Top 6 Best Platforms for Selling Videos Online?

Selling Videos Online

Everyone prefers watching videos over any other medium of information. Videos sell best as they have the power to keep people glued to their screens; TikTok, Instagram videos, and YouTube shorts are the best examples for that matter.

Today anyone with an idea can create a channel and start selling videos online. The niche can be any that you are interested in, from education to entertainment. So if you have also got an idea that you want to share with the world and earn yourself some money, here are the best platforms to do just that.

Best Online Video Platforms to Help You Sell Videos


GUDSHO features exclusive and premium content for its subscribers. The video streaming platform invites viewers and creators from all around the world and it is a completely free-to-use platform. Their niches are Fitness and Education along with Filmmaking. So if you are interested in creating in any of these categories, then you can try GUDSHO as your next streaming platform.

If you are a fitness instructor and want to earn more revenue, create your channel here and monetize it. Similarly, if you are a tutor and looking for an online space to reach more students and make more money, GUDSHO can be your heavenly place to be.

Here you earn via subscriptions and rentals; you can also use the Donations feature. The amazing news is that GUDSHO lets you keep all your earnings except the processing fee.

2. Uscreen

Uscreen is one of the fanciest platforms that provide online video hosting services. Here you can stream content and upload your videos as well. The platform accepts all kinds of educational videos and other documents such as PDFs, webinars, etc.

There are a lot more niches that they support which means you can upload a wide variety of content. Uscreen gives you the liberty to choose your own payment plans such as if you want to earn from subscriptions, rentals, one-time payments, etc.

You can also offer your content for free if all you want to do is build traffic first. The platform charges you $99 per month in order to utilize it, however, they also give you a 14 days trial period.

3. Udemy

Those who enjoy providing educational content can utilize Udemy as it is one of the best VOD platforms globally. Whether you want to upload videos on regular subjects like Mathematics and Physics or some advanced courses like Machine Learning, Udemy lets you do it.

The educational home to billions of users, Udemy gives you the power to unlock your potential by showcasing your knowledge globally. With that being said, there is no doubt that the platform also lets you earn well as it generates more than $17 million of income yearly.

All the tools are simple to understand and use; the platform is free to use. Creators pay a certain amount of fee on the revenue they earn.

Many revenue systems work on this platform such as:

  • If a student uses an Instructor Coupon, you get to keep all the revenue and only pay the 3% processing fee.
  • When there is no Instructor Coupon, you get to keep 50% of the revenue.
  • If you sell through its marketing programs, it lets you have 25% to 50% of the earnings.

4. Amazon Createspace DVD On Demand

Amazon provides this amazing space to create DVDs called where you can sell books, audio, and videos. You can create your own disks by selecting the given options and converting your videos into DVD format. 

You can then put these DVDs on this platform and get revenue every time someone buys them. Another amazing thing is that you can create the DVD cover by choosing it from the gallery provided by Amazon. There are many options to customize your creation and sell your printed and colorful DVDs.

Same disk you can also sell through other than the eSpace; you just need to create it once and put the information once without repeating anything. However, select the sales Channels section as

If you sell it on eStore, you get 15% per sale, and if you sell on, you get 45%.

5. Vimeo On Demand

Vimeo is one of the best video monetization platforms where you can stream movies and series; plus, you can upload your content as well. To sell with Vimeo, you need to sign up first and pay the amount of $20 per month which is billed annually.

Here are the following steps to sell on Vimeo:

  • First, you create a title for your video and then set the description and other details.
  • Next, select the means via which you want to sell. For example, if you want viewers to rent or buy your content or do both. You can add a poster about your video or upload a trailer as well.
  • You can then set the demographics and your pricing as per your audience.
  • You can also promote yourself on social media which would help you make more sales. Every time you sell a video, you keep 90% of the earnings and get the same into your bank account using Paypal.

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is another online video selling platform that allows tutors to shine in their segment. Here you can upload videos on a variety of subjects for interested students to learn. Students use the platform by paying a subscription fee and stream classes as they want.

You can upload videos in a subject that you are proficient in and make the platform a way to passive income. Here the content length can be from 20 to 60 minutes and you can also make short videos of 2 to 5 minutes. 

In the beginning, it is a good idea to stick to one subject so your audience can have a clear idea about your channel and its concept. Here you can earn via Premium Referrals and Royalties.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to sell your videos online and streaming platforms provide you with the easiest means for the same. These platforms support multiple niches and monetization options where you can set payment as per your preferences and establish your source of income.

One should however always understand their target audience before creating the content. This will ensure that your videos reach people who are interested in something similar. Remember to create a plan in advance and film the videos while having proper lighting, audio source, and equipment.

Before finalizing one streaming platform, you should try your hands with a few to get an idea about which one is the most suitable. With that being said, we hope that the above-mentioned streaming platforms would help you sell your videos online and earn more revenue.


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