5 Tips for SEO Agencies to Increase Their Income

Tips for SEO Agencies

As businesses around the world continue to appreciate the value of SEO, intense competition among SEO agencies has started to gain more credibility and, consequently, more profit.

Wherever you look, SEO agencies compete to gain the attention of surrounding businesses trying to improve their status. And make themselves known to more and more people.

However, not all SEO agencies are satisfied with how they are doing. The fact is that the primary purpose of every business is to earn as much money as possible, and SEO agencies are no exception. In doing so, keeping up with the latest trends in SEO is a must.

However, it is not all about trends, and you can apply some new policies which bring more money. In this article, we are going to provide you with five tips that directly or indirectly affect your performance and result in more profit.

Hire More Cost-efficient Employees

Please do not take this the wrong way. I know you are going to say that the quality of your service is of paramount importance, and you are not going to risk your credit by trusting a cheaper workforce who are most probably less experienced and less skilful.

This is not what I mean by “cost-efficient employees”. An SEO agency offers various services such as content production, word optimisation, web design, and so forth. Regarding content production, let us imagine two SEO agencies in London need ten content developers each. Company A hires ten native writers and pays each of them 2000$ a month.

Company B, however, hires ten writers from, say, India or China who are satisfied with 1000$ a month. It also hires two native editors, paying each 3000$ monthly, to evaluate, edit, and improve what those writers have produced.

A simple math calculation here reveals that company B saves some 48000 dollars annually and delivers almost the same services as company A. However, Hiring cheaper employees from other countries presents some challenges for Company B if they are not careful with their recruitment program.

Indeed, they must set some criteria based on which those applicants could be evaluated. A training course can then complete the process and guarantee success. The same policy could be applied, with great care of course, to some other sectors of your business as well.

Work With Other SEO Agencies

The SEO agency two blocks away from you might be your rival in the market, but the one which is hundreds of miles away may not be regarded as so. It doesn’t matter if you are a well-established agency with many clients or one looking desperately for its first client. You’re going to gain something worthwhile by cooperating with other agencies that do the same job as you. Now, let’s see how it works.

You might think that working with another SEO agency with lower standards than yours is a waste of time, but you’re mistaken. Let’s suppose that you own an SEO agency in Sydney which is well-rooted and receives many demands from different clients. You know well that not all those demands are equally challenging, nor will they bring you the same amount of money.

You can leave the less profitable and less challenging ones to your partner and play the role of a supervisor. On the one hand, they do the job, and you get the money. On the other hand, working with you brings them more credibility and adds to their knowledge which pays off in the long run. It is a win-win situation. One gets its work done, and the other gains experience and credibility.

Create an Archive of Your Performance

Creating an archive may not seem so related to gaining any profit. Still, it will help you identify the sources which bring you profit or those that cause loss. As an SEO agency, you expect many clients to refer to you, pay you some money and ask you to design a website for them.

Create an Archive

Sometimes they have websites and ask to improve them. Additionally, you would prefer to have a long-lasting relationship with your clients, which entails gaining more profit. However, the problem with many SEO agencies is that they either do not get a lot of clients or get a considerable number of clients but lose them quickly.

An example might help us understand the value of archives better. Suppose a home improvement agency representative comes to you and leaves after an hour without signing a contract. You should record what exactly happened in your meeting. Was it your pricing policy he did not like? Did he have some demands that you could not handle?

Did he find you too slow, or were there other reasons? There must be a cause, and you have got to find it and work on it. Even better, you can go to them, the ones that never signed a contract with you as well as those for whom you ran some projects and ask them what they liked and disliked about you.

Imagine keeping records of “everything” that happened between you and each of your clients for a year or two. Then, you will come up with a pattern that provides you with a lot of information. Now, you know how many businesses referred to you, how many of them signed a contract with you, how long you worked for each of them, and how many projects you ran for each during that time.

Now, you can decide where the problem lies and hopefully work on it. If you are cooperating with other SEO agencies, you might as well consult them and see if they can provide you with any help.

Make Business-Specific SEO

A great point missed by many SEO agencies. There are various industries and businesses around you that wish to have a better website. Sooner or later, some of them will refer to you and ask for help. There is no denying that many things you do for a business when trying to improve its website are the same as what you have done for other companies.

However, this should not make you think that your job cannot be business-specific and that what you do for one business applies to other companies in the same way. Going back to our two SEO agencies in London, suppose company A defines ten SEO categories such as home improvement SEO, sport SEO, migration SEO, and so forth.

Company B, however, takes no such stance and approaches SEO as a non-specific service that is provided to all businesses the same way. Which one do you think is going to receive more clients? By considering various categories for SEO, you convey the idea that you are exclusively professional and are confident in what they do.

Give Your Client a Reason to Stick with You.

There are great ways to attract new clients, but it is more important to keep your old clients first. Do not ever forget that lots of your competitors are willing to offer the same services to your client for even a lesser amount of money.

So, why should your client stick with you and never think of other options? It is got to be something exceptional about you. It would be best if you always give your clients a reason to remain loyal. Be it your pricing policy, your availability, the quality of the service that you provide, or whatever you think makes you different from others.

Providing your clients with minor but free services or considering a discount after finishing your job leaves a good memory of you in their minds. They will probably come back to you later and even suggest you to their business partners as well. Delivering high-quality services to your clients is considered an essential factor that can bring you more profit.

Meanwhile, there are other ways through which you can increase your income.  In this article, we discussed five ways through which SEO companies could make more money. If you have any other ideas you think SEO agencies can benefit from, Do not hesitate to share them with us.

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