

The methods I’m gonna tell you are totally safe and if you follow them step by step it will not harm your device.

1. Turning On the Laptop with the Help of the Motherboard

This method will definitely work on every laptop. Even if the power button is completely damaged it will still work.

Follow the given steps to turn ON a laptop using the motherboard

  • Unplug your device – If plugged in then Unplug the charging cable from your laptop.
  • Open up the device – Open up your laptop case and figure out your laptop’s power button location.
  • Removal – Remove the power button.
  • Pins – They are 3-6 pins under the button.
  • Connect pins – You can connect these pins either using a conductor or a screwdriver.
  • Turn ON – The laptop will turn On when you will connect the pins using a conductor or screwdriver.  Now that’s it, you are done.

2. Turning ON a Laptop Using the Keyboard

To enable the use of the keyboard to power ON your laptop you need to give access to the BIOS setting in your laptop. 

Follow the given instructions: 

  • BIOS Setting Interface – Access the BIOS setting interface. When you start your laptop ya the system BIOS can be given access by using a special key.
  • Special Key – This special key may be different in many laptops. It may be the “DEL” Key, “F2” or “F10” Key.
  • Appropriate Settings – Locate the appropriate settings. The settings may be under the advanced tab option in BIOS named Power Management or so thing similar.
  • Power Management – After clicking on the power management menu you may see the “Power ON by Keyboard” option or something similar just click on that.  Make the changes and set the key for yourself, now save and exit.
  • Final Checking – The last step is to check that it is configured correctly.  Shut down your laptop and press the key that you have selected in BIOS. Your laptop will power ON exactly like the way you use the power button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my laptop not turning ON?

If your laptop does not power on even if it is plugged in there may be a faulty power supply,  battery, motherboard, or RAM. Check the laptop’s power connector and battery, to make sure that there is no loose connection.  If it is still not turning on then there would be a problem in an internal component.

Q. What to do if the laptop isn’t responding?

If your laptop is not responding the best way is to restart it by holding the power button for five to ten seconds.

Q. What causes a laptop screen to go black?

A laptop screen may go black if A Windows Update goes wrong, A graphic card driver problem, A hardware defect, etc.

Q. How to unfreeze the laptop?

To unfreeze your laptop you need to press and hold the “Ctrl”, “DEL” and “Alt” keys together. This may unfreeze your laptop or give you the option to restart your laptop or to shut down it.

Q. Is a laptop ruined when it gets wet?

As soon as your laptop gets wet, turn it off immediately. It will destroy your circuitry as soon as water sweeps in it because it would receive electricity.


In this article, I have explained to you in detail how can you Switch ON a laptop without having a power button. There are two methods by which you can turn ON the laptop without the Power button those are with the help of the motherboard and by using the Keyboard.

Also, I have answered some frequently asked questions such as why is the laptop not turning on, what to do if the laptop is not responding, what causes a laptop screen to go black, how to unfreeze your laptop, and does a laptop ruins if it gets wet and provided detailed answers.

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