How to Use Google Reviews Widget on WordPress Website

Google Reviews Widget

When did you last buy an item or service without having watched its reviews on Google? Well, that’s the effect of Google reviews on customers’ behavior. Customers read at least 3-4 reviews Google reviews when it comes to analyzing a brand or trusting it. Marketing Google reviews become more important than ever, for a business to stand out among its competitors. 

Google Reviews widget is a powerful tool that permits you to display customer reviews on your website. Embedding the Google reviews widget on WordPress website can get the attention of your potential customers, improve the dwell time of your webpage, improve the engagement of your customers, and can grow your profits for business. Read this blog to know more about Google reviews and their uses. 

What are Google Review Widgets?

An embedded code that is used on a website to showcase customer Google reviews is known as a Google Review widget. The Google Review widget can be used to display a star rating, a list of reviews, or a pop-up screen with a customer’s review. By displaying positive reviews of your brand, Google reviews are a great way to build trust with your potential customers. 

There are various kinds of Google review widgets available, you can get one that suits your website’s needs and designs. You can filter the reviews that are displayed because some widgets allow this while other filters permit you to add a call to action button to motivate customers so they can leave the reviews on your website. To boost your online reputation and fetch new customers, some widgets allow you to add a Google Review Widget to your website in an easy way. 

Why Should You Use The Google Review Widget?

Embedding the Google reviews widget for WordPresswebsite has so many amazing benefits. We are highlighting why you should use the Google review widget, read this below!

1. Augment Credibility And Trust

Google Reviews can have a big impact on the customer’s decision to use your product or service and are also considered trustworthy. With the help of the Google reviews widget, you can clearly display those reviews on your website and it will be absolutely beneficial. After doing this, when customers visit your website to learn more about your brand, these reviews build trust and credibility and make your brand reliable for them. 

2. Drive More Sales

Google Reviews will act as a reliable source for your customers when your potential customers are exploring your website and they like some product or service. You will be able to drive sales by changing the decision of confused customers by displaying your positive Google reviews. This will increase their trust in your brand and it eventually leads to more conversion rates. 

3. Improve Design

The full customization options of the Google review widget will enable you to select from different review types. You can make reviews complement your website’s design by choosing different layouts, fonts, colors, and more. 

4. Reduces Bounce Rate of the Website

In getting better search engines, the bounce rate is one of the important factors. The number of visitors who navigate away from the website after just visiting one page is often referred to as the bounce rate. In order to get better rankings, a website is required to have a low bounce rate.

To hold visitors for a longer duration on the website, the Google review widget has an ample amount of reviews. Reading more reviews by users will consume more time and they will hold on to the website for a longer duration. This will reduce the bounce rate of the website. 

5. Create Customer-Brand Relationships Better

Customers become brand advocates when they share their experiences in the form of Google reviews. Leveraging these reviews on the website will amplify the customer voices along with a better brand image.

Among your competitors, these customers will choose you because they are your loyal customers. This is how Google reviews work in creating better customer-rand relationships. 

Embedding Google Reviews Widget On WordPress Website

Check out these steps to embed the Google reviews widget on the WordPress website. 

Embedding Google Reviews Without WordPress Plugin

This method of embedding Google reviews without a WordPress plugin to the website is a quick and easy process. We are using Tagembed – a social media aggregator tool for this process. 

Step 1- Combine The Google Reviews

a). Log in to your existing Tagembed account if you have any otherwise create a new account. 

b). Press the “Add Social feed” button when you are redirected to the Tagembed dashboard. 

c). From the appearing screen, choose Google as the content aggregation source. 

d). Choose your connection type from Places or My Places. This option permits you to gather Google reviews from all over Google. 

You need to press the Connect Google button when you are done and you are good to go. In the widget editor, you will be able to see the Google reviews in a few seconds. 

Step 2- Develop the Google Reviews Code For WordPress

a). Press the Publish button on the bottom left corner of the widget editor, once you are done customizing and creating the widget as per your requirements.

b). After selecting WordPress as the website building platform, choose the Embed on Webpage option.

c). Change the width and height of the webpage and press on the Get Code section. 

d). In the clipboard, copy the generated code and paste it into the editor section of your WordPress website. 

You have successfully embedded the Google reviews widget on your WordPress website and you are good to go. 


As a representative of your brand, your website is the major marketing point. To showcase the ethics of your business, displaying authentic and genuine content is the most incredible way.

The aforementioned points are some of the amazing benefits to embed Google Reviews on WordPress website. What are you waiting for, start and enjoy!

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