Take Advantage of Shoviv OST to Office 365 Converter Tool

Shoviv OST to Office 365 Converter Tool

Nowadays various organizations and companies don’t believe in storing data on the Mail. They want themselves to be updated with the new technologies and need to save information on a cloud platform.

One of the most slanting queries that fulfill this situation is the “Move OST file to Office 365.” Many users are searching for a simple and safe technique to import OST files to their Office365 account.

Office 365 offers great features and benefits users in many ways. Hence, users want to migrate to Office 365. The reason for this migration is simple that users are required to seek comfort in accessing emails in the absence of internet connectivity. Converting OST to Office 365 allows you to access data anywhere with ease. 

This can be done in many ways, let us know some causes which push users to move their OST files to Office 365.

Causes to move from OST to Office 365

  • Exchange crash and need a consistent platform
  • Avoid big Exchange upkeep downtime
  • Easy access to data in a safe environment after an accidental deletion

Import OST emails to Office 365

There are few ways by which we can use the OST file data into Office 365. By converting the OST file into PST format and upload it to Office 365. Or save the OST file data into Office 365 with the use of the tool.

Convert the Exchange OST file to Outlook PST format Manually

Convert OST files to PST file

  • Open the Outlook account and go to “File”.
  • In the File section, tap on “Import and Export
  • Choose the Export option and hit on the “Next.”
  • Pick the PST and tap on “Next.
  • Pick the emails or folders and click on the checkbox for “Include Subfolder”. Hit on “Next
  • Select the path to save the PST file
  • Now click on the checkbox for “Replace duplicate with imported” and tap on Next
  • Enter a password to the PST file, if mandatory.
  • Tap the “Ok” button to export the PST file.  

Import PST file to Office 365 Account

  • Open the Office 365 account and move to Admin Center of Exchange Server
  • You will see the Exchange Admin Center window. Now go to Permissions and double tap on Organization Management.
  • A new popup will seem. Tap the “+ sign” and pick the Mailbox Import Export.
  • Tap on the Add button and press Ok button
  • Now, select Mailbox import-export and Save it
  • Go to Admin Center and choose the Setup followed by Data Migration. Tap on the Upload file.
  • Now click on the New Import Job and give it a name and move to the next step
  • Pick the checkbox to Upload Your Date and Hit on Next
  • Form the current window, click the– Show Network Upload SAS URL.
  • Copy and paste the URL somewhere you can remember it
  • Now download and install Azure AzCopy 
  • Open the Microsoft Azure AzCopy tool and type the following: AzCopy.exe /Source: \Network Path or File location /Dest:” SAS URL”/V: location path where you want to save logfile /AzCopy.log /Y
  • Hit the Enter key
  • When the PST file is created, create a CSV file to map PST file into mailbox account
  • Open the import data window and check on both options and Tap on Next
  • Tap on the following: Select the Mapping file — Upload CSV fileValidate Save
  • Your PST file will be successfully uploaded into Office 365. Close the window by tapping on the close button.

Import OST files to Office 365 easily with Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration

Shoviv OST to Office 365 converter is one of the simple and dependable tools to migrate data. The OST to Office 365 Migration is capable of software that can competently convert OST to Office 365 without any modification in the original data. 

Key Features of Shoviv OST to Office 365 Tool

Easy Migration of OST to Office 365

Shoviv OST to Office converter tool perfectly works in importing the OST file to Office365 without damaging the original content. The mailbox contents such as emails, attachments, notes, etc. are smoothly converted to Office365.

Preview of OST files before Conversion 

Shoviv OST to Office 365 converter tool has a preview option that allows users to view the converted file before going to the final steps as you can check the correctness and integrity of the software before the migration of the OST file. With the preview option, the users can effortlessly preview the data of damaged and deleted OST files.

Maintaining Hierarchy Shoviv OST to Office 365 converter tool is well-organized, instantaneous in keeping the files and folder of OST files in the original form after the process of conversion is done.

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