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Top 10 Marketing Tools Help You in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In this advanced world Digital Marketing, especially social media marketing is not as difficult as compared to past times. Nowadays there are many advanced tools and technologies available that are helpful in social media marketing.

No doubt these tools have lots of advantages, some of them are free and some of them are paid tools but the paid tools are affordable in prices. The names of the tools and a brief description of each tool are mentioned below. Read and identify which tools are best for your social media platform.

1. OptinMonster


OptinMonter is the most powerful lead generation tool, which provides you with the platform for creating user-friendly and attractive landing pages for collecting emails from users. But now OptinMonster has taken the step towards Social media marketing, especially Instagram marketing. OptinMonster helps you gain the targeted traffic and engagements at the right moment.

2. Audience

Audience is one of the best social media marketing tools. These tools help you understand your targeted audience. The outstanding feature of the Audience is to tell you the interest of the audience, what type of content the audience is demanding, and which region is suitable for your brand promotion. The Audience tools help you to optimize your targeted traffic in a short time and it is the best opportunity to keep the bond strong between you and the customers.

3. Social Baker

Social Baker is a very helpful tool in the mean of analyzing the competitors. For example, if you are new on Instagram and you need to analyze your performance against your competitor then the social baker will help you a lot.

The social baker creates the reports based on the follower’s data. This tool is very helpful in influencing marketing; you can easily find influencers related to your brand niche for more details about Instagram influencer marketing visit our site.

4. ZeroFox

Zerofox is used for securing the social media account. It is mostly used with all social media applications and websites as well it deals with Google Play and Apple Store. ZeroFox protects your social media accounts from unauthorized access.

In case of any unauthorized access, this tool will inform you instantly, then you can easily take action on the spot. This tool also helps in detecting and removing offensive and unintentional content, because your content is the reputation of your brand so you have to keep your content user-friendly and offensively clean.

5. Agora Plus

Agora Plus is the leading tool for the management of social media platforms. This tool is very easy and simple to operate as well as it is very affordable in price. In this application, you can run contests, quizzes, and promotions regarding your brand.

Agora Plus provides you analyzing and scheduling feature, you can monitor the traffic of your social media accounts as well as you can schedule your content. These tools also help you to monitor the activities of the competitor and provide you suggestions for getting better results.

6. Crowd Booster

The crowd booster tool provides you with a real-time report of the performance of your social media account. Crow Booster allows you to generate a report on the performance matrix as well you can also get the analysis in the form of tables and graphs so how you can easily check the performance in short intervals. The Crowd Booster provides you with some recommendations on behalf of your performance reports, if you follow those suggestions then your social media account will get ranked.

7. Tailwind

The Tailwind tool is specially developed for Pinterest and Instagram. With the help of this tool, you can upload content on Pinterest and Instagram in bulk form. You can schedule your content in it, it has the drag and drop calendar that allows you to schedule your content according to the date and time.

8. Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is an outstanding tool used for collecting the material for the content. In this tool you can explore new and trending topics then you can create your own by just following the trending topics.

Buzz Sumo plays a very vital role in the growth of the brand on the social media platform. If you upload content related to trending topics then you can grow in a short time and with effective results. Buzz Sumo provides you with a list of the keywords that are shared by the influencers, this tool can help in creating the best marketing strategy.

9. Tag Board

As same as Buzz Sumo, the tagboard tool is used for researching new and trending topics. In the search bar of the tagboard, any keyword you type will show the latest content against that typed keyword.

It will collect all data where that specific keyword is used even in hashtag form or in the caption form. Tagboard is working on the advanced technology algorithm, its processing and searching speed is very high. It shows the thousands of results against each hashtag or keyword in just the milliseconds.

10. Canva Tool

Canva is the most popular tool and application for designing the best, quality, and 100% unique images for your brand. You can create the image on Canva for all social media platforms, Canva already knows the responsive sizes of the images so you don’t need to enter the dimensions of the image.

Sometimes you need to create the image according to your desired dimension then, in this case, Canva also provides you the facility to create the image of custom dimensions. If you are using it on a PC then you need an Internet connection, on the other hand, the applications of Canva are available for Android and IOS, and you can use it offline.

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