How to be an Outside-the-Box Creative Web Designer?

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Every website, regardless of its business or industry, has the same goal: to keep visitors interested. Designers currently rely on a definite list of tactics that “work” after more than 20 years of online design evolution — yet if every website does the same thing to be attractive, none of them are intriguing!

Recently, the sites that deviate from the pattern with more unique web design ideas have piqued customers’ curiosity, and hence the topic of how to be an outside-the-box creative web designer has gradually gained pace. 

How to be an Outside-the-Box Creative Web Designer? 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for new and exciting ideas — trends that aren’t yet mainstream enough to be fashionable. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best creative web design ideas to help you make an outside-the-box creative web designer. 


Symmetry is a frequent practise in web design and other visual mediums. We find symmetry in websites to be relaxing and comfortable because we are symmetrical beings ourselves. But, now, when shaking things up is more important than calming things down, asymmetrical designs are more necessary than ever. 

Asymmetry in bespoke web design adds edginess and confidence to your site while also helping it stand out from the millions of symmetrical sites out there, thus helping you get a notion of a creative web designer. This is one of the unique web design ideas that the fashion industry has been using for a while (they benefit from avant-garde styles more than other industries). But when done well, it works for any site that wants to be a touch gritty or fringe. 

Combining Real Images with Graphics

The film and television industries have long experimented with combining real-life photographs with graphics (Who Framed Roger Rabbit comes to mind). But it is only now, with modern technology, that the concept can be fully realised as intended. It’s not only a unique site design concept, but it’ll also stick in the minds of visitors. 

The concept is straightforward: merge real films or images with computer-generated graphics such as artwork or CGI. The contrast produces an otherworldly, magical sense that site visitors enjoy, and you can customise the graphic design to fit your brand. 

Attractive Typography

You can utilise colourful, eye-catching typeface to rebel against the dull and unattractive typographical trends of recent years, much as asymmetrical compositions protest against the routine of symmetry.

Flat design and minimalism, two online design trends that encourage basic and unassuming fonts like sans serif and lower-case, gained popularity in the 2010s. However, with the start of a new decade, we can experiment with more flamboyant letters to stand out from the drab fonts of the previous decade.

Overlap and Layers

The problem with most innovative web design concepts is that they are, ironically, too innovative. Most designers want to break out from current 2020 web design trends in order to make their sites stand out, but deviating too far from the mainstream risks alienating their audience and making them appear “strange” rather than “different.”

As a result, many designers are seeking hybrid solutions: innovative web design concepts founded on current web design trends. If that’s your goal, we suggest experimenting with layers and overlaps. 

Hand-drawn Illustrations

We tend to think of digital art when we think of innovative web design ideas: CGI, textures, picture manipulation, and even the rare 3D graphic. However, digital art is a relatively new idea, whereas illustrated art has been alive and well for millennia.

Although employing hand-drawn drawings has been a popular custom web design trend for some time, the edgier and more realistic designs have recently been more popular. Illustrations may be adjusted to any sensibility, therefore utilize more imaginative illustrations to make your web design ideas more original. 

Creative Photography

You can utilise creative photographs in your custom web design in the same way that you can use artistic drawings. More than graphics, evocative and sentimental photography can meet all of your site’s style and creativity criteria — in fact, the proper photo background can often mask a site’s lack of design. 

To make the most of this trend, make sure the image is actually exceptional. Professional photographers who understand composition, lighting, colour theory, and after-effects should be used instead of amateur images taken with a smartphone. 


Of course, how attractive your search bar it won’t matter if it isn’t functional. If you have mastered the question of how to be an outside-the-box creative web designer, you have probably made yourself a creative web designer or else you are on the way to being an awesome designer.


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