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Tips to Integrate Social Media with WordPress Site

Key Social Media Trends

Small and medium-sized businesses are creating an online presence to connect with customers and earn profit in a shorter period.

According to the advancements, this is a great source to stay in touch with your customers virtually and grow your brand online. But, what do you require to strengthen your business and reach a huge number of people across the globe?

However, a good-looking & responsive website helps to better sell the customer. Entrepreneurs strive hard to take their business at its peak such as relying on search engines for traffic.

Taking benefit of other sources like social media channels in particular plays a vital role in safeguarding your business website for long-term success.

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A professional business account on the social media platform helps you increase visibility, boost customer engagement and handle customer queries.

Best Ways to Integrate Social Media with WordPress Site

1. Add Social Media Sharing Options to your Pages

Whether you want to increase brand awareness or drive new traffic to your website, adding social sharing buttons is a great benefit for the business.

The opinion matters a lot and prompts visitors to post your site content on their social media profiles. This helps your firm to reach a high number of people and increase brand awareness simultaneously.

In addition, you can also mention the follow button that offers visitors a simple and easy way to follow your website’s social media accounts.

So, always make sure to keep your content engaging which will help businesses increase their reach.

2.   Add Social Login Option

The option of social login on the WordPress site allows visitors to sign up using existing social media accounts.

The signup process is straightforward, which encourages more people to register.

According to the study revealed by WebHostingBuzz, 86% of the visitors found the need to create new accounts on every website time-consuming. Whereas, 77 per cent of people found social login an ideal way to get connected with the business.

So, have you found the best plugin? Before making the right choice, make sure to use the one holding that will offer you an option to collect data about your customers including-

  • Email Address
  • Location
  • Contact Details

3. Auto-Publish Content on Social Site

For a highly functional website, always look for a robust WordPress Development Service that can make your business stand apart.

It is equally important to share the content on social media channels yourself apart from requesting your clients to share it.

Posting your content on your social sites helps you build a better connection with the customers. It eventually results in growing the customers online and boosting visibility simultaneously.

Not only it helps in building a connection with your customers but also establishes a strong connection between your website and your social media channels.

You can further create amusing content like creative posts, articles, and media which will eventually help you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

Free Plugin For Social Media Integration On WordPress Site

Social Media Feather

The free social sharing button plugin offers a completely new and modern set of social sharing buttons. It also gives an option to add social media follow buttons. This option however allows your visitors to share buttons to your content on their social platform.

It works on every social media channel including-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Based on its functionalities, the Social Media Feather plugin weighs very little in number. It uses no Java script which results in no time-consuming loading. Various premium extensions are also available that include extra icon sets.

You can place these precise yet modish sets of buttons anywhere, before or after the post. By using a widget, you can also place the following option anywhere you would like to.

Social Network Auto Poster

As of now, you might be very well aware of “why posting content to social media regularly is important!” Overall, posting content stuff on social networking sites helps your business attract traffic and build customer connections.

 So, if you are looking for a setting that can save you time then Social Network Auto Poster is an ideal option for you. The plugin saves you much time and you need not add every post manually to every social media channel you prefer. To make it easy to integrate, you can also use another account for your business as a professional/business account or personal account.

In the current situation, the plugin supports 27 different social networks and the major ones are included in that list. Moreover, for further configuration, you can also add an article’s tags or categories to the social posts in a way to makes your content easier to find. Hashtags can be another way to do so!

The moment you click on the publish button while posting content, it automatically appears on every social network. This is amazing! The most exciting feature of this plugin is it offers all these services for FREE. 

Twitter Widgets Free WordPress Plugin

Twitter is not completely a technical plugin. Integrating a Twitter widget is an ideal way to add various social elements to your website.

The WordPress plugin, Twitter allows you to add a live Twitter feed for your website sidebar. Based on your preferences and likings, you can publish your posts and conversations. Also, you can post any content addressing a particular hashtag (make sure to own a dedicated hashtag).

However, this way you can perfectly show visitors how you interact with your people or define what the social media world thinks of your website.

If you receive positive feedback, that is something amazing you get in return in the form of social proof.

By clicking on the link in the widget, viewers interact with you more easily and conveniently.

Final Thoughts

Social media channels and WordPress plugins are defined equal importance in the digital world. Hence, in this blog, we have mentioned the trendiest WordPress plugins that hold no cost and the best ways to integrate social media with WordPress sites.

In this blog, we have mostly focused on Plugins for Social Media Integration on a WordPress site that is free of cost. While implementing these plugins, you can easily boost your brand and grow customer engagement simultaneously. The plugins mentioned here offer different functionalities and approaches.

So, which plugin are you going to choose?

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