Factors to Consider When Designing a Website for the First Time

Designing a Website

The technology revolution has gifted us with new and innovative ways of promoting our businesses on-the-go. It explains why most businesses today seek to gain more customers online. A faulty website that is poorly designed cannot meet this objective.

For first-timers, hiring a digital marketing agency in Phoenix can be a smart move to improve the chances of its success. Depending on the structure or layout, you can identify simple designs that work magic for you. Find out below some of the most important considerations to go by if you are intending to develop a website for your new business.

Keep it Simple

Finding the best design can be a hectic task especially when you lack guidance during the process. Do not be too engaged in creating a beautiful website, you should rather stick to the simple designs that are known to work just fine.

Standard website designs include locating a logo on the top left part of the page, search bar space at the top of the page and even making your site become mobile responsive. You can choose the creative services of the best digital marketing agency in Phoenix to assist you.

Have a Descriptive Site

This all comes down to the style used to pass information to the reader. Most search engine users spend barely 40 seconds scanning the website’s top features. They may, for instance, choose to scan the heading and top parts of the page before choosing to stay or leave.

By being descriptive, your headlines should be able to say something unique and interesting about the rest of the pages. A search engine user should spend minimal time trying to figure out what your page is all about and whether it satisfies their questions.

Develop Visual Hierarchy

Experienced website owners understand the need for hierarchies on website pages. Visual Hierarchy is basically how you arrange topics on your web page depending on color, a contrast of different visuals and lastly size.

On top of your page hierarchy demands should come the most important aspects that are capable of winning the attention of search engine users. Other less relevant issues can be tackled on other bottom parts of the web page.

Do Not Use Social Media Headers in Top of the Page

Since search engine users are likely to spend less than 40 seconds on a page, distractions would only serve you negatively. Social media icons on top of the page will steal the attention of the visitor diverting them to other pages.

That reduces the conversion rate of that specific page affecting negatively the sales of an e-commerce site. Such social media links need to be located at the footer for the search engine user to follow your business accounts on social media.

Utilize Colors Appropriately (For Call to Action)

Every brand has its own standards and for you to be successful you must try to adhere to the set guidelines. Red color stands for urgency while blue represents calmness wherever it is seen. Despite being set standards, you need to use these colors in your web to assist search engine users spot options faster.

Businesses can also choose to contrast their website’s button color to match the background, contrast button color, and button text or nearby elements visible on the page. Action colors just improve the distinction and make clicking even easier thereby improving customer user experience in the long run.

Choose Your Internal and External Links Wisely

Backlinks contribute greatly to generating leads and also augmenting conversions as revealed by different search engines. External links help you generate leads by exposing your content to other sites.

Find credible sites that can share your content widely to win your business potential clients that come to your site for more information. Internal links, on the other hand, helps with navigation from page to page or post to post.

It basically assists your regular visitors and searches engine users to browse your site with ease. You should consult with an expert web developer to help you choose the best linking that will help your website perform even better.

Also, restrain from sharing your external links on blogs that may not be too specific on improving conversions. Business owners need to be very careful when finding the perfect website developers. Experience, training, and licensing all need to be displayed as proof before getting into any contract with a developer.

Take your time to arrange for interviews with the shortlisted companies in order to be well acquainted with them before making your final decision. The cost of their services should also guide you to decide who you will be hiring to handle the development process.

Lastly the duration the project will take also helps you find the most competent developer that will finish the project prior if not on time.

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