Marketing Skills for Your Content Management Team

If you are a content marketing manager then you have the deal. You have all the abilities and skills needed to raise the level of a content marketing manager.

You are in an excellent position of leading content marketing campaigns and determining yourself to rise to new opportunities.

It’s always best to work for a content marketing agency for a couple of years so that you can learn how everything works. Then you can start your own agency eventually.

Also to this, you are on the verge to handle people and working in direct contact with the clients. If you really want to be successful as a content management manager, it’s essential that you look out for the skills that your teammates need. 

Understanding the Analytics

While it might seem fine for some of your teammates to have just a basic level of understanding of analytic tools and data analytics, you must clearly make them understand at least one or more of the well known analytic tools.

Also, ask whether they are familiar with Google Analytics and Kissmetrics as this gives an added benefit to you. This is because you will have the advantage of data when it comes to improving and designing the marketing campaigns.

A Clear Understanding of Social Media Platforms

As a content management manager, you must know the complete understanding of all the social media platforms available. This goes beyond knowing how to make use of such platforms. You will have to know the culture of everyone so that you know the content that might work well on every platform, and the type of engagement that you outlook from every social media platform.

This understanding will guide you to know the best platforms for every marketing campaign and how to communicate with such followers on those platforms.

Writing and Editing Skills

If you have gone through great ranks as a content writer, you have certainly got some excellent writing skills. That’s a great thing. But as a content management manager, you must be an expert in the writing game even more.

Also, you must develop your editing skills. After all, who will be checking all the content that your team makes before it hits the public? As a content management manager, you have to ensure that your writing, just not just adequate for this posting. You must be sure that it stands as an instance to those underneath you.

Brand Development

One of the essential aspects of content management manager is assisting the overall development of a firm’s branding. Which means that every content that your team writes must be approved by you and must be made necessary changes if needed to fit in with the firm’s brand.

It must also serve as a development tool for that band. As the head of a content team, you must analyze each and every piece of content you approve to accomplish this.

Communication Collaboration and Leadership Skills

After making the move into management, one of the most important things that must be considered is your soft skills. Also, your communication skill must be on the top. Not only you will have to communicate with your teammates effectively, but you might also have the skills to direct contact with clients, people, sales, web designers, and also your teammates in your firm.

Of course, communication is so effective, if you did not sharpen the ability to work collaboratively with your peers and across departments. Also, you must have excellent leadership skills. These are what will guide you to not just lead your peers but also inspire them to be confident as well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is something that you have to look in for with your teammates. This is very essential and as a content management manager, you not only need to know good SEO techniques as they work today, you also have to know what is coming around you.

Google frequently changes its search engine algorithms. Each release of a new search algorithm makes a content writer face the new challenges to write a high-quality SEO targeted content. As a content management manager, you have to track those new changes, master them, and then team your peers on how to proceed.

Of course, Google is not just a game player. You must also be on top of other search engines and also target on SEO as it related to different social media platforms and mobile devices.

Web Design Concepts

You don’t necessarily have to be a web developer in order to be an expert as a content management manager. But you must know how web design works as far as making good user experience and enabling users to respond to your call to action. There are a few things you need to know about web design;

  • The bad design habits that might cause the client to bounce immediately
  • What makes the web content readable
  • How people track the way through a web page
  • Design elements that a landing page must have

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