Everything About Helpdesk Automation [Use Cases, Pros, Cons, Cost]

Customer care services are services, where humans working and making a call on behalf of the company, bores an individual on the other hand.

Helpdesk automation is replacing humans as it provides relief to customer service agents from repetitive and continuous interactions with customers.

The technology uses Robot process automation (RPA) where a robot solves the query of an individual.

The automation in the helpdesk facilitates smart ticket assignments, manages all the service level agreements, and mechanized follow-ups, and simplifies the complete workflow.

The tools in automation improve customer services as individuals are provided with tools to affix the problems which further leads to faster resolutions.

The customers are kept updated on their requested access and allow support teams to personalize their attention to the complicated problems.

More can be done in this sector with the help of automation. The adoption of technology in today’s world makes it more simplified.

The allocation of funds or investments does not need to be increased to meet the demands of the customers or the industry.

The latest trend in the helpdesk can be observed as Infosys partnered with Genesys to develop a cognitive email workbench solution that provides enterprises with the ability to scale up query management and to uplift their help desk operations to intensify productivity along customer satisfaction.

Here we will discuss the top 9 ideas where you can use the helpdesk automation to simplify the activities in your business.

Helpdesk Automation – Use Cases

1. Automated Answers and Solutions

Tools such as Askspoke facilitate the employees in the organization by providing solutions to their queries and doubts without any interruption in the helpdesk team the organization.

Simple tasks with quick responses benefit all the employees in the organization without any chances of miscommunication and conflicts among colleagues.

2. Get Feedback from Customers

There is an ample number of ways to compute the performances of the service desks. Rate of the resolution, cost per ticket, and the average time-to-time resolution.

The same metrics are of no use if the quality of the service that you provide is poor.

One feasible solution is to develop and conduct help desk surveys regularly and conduct such surveys in the automated process for customer feedback.

Tools like Hively and Customer thermometers include surveys in every email that an executive in the customer care service sends to their various customers.

With the help of these tools, there remains no need for anyone to remember and send quarterly customer surveys.

An individual in the sector can easily access the feedback of the customers whenever there is a need to check the performance and quality that your service provides.

3. Instant Feedback to Service Desk Personnel

Listening to the customer’s recorded calls by the managers and supervisors is a time-consuming process which makes the work of managers and supervisors quite boring.

To get rid of such tasks, tools like Cogito use behavioral science data to deliver real-time advice and support to the employees while receiving the calls.

Errors such as not listening to the customers or speaking too quickly that the customer won’t understand alert supervisors that the calls are not properly attended so that the supervisors can guide and intermediate the process.

4. Automatically Fulfills Standard Requests

The quality of the request such as defined workflows can be accomplished without any human intervention.

Tools like Service Now and the Avatier service catalog facilitate users to interact in the same manner they would collaborate with any E-commerce website.

5. Route Tickets to the Right Person

Ticketing tools navigate the customers to the right department to get the solutions to their queries.

Tools such as Jira Spoke and Spiceworks act as navigator and are less time-consuming for getting their queries solved.

6. Send Status Updates and Onboarding Information

Customers feel more satisfied when they are kept in the loop and when they know the status and progress made in the direction of their problems.

Built-in features are included in the support ticketing systems that automatically send an email with regards to the updated status of the customers and comments.

Email marketing tools such as the Active campaign help to construct and dispatch onboarding emails that make it possible for new systems and software.

7. Manage Company’s Assets

Automation curbs all the activities such as ordering, configuring, maintaining, and managing the software and devices of the company.

Jamf and Fleetsmith are such tools that automate the placement and management of Apple devices which makes it easy to track inventory, software updates, and much more.

Oomnitza is a tool for managing non-ios devices and it also produces automated reports.

8. Reset Passwords and Unlock Accounts

Forgetting passwords and pins are the most important things that humans tend to forget very easily.

The IT sector devotes much more of its time to reset and generate a new password.

Tools like Avatier password station allow users to set their passwords with ease. Employees can rest their passwords with their automated verification process by using encrypted data.

9. Escale Major Incidents

It becomes pivotal to have an automated system that needs a rapid response in an incident that occurs when the problem cannot wait to get resolved during business hours.

Tools like Pagerduty, AlertOps, and Everbridge send an automatic voice text and email to the personnel who are assigned the particular task so that timely actions can take place.

We discuss the top features of helpdesk automation. Now let’s focus on the advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages Are:

  • Leaving no space for human error.
  • Allowing humans to focus on other areas
  • Minimizes the waiting period
  • No need to hire more employees
  • Millennials are digital natives and they will welcome automation

The Disadvantages Are:

  • Lack of human approach
  • The success of the technology depends on its design
  • Unable to resolve complex issues

The Cost of Developing This Technology

It is a simple calculation.

The developers and experts of RPA charge hourly regardless of whether the process is simple or complex.

RPA developers charge around $40 per hour.

The average time required to automate the process is 200 hours so just of the cost that you will pay to the developers ranging somewhere around $8000.

The two methods for calculating the cost are :

Attended Bots

Automation cost = number of the process you want to get automated * $1300 + Development cost

Unattended Bots

Automation cost = Number of processes which needs automation * $8000 + development cost

Summing Up

Automation in a service desk will make the lives of people easier and more convenient. It will drastically improve the quality of service that is provided to the customers.

Removing risks and errors makes the work of an employee more pleasant. The teams can achieve more within a short period along with the budget.

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