Why Server Location Matters?

This is the 21st century, you can run your website in some places and sell your products in other places. But the main point to be considered is you should not lose your smart customers due to the slow loading of your site. Sometimes I am asked, ‘Why does server location matter?

Well, this is not a common question. Being an SEO you should know how to answer this query. We all are surrounded by various websites in our day-to-day lives. Have you ever noticed how much time the site takes to load its page? Some of them appear within a second and others take time. Why does it happen so? What is the cause of latency?

The distance between the server location and the place where the website is hosted might be one of the reasons for latency. This is very important to know the data center location and the server that is hosting your site to avoid certain problems.

Below are factors to be considered when you select your server location.

Network Connectivity

When your provider’s data center is located in an area having a poor internet connection, it may create problems for your visitor. If visitors cannot find your site on the first visit, it will make them lazy to visit your site again.

Where your server is hosted matters a lot for online gaming as well. Part of knowing how to set up a 7DTD server requires knowing where the server will be hosted so people can play without slow speeds and high ping.

Secure Physical Location

Make sure the location of the data center is crime-free and no unethical practices take place. This will remove the barriers (if any) between your server and visitors and they can visit as well as share your site URL.

Enough Energy Sources

If the data center has more than one energy source, it can run operations without any difficulty. A backup plan is necessary for the continuous flow of work. Try to make easy access to additional infrastructure. This is because if there is a problem then you can replace other equipment.

Business Friendly Environment

Get a business-friendly server location that will help your site grow. This kind of environment will give you competition which will increase your performance. Again, the server will never create any disturbance to push you forward to grow your visitors. To avoid business risks, you must be aware of the legal compliances and regulations of that particular location.

Again, political issues are also an important factor to know before you decide on your server provider. Where political stability is there, you need not worry about any external affairs that can harm your activities.

Now coming to the answer to the above question, I would like to discuss the topics listed as follows.

Don’t Make Your Audience Wait

Visitors find it irritating to wait for the results they search for. A user running his website far away from your server will undoubtedly face the issue of slow loading. The first research is on the audience you have and from which location the maximum of them belong. Then select your hosting provider depending on the nearer location to your audience and the server location.

Migration Risks

Think of a region full of floods, earthquakes, or other natural calamities. Do you think it will be possible for you to carry on with your function smoothly? Obviously No! Because you will face network connectivity issues regularly. These risks are beyond the geographic concerns which cannot be reduced and eliminated by human efforts. In these cases, forget about migration, even you will be unable to connect with your visitors. So be careful about server location while you select your hosting dealer.

SEO Advantages

There are some SEO advantages associated with server location. It is always better to store your data near your location. This will guide the search engine to somehow find data relating to your site. Again your local customers will benefit from the closer server location.

Apart from this, you can get your website ranked in the target country if your service location is the same.

For instance – Suppose your website is targeting Germany because your potential customers are staying in the geographical area of Germany. In this case, the server location, on which your website is hosted, should be in Germany Geo. This will lead you to improve website performance.

Government Access to Your Data

Yes, the government may interrupt your business sometimes, when you have your server location abroad because every nation has its regulations and laws and the Government checks whether you are following those or not. This may become a risk for your operation.

How to Know What Your Server Location is

Plenty of tools are available online that offer you free information related to your server. Visit there and type your website or IP location to find out the exact location of a website-hosted server.

The following tools may help you –


How to get an Appropriate Server Location

Get disclosed your website data while consulting with a web hosting company. Talk to the company and reveal all of your requirements and emphasize essential things during web hosting or server plans.

To Close it UP

Sometimes you will find a much cheaper hosting provider than you imagine. The cost of hosting depends on the server location. So make a better decision when you buy a server. Do not just consider only the pricing factor, but take care of the above-named factors.

I hope this article will direct you to make a final decision on buying a server depending on its data center. Still, if you have any queries, you can drop a comment below and I would like to respond to you as soon as possible.


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