Free Website Traffic Checker Tool: Traffic Statistics & Analytics

Free Website Traffic Checker Tool

Do you want your website to rank higher on search engines? If yes, then you must make the traffic analysis of your website a regular intervals of time. You need to stay updated about your current website traffic to make decisions for improving it.

To do that more effectively you need to seek the assistance of a free website traffic checker to make a proper analysis of the current state of your brand.

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You can develop your business plan properly when you know about your customer’s needs and preferences properly. These free tools of traffic checkers will help you to understand the metrics of your consumers’ demand properly.

When you can maintain enough traffic on your website then the chances of conversion will be higher. Your business decisions depend on the performance of your website in the digital world. You need to understand this fact properly.

Free Website Traffic Checker Tool That Helps in Making Business Plan   

There are multiple free website traffic checker tools available online you just need to select the best one to fulfill your requirements. Therefore, let’s explore the names of those free tools to get a better insight into them.

1. Ahrefs

It is one of the best website traffic checker tools that you can use for your website checking. For starters, it is the best website traffic checker tool that they can have. It offers frequently updated statistics and is a very accurate tool.

In its database, it has 45 million keywords that you can easily use to boost your SEO rankings. In a very small amount, you will get tons of valuable data for your website in Ahrefs. Hence, you can get quality information and data almost free of cost if you avail of their 7-day free trial scheme.

2. Quantcast

It is another free tool that you can use to check the traffic on your website. It is a very precise website traffic checker. There is only one drawback of this site: you need to join their system to get the details of your website traffic and all the statistics of your website and its performance.

If you want to monitor the performance of your competitors then you can do it easily using this traffic checker site. It will also help you in providing excellent demographic analysis. It will provide you with a detailed explanation of the reader’s shopping interest, education level, and income level data.

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3. Similar Web

As per the various test results, it has been proven that a Similar Web provides the most accurate data for your web analysis. It is an excellent free tool that you can use to check the current status of your website. You can also avail of its paid version if you wish to avail of its services.

It collects all the information about your visitors, in the number of countries this site is ranking you will get all the details from this website traffic checker very easily. It also allows you to see how users stumble upon your site from different sources like social sites, mail marketing, or through search engines.

4. SEMrush

For large portals, it is one of the great traffic estimators that you can have in your hand. SEMrush is quite similar to Similar Web. In its free version it will allow you to see the bounce rate of your website, the number of readers who have visited your website, the average duration the users spend on your website, and the number of web pages your visitor has visited your website is also shown through this free website traffic checker tool.

The most interesting part of this tool is it provides complete information about your website and on which keywords your visitors are attracted the most to visit your site.

5. SiteWorth Traffic  

If you want to understand how much income your website generates from the advertisements then this tool can provide the complete details of it free of cost. You need not spend a single penny to get the performance data of your advertisements.

They will not beg you to make a paid registration on their site and the digital marketers can use these tools to prepare their strategy for properly finding the advertisements.

6. Alexa

This website traffic checker tool can give you all the data related to your website visits, global rank, and keyword rank easily. The more advanced features of these websites are available in the paid version.

But the free version is also capable enough to provide you with all the necessary data that you require to rank your website well in various search engines. Visitor’s geography, traffic sources, and which keywords are bringing more traffic to your website are mentioned in the free version of this website checker tool.

7. SE Ranking

The website checking services of SE ranking are free and it will also provide you with all the valuable information that is required to rank your website well in various search engines. On-page keyword optimization analysis, the rankings of your website in various countries, regions, and the city.

Hence, after getting all the valuable information for free it will become easier for the digital marketing professional to devise a perfect marketing plan to attract the maximum number of visitors to your website. You can use these tools to solve your problem of SEO rank checking.

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Hence, from the above explanation, it has become very clear which sites can help you to provide a detailed explanation of your website status-free. Being a digital marketing professional you need to cross-check the options that suit your requirements the best.

This mentioned website traffic checker can fulfill your requirements if you have a limited budget with you. You need to just explore the options that can help you devise the perfect marketing plan for your business. The more you make an analysis the better you can understand the market condition well. Hence, try to be proactive in your approach.

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