A Conceptual Difference between PHP and WordPress for Web Developing

Web & App Development

Many people think WordPress is a perfect platform for developing a new site, but some prefer PHP.  Therefore, it is necessary to compare the features and uses of both for finding out the right option.

PHP is open-source scripting and programming language that is used for making web applications. On the other hand, WordPress is a content management system made by using PHP and it is a part of it. The comparison should be between customized PHP web development and WordPress web development. 

In more than 250 million websites, PHP is used, but it receives mixed feedback from the professionals. Now, if you are willing to develop a website, the first thing comes in mind is which platform is suitable for creating your website?

Constructing a website on a CMS such as WordPress can be really cost-effective and allow the user to make changes to his website quickly and effortlessly without requiring expert help.

However, it does not mean that PHP is not good enough because it has its own uses and benefits.  There are various factors you have to keep in mind while making the decision. To make a perfect decision of choosing the right web development platform and web and app development services, read this article.


Plugins provide additional features for the comfort of the users and experts. It is your personal choice which plugin you want to use. They can make the construction process easy, comfortable, and fast. If we talk about PHP, you have to hire an app development expert who can assist and create them for you. However, WordPress offers more than 40,000 free plugins, so you can easily pick the one as per your needs. 


Security is the first consideration for every website developer and owner. If your site will not be secure, confidential data will fall into the hands of bad guys. You can also face legal and financial difficulties due to this issue. In this case, WordPress is more secure because PHP offers low-level security solutions.

However, if you will not take the precautions, CMS sites can also be get hacked easily. It is your personal choice which solutions you want into the base functionality of your site.

User Experience

Website owners are also concerned about this factor because it is crucial to provide an excellent user experience. The platform you will choose for website development will have a great impact on the effectiveness of the final product. PHP developers work with a low-level programming language, so the interface is not good enough.

WordPress offers an attention-grabbing graphical user interface so; it can be a superlative option if you want accuracy and clarity during the development phase. To get an eye-catching website with incredible design, you can hire the web and app development services.


Keep in mind that SEO is essential and you cannot overlook it at any cost. While developing a site, think about how to make it rank at the top position. The best platform that leads to more keywords is WordPress and millions of sites are made on it.

SEO plays an important role in WordPress, so it will have a great effect on your company’s blog posts. You can easily add headings, tags, meta tags, keywords, alt text, images, unique content, and much more. It offers countless plugins that make your job easy and fast than PHP.

Ease of Access

PHP has just a few lines of codes but it gives you full control over your site and allows easy editing. However, WordPress has an upper hand as it needs zero HTML coding. You can easily add pages, posts, products, images, videos and much more and content editing is also simple on it.

Ease of Access


Many website owners do not give much importance to flexibility when they are clear about what they want to achieve. For this purpose, they create niche-specific websites. However, if you want to make an e-store, then order processing, marketing platforms, and many other tools and features will need to slot flawlessly, so your selected web developing platform must offer flexibility. In this case, WordPress provides a lot of choices, but if you have specific requirements, then PHP is a better option.


PHP utilizes its own memory, so the loading time and server’s workload decrease, which provide quick processing speed. However, WordPress provides more productivity but focuses less on speed, so it is up to you and your business type which platform would be more appropriate for you.

Email list

Adding an email list has become important for a business, so if you will select WordPress, it will make the set-up process very easy and simple. You only have to use a newsletter plugin to help you grab the emails and that’s it. However, with a customized PHP website, this simple task can become very difficult.


The most important question is how much amount you want to invest in app development services. People think that WordPress is a cost-effective option for building a new site. The reason is, you will have to invest less time in development which means it totally depends on how many plugins it needs to work properly.

You only have to spend money on premium themes and plugins, so CMS is a suitable choice if you have a limited budget. However, a PHP website requires a heavy budget. Xint Solutions is one of the best IT services company that offers customized solutions to its valuable clients.

They have an expert and skilled team who is working tirelessly to deliver high-quality solutions at affordable prices. If you have a project and you want to work with trustworthy and professional people, they are the right choice for you. To discuss your project needs and requirements, you can contact them at any time you want.

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