How to Watch Canadian TV in the USA

Like many Canadians, are you also facing problems while accessing Canadian Shows and movies in the USA? If you are among them, who is missing the shows of Canada or drama and looking for a solution?

If you are wondering how to watch Canadian TV in America? then this article is made for you. Here you will get to know the answer to this question. In this article, we will guide you to catch up with Canadian TV in the USA or from anywhere in the world.

Below we will discuss how you can even watch any other countries’ content in the US? And why does your location matter to Content streaming?

The thing that can help you to stream Canadian TV in the USA is a Virtual private network. Through a VPN connection, anyone can access the content of other countries by sitting in any location in the world. If you want to get the best VPN to watch Canadian TV in the USA, then you can get the NordVPN 1 year deal at affordable pricing.

How to stream Canadian TV in the US?

How to watch Canadian TV in the US means you want to access geo-restricted content outside of Canada. This means you need to change your IP address so that it seems like you are in Canada or your device is within Canadian borders.

Hence to change the IP address the best and most famous way is to opt for a Virtual Private Network ( i.e., VPN). That VPN hides your real IP address and appears like it’s in Canada. It connects your device to the server inside Canada.

You have always an option of whether to connect to VPN and when to ON it for your ease. Whenever you log in to your VPN account there is always an option to make it ON or OFF.

The answer for how to get Canadian TV in the US? needs to be answered elaborately. As there are many points that a viewer should keep in mind while choosing VPN. Like, the VPN should have wide coverage all around the globe. It has servers in most countries.

It can change your IP location so that you can stream your favorite shows smoothly. VPN must have many servers in Canada. As it can provide you the block content in the US to you. Alongside must have strong privacy and security features, to keep you safe from online crimes and hackers. There are many points to keep in mind so just look at them one by one through the heading below. 

Along with this, you can also know how to watch Hulu in Canada. So you can use the best VPN to access the Hulu with simple steps.  

Which Points Need to be Aware before Considering VPN for Canadian TV?

When someone searches for a VPN service provider to get access to Canadian TV in the US, there are many things that need to be considered. Many VPNs are incapable of unblocking Canadian TV series or content. 

There are a few things that need to consider before selecting the VPN for unboxing the Canadian contents:

  • Server Network in the World: There is always a compulsion to stream Canadian TV that servers must be servers in Canada. Even, comprehensive servers can provide streaming services in various countries of the world as well. The number of servers provided by VPN also matters as the larger the number the faster the speeds. Since if there are many servers provided by the provider the number of users per server decreases automatically.
  • Return value or Offers: The chosen VPN by you must provide something exciting like offers in return for its price. There are many VPNs that are available in this criteria. Like NordVPN and much more like it. These providers offer many things at less price, hence a profitable case for users.
  • Speed: No one wants to get Canadian TV in the USA at low resolution. The viewers always want buffer-free streaming and for that speed matters. The connection speed must be among the top priority of the user. Highest the speed is the best experience you will get while watching your favorite show.
  • Security & Privacy: This factor need not be taken lightly. As a user no one wants to compromise with its privacy and security, hence while choosing VPN for Canadian TV must keep this point in mind. It should have the best encryption, kill switch, and IP leak protection. These are just a few names, there are many more that your VPN should include. There must be a strict no-log policy as well. Your protection is the most important aspect while streaming the show.
  • Ease of use: Ease of use point is important to those who are beginners and new to VPN. Running VPN might be difficult in the initial stages. So your VPN must hai an Ease of use app that makes it easy for you to use VPN. Some providers provide fancy things and make them more complex. Avoid those and go for the easy one.
  • Streaming: Last but the most important thing is streaming sites of the CPN. It should not only offer access to Canadian TV but also the famous streaming platforms. So that you can enjoy other things as well alongside Canadian TV.

These are a few points that you should be aware of before considering the VPN for your use.

What Procedure Needs to be Followed to Get Canadian TV in the USA?

There are a few steps you need to follow to get Canadian TV channels in the USA, below they are:

  1. First, get any VPN considering the above points that suit your requirements.
  2. Then subscribe to that particular VPN provider.
  3. Install that VPN provider’s software on your devices (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, and much more).
  4. Then Log in to the VPN.
  5. You need to connect to a VPN server located in Canada ( as you want to watch Canadian TV in USA).
  6. Then start your favorite Canadian TV streaming app.
  7. What else is left now! Enjoy the show now.

How Do Geo-Restrictions Work?

The ISP (i.e. Internet Service Providers) provides an IP address that is unique to each device to the internet connection. The main aim of an IP address is to locate and transfer the information from one server to another on the internet while working on it.

It’s like an internet address which tells the information address of the device for internet communication. Hence, without an IP address, it’s impossible to get the content on the internet because no one then knows the address of that device.

These IP addresses help to get to know where the device is located. For instance, if you are in Canada your IP address will provide information about your location. You can access the contents available according to geo-location access. So, just by looking at your IP address Canada can see whether you are in Canada or outside and provide you access accordingly.


At the end of the article, we can consider that the most convenient way to get Canadian TV in the USA is the use of a VPN connection. Apart from just shifting your location VPN becomes a necessity for you and also for your device and we advised everyone to use it for the best.

Most Asked Question / (FAQS)

Can I watch CBC in the US?

Usually, CBC does not work in the USA or any other country because of geo-restrictions imposed on it. But after shifting your server location to Canada through a VPN you can easily stream CBC from anywhere in the world.

Are VPNs safe and legal?

VPNs are completely legal and you can use them without any worry but some terms and conditions apply to it.

Which is the best VPN for streaming Canadian TV in America?

The best VPN to grab all Canadian shows in the USA is “ExpressVPN” but its cost might be an issue.

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