The Difference of Approach between Website Designing and Development

A person involved in the process of web creation is often worried about the path of career to select. Some of the newbies and perhaps experienced people as well have no idea that website designing is a different field as compared to website development.

While a website designer is an individual involved in the creation of the graphical interface of the website (UI). On the other hand, the person who is responsible to create a website’s core structure.

Hence, professional web development and designing services feature a website UI that involves several other aspects including visual appearance, designing the layout, and usability. For this purpose, a website designer must be proficient in terms of technical, creative, and graphical skills.

On the other hand, the role of a web developer involves the creation of a functional website out of the web design (UI). For this purpose, he makes use of a variety of coding languages including Python, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.

For those who wish to become either a website developer or a designer, then you should be familiar with the roles they perform on regular basis. Besides that, two other factors that matter the most include skillsets and qualifications.

Other several aspects also intervened within; include different types of website developers and designers, average wage, and career growth opportunities. So without further ado, let us further investigate the difference of approach between website designing vs. website development. This will clear your thoughts regarding what field to choose among the two, and which one is more beneficial than the other is.

Website Designer Role

Web designers have a varied set of tasks and responsibilities. However, a designer’s role revolves around creating the layout and visual aspects of a website. The role of a website designer is the very crucial one making sure that the user stays on the website for a longer period.

For this purpose, he is responsible for the creation of appealing designs that feature on the website, with a user-friendly approach. This way he forces the visitor to spend quality time browsing the website. Furthermore, having these alluring elements in the website helps to improve its conversion rate considerably.

In addition, he has to make sure that the website has an alternate mobile version, and designing for it is altogether a different side of the story. Professional web development and designing services have to be according to the current trends and act according to the changing times if they want to excel in their careers for a long time.

They have to make sure they abide by the best practices, rules, and standards. They have to deal with several things while designing layouts including fonts, brand images, and color palettes. Experienced website designers also create their style guide, to know what looks good on a certain website and what does not. Several other things they are involved in creation include website proposals, web design contracts, website briefs, and website design questionnaires.

As far as the job of a web designer is concerned, it also involves testing and an immense research process according to the specifications and expectations of the customers. Furthermore, they have a specific deadline they have to follow and the design should be according to what customers require. Even though a designer may not be directly involved with the coding process of the website, yet he has to be in coordination with a website developer, making sure that the design is developed as designed.

The task for a professional web development and designing services does not end with the creation of the website; they also have to work after that as well. In case there is an update in the website design, then he has to work accordingly with performance checks, updates and creation, and maintenance and monitoring services.

Different Website Designers

Website designers are of different types based on the particular work format and unique approach. These include:

  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Visual

It is important to know that each role has different challenges and design niche requirements. So let us further evaluate the processes each of them go through.

UI Designers

The role of a UI designer is very important, as far as website design is concerned. For them, interaction is the number one priority based on experience. They are more concerned about optimizing and enhancing a website’s usability. It is because of their actions, the conversion rate of the website will be enhanced.

UX Designers

As far as UX, designers are concerned; their focus is more towards structuring the website, so it gives a positive experience and engages visitors simultaneously. With the help of human-centric images, their role is to drive decisions via approaches related to data. Hence, in this process, the designers have significantly tested and researched for the analysis of data. Hence, the final choices of design matter the most and get long-lasting impact.

Visual Designers

The third in the list are visual designers, which according to the title, are responsible for creating visual elements of the website and layout essentials. For them, the elements they include must be both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. For performing tasks, many website designers make use of fewer programs, tools, and software. One of them they cannot ignore is Adobe Photoshop. Other things that they must also make use of include compression tools, photography resources, and image optimization.

How a Website Developer Helps in Website Creation:

We have talked enough about how website designers perform their duties making sure that an appealing layout is created.

Vision and Ideas

In the case of the creation of a business website, the first thing to follow is that it should reflect what the brand features. Hence, a website developer must be in coordination with the UI or visual designer, making sure that they follow the website requirements accordingly.

A brand vision is also a crucial thing to follow and the website must fulfill all its aspects and features. If a website has all the appealing features included within, then it is far superior to a website that does not.


Consistency and repetition are two main facets as far as website development is concerned. If the website has these, then it will create a memorable impact in the minds of the visitors. If a website has repetition in the services and features, then recalling is easy for the visitors.

It will help customers to rightly arouse their feelings and strong personality of a brand. When visuals and codes are reused, the purpose served is the same.

A website is said to be incomplete without the inclusion of a professionally designed logo. After all, it is a difference-maker with the rest of the customers. There is a reason why it is the critical factor for the brand or website to stand out in the crowd.


To ensure that the brand stands out in the crowd, the role of website design and development cannot be undermined. Without it, no brand can function and give the best of results, and enhance your business value.

Even though website developer and designer may seem to be identical as far as sounding is concerned, yet they are two different terms altogether.


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